That Special Day Chapter 8
That Special Day Chapter 8 monika stories

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Sana meets Natsuki's dad but things don't go well..

That Special Day Chapter 8

He looks to me with plain anger in his eyes. It looked like he was about to kill someone.. and with my luck that someone was me.

“Natsuki go to your fucking room right now!! While I deal with this fag.” Her dad said.

I try to tell him,”Look we fell and nothing else happened! I wasn't kissing up your daughter!” He was convinced otherwise, he says,”How dumb do you think I am?!

I'll show you how it's done right..” What did he mean by that?? The next thing I know his big meaty hands are on my neck. I try kicking him so he'll stop.. that only made it worse.

“Papa stop!! Let her go!” Natsuki yells. He drops me to the ground, did I mention that he held me up high so my feet couldn't even touch the ground.

I was trying to regain my breath when he dropped me.

“Natsuki I'll beat the shit out of you if you say another fucking word! Now watch me show you what happens when you fuck around with other people!” What was he going to do to me??

I already had enough proof of him being abusive since a hid a camera in the kitchen to hold against him.

That was how I was going to help Natsuki but now I have to think of something to save myself too.

I tried to make a move but he grabbed me with one hand and punched me in the nose with the other.

He then proceeded to put his open hand on my throat then said,”Make a sound and I'll break your goddamn windpipe! You got that!?” I knew that was a trick to make me speak so I only nodded.

“Good now let me punish you for what you've done to Papa.” He said with a rather sinister voice. I see Natsuki freaking out and she takes a baking tray and hit him over the head with it.

He lets me go and looks to Natsuki with pure hatred.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?! I'll make you limp more this time!” I had to save her so I quickly grab some flour and throw it into his eyes.

I know it wasn't the most heroic thing I could've done but it was enough to disorientate him. I grab Natsuki and the camera and try to make it to the door. He grabs me pins me to the ground..

and rips my outfit apart.. I'm now half naked. I realize what he talking about now since I was 'fooling around’ with Natsuki he'd do that but take it further. I was about to get fucking raped.

But Natsuki was already gone with the camera. I could only hope she was getting help as fast as possible. He unbuckles his pants, I start screaming because I DID NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.

“LET ME THE FUCK GO, FUCK YOU BASTARD!” I regret saying that as soon as it came out of my mouth. “I wasn't going to be that rough with you but I'll make you fucking bleed to death."

I thought I was going to pass out when he said that. But I couldn't it would be easier for him to rape me.

I tried moving around as much as I could but then he punched me in the throat, I don't know how I survived that.. I couldn't say anything.. hell breathing was a task for me now.

He took his hands and spread my legs.. “Leave her the fuck alone!!” Natsuki said with a branch in her hands.

Her dad looked back and said,”Natsuki you're going to be next after this fag!” She was extremely angry when he said that and bashed him in the head with the branch. He let go of me..

hopefully for the last time. I run to Natsuki and take the branch.. I wanted him to feel so much pain.. so I hit him over and over and over again with it.

“FUCK YOU SICK BASTARD!!” I said with rage going through my veins. Someone stopped me and said,”Hey we'll take it from here.” I turn and it's a police officer who said that.

I drop the branch now with blood spots all over it. The officer escorts us outside and someone else took Natsuki's dad into a police car.

She tells us to stay put until we are questioned about everything that happened. Natsuki looks to me with tears in her eyes and hugs me. “T-Thank you so much.."

I shed a tear and say,”The nightmare is over Natsuki you're finally free from him.” She hugs me even tighter and says,”If it wasn't for you I'd still be living in hell.."

I say,”It wasn't all me.. you helped a lot too.. WE freed you.” She smiles at me and still holds tight to me, it was really stressful so I can get why she's hugging me so hard.

We stay like this for a while until an officer approaches us and say,”Um girls may I ask you some questions?” We nod and tell him all that has happened that day.

Natsuki tells me,”Hey these questions are more for me now.. you can leave now.. and don't worry I'll be fine.

Okay?” I wanted to stay but I needed space too so I said,”Yeah okay I'll see you tomorrow Natsuki.” I give her a goodbye hug and leave. Wow that was a lot..

I'm glad my nose bleeding stopped because it was a lot of blood. But I'm fine now.. I'm happy I helped Natsuki she seemed to be stress free now. I walk home a bit of a wreck..

ohhh shit I forgot Sayori! We were supposed to hang out today! I make it to her house and knock on the door.. no answer.. she might be upset. So I knock again..

whew she opened the door I was getting nervous there for a second. “Sayori I'm so sorry that I didn't hang out with you today!! I was with Natsuki and.."

She cuts me off and says,”Hey it's okay I heard about what happened.. and I see that you really were hurt..” I give a little laugh and say,”Yeahh..

he wasn't gentle but he's going behind bars for sure since there's tons of proof against him.” She smiles and says,”I wish I had knew about this..

but it's over now and that's what matters!” I still felt bad for not being with Sayori.. she says,”Hey since it's late you should head back home, you don't have to be here.

You should go and rest after what you've been through.” I hesitate but then I say,”Okay Sayori I'll see you tomorrow..” I go home and shower I didn't want that guy's DNA anywhere on me.

I sleep afterwards because I'm too exhausted for anything. For once I can sleep with ease but.. with a cost.

“You thought you could just get away from me?” Said a deep voice that I can recall too easily. “Oh so now you don't say anything?” Fuck that's Natsuki's dad. I'm for sure screwed now.

He locks my door and walks to my bed. He says,”Hey since you're quiet now what I'm about to do will be easier.” Please no.. don't tell me he's going to..

he throws my blanket and pulls down my panties. I cry and try to scream but I can't. I can't move a muscle, nothing escapes from my mouth. The tears are now burning hot..

he doesn't hesitate to do the sinister act that could easily land him in jail. It hurt so bad.. I hated every moment of it.. all I could do is cry. When he was done I felt awful..

I had just been raped.. and now he's laughing at me. “Hey be happy.. you won't have to live with it.” What did he mean by that? He pulls out something silver and shiny.. but it's not a knife..

it's a gun. “Good luck in hell faggot.. ahahaha!” Next thing I hear is a loud pop.. “AHHHHHHHHH! NO PLEASE NO!” Oh my gosh I'm awake. It's 1:13 am in the morning. That felt too real..

that nightmare was awful. And I remember it all so vividly. I hear a knock on my door downstairs. I'm scared as hell to answer it because of my dream.

But I had to or I would drive myself insane not knowing who that was.. so I took a knife and went to open the door. I open it.. oh thank fuck it's just Sayori.

“I'm sorry did I scare you?” She asks genuinely concerned. I say,”No I just didn't know who would come this early in the morning and knock on my door."

She says,”I heard you screaming so I wanted to know if you were okay. I was really worried about you.” I place the knife down on the counter and say,”I just had a bad dream that's all.

I'm sorry if I scared you.. it was just really bad.” She said,”If you want to talk about it I'm here for you.. if you don't that's fine talk about it when you're ready."

I smiled and said,”Yeah we can talk later or something for now I need to try to sleep again.” “Okay! That's fine. See you later!” She said with a small smile.

I waved goodbye and went back upstairs. And went to sleep again an hour later. I wake up and do the usual. I head over to Sayori's and knock on the door. She actually answers the first time today.

She welcomes me in. And she got ready for school while I made her breakfast for our walk to school. On our way there she asks,”Hey are you doing better now?” I smile and say,”Yeah I am now, thanks

for checking up on me.” She smiles at me and we keep walking. We make it to school and everyone was looking at Natsuki and I and we knew why. Yuri asked,”H-Hey if you guys want to talk about

it we're all here for y-you guys.” I nod and Natsuki says,”Thanks I will if I need to.” The rest of the day was just plain awkward since there was a bunch of staring and talk of what all happened.

Including the part I was bashing Natsuki's dad with a branch.. which was very unsettling for others to hear about. Which I can understand to be honest. It's club time so I walk with Sayori to the

clubroom. Everyone else except for Monika was already there. Yuri asks us,”D-Do you know where Monika is?” We both shrug.. I wonder where Monika is.. she's never late...

To be continued..

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