That Special Day Chapter 7
That Special Day Chapter 7 monika stories

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As the poems get harder to understand, Sana runs into a problem that is much bigger than she could ever be..

That Special Day Chapter 7

After that awkward exchange with Natsuki, I head over to Yuri. She looks up from her book with a smile on her face. “Ready to trade poems?” I ask. She says,”Y-Yes I'd love to."

She gives me her poem.

Ghost Under The Light Part 2

The tendrils of my hair illuminate beneath the amber glow.


In the distance, a blue-green light flickers.

A lone figure crosses its path– a silhouette obstructing the eerie glow.

My heart pounds. The silhouette grows. Closer Closer

I open my umbrella, casting a shadow to shield me from visibility.

But I am too late.

She steps into the streetlight. I gasp and drop my umbrella.

The light flickers. My heart pounds. She raises her arm.

Time stops.

The only indication of movement is the amber light flickering against her outstretched arm.

The flickering light is in rhythm with the pounding of my heart.

Teasing me for succumbing to this forbidden emotion.

Have you ever heard of a ghost feeling warmth before?

Giving up on understanding, I laugh.

Understanding is overrated.

I touch her hand. The flickering stops.

Ghosts are blue-green. My heart is amber.

“This sounds like the feeling of love. It's a weird feeling isn't it?”

Yuri looks to me twirling her hair and says,”Y-Yeah it is..”

I hand her my poem. She reads it.. she's clearly happy with it but a little confused about it. “I-I like how you left me t-thinking about what it could mean.."

She says with approvement of my poem. “Thanks.. yours left me thinking too. It's a good poem, I really do like it.” She blushes a little with a smile. Well it's time to see Monika now.

“Hey Sana! Ready to read my poem?” Monika asks. I say,”Yeah let's have a read.”

The Lady Who Knows Everything

An old tale tells of a lady who wanders Earth.

The Lady who Knows Everything.

A beautiful lady who has found every answer,

All meaning,

All purpose,

And all that was ever sought.

And here I am,

a feather

Lost adrift the sky, victim of the currents of the wind.

Day after day, I search.

I search with little hope, knowing legends don't exist.

But when all else has failed me,

When all others have turned away,

The legend is all that remains – the last dim star glimmering in the twilit sky.

Until one day, the wind ceases to blow.

I fall.

And I fall and fall, and fall even more.

Gentle as a feather.

A dry quill, expressionless.

But a hand catches me, between the thumb and forefinger.

The hand of a beautiful lady.

I look at her eyes and find no end to her gaze.

The Lady who Knows Everything knows what I am thinking.

Before I can speak, she responds in a hollow voice.

"I have found every answer, all of which amount to nothing.

There is no meaning.

There is no purpose.

And we seek only the impossible.

I am not your legend.

Your legend does not exist."

And with a breath, she blows me back afloat, and I pick up a gust of wind.

Is it just me or are everyone's poems becoming more… weird? Not weird I guess but having a meaning I don't fully see. Or can't seem to find.

“This is a good poem Monika! I don't quite understand it to be frank with you but it's still good!” I say this in a way that doesn't sound like I didn't like the poem. I did but I don't get it.

She says,”That's good to hear.. let me read yours!” I hand her my poem. She looks at it with a smile.. but it's not a happy one. It looks to be sad.

Did she not like my poem? Monika says,”I like the poem but I feel like you wrote this for someone else.. am I right?” Well technically she was right but then again wrong.. because..

don't make fun of me but.. I really like all of them. Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika too. “Hey it's okay if you wrote it for someone else.

I'm guessing Yuri?” I look to Monika and say,”No it's just a poem. Why would you think I wrote it for someone else? And not you?” OH SHIT I DIDN'T MEAN TO ACTUALLY SAY THAT ALOUD! DAMN MY MOUTH.

She looks at me blushing a bit.. she then says,”Well.. whoever it is or isn't for.. it's a good poem. Don't act like you don't like one of them though."

What the fuck? I mean she's right but what the fuck how would she even guess that accurately? I'm a bit flustered.

Monika notices this and says,”I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that I was just..” I cut off Monika and say,”No it's fine, I just didn't expect for you to say something like that. Ahaha."

I put up my best fake laugh. It worked because Monika seemed to be relieved by that. She's nice and attractive but she's WAAAAAAAY out of my league anyways.

She's the top and I'm not that high.. ahaha.

Natsuki says,”Hey since we're done with the literature stuff wanna read some manga?"

I smile and say,”Yeah that sounds fun!” I head over to Natsuki and she pats her hand on the ground to sit next to her.

I do so and she says,”Parfait Girls is my favorite manga! Let's read that!” I say,”Wait you've already read it before though you don't mind going through it again?"

She shrugs and says,”Yeah I like going through the old ones once in a while anyways.” She places the manga between us. It doesn't seem to be bad so far.. but umm I forgot my contacts today.

I know what you're thinking haha you have to wear contacts? Yeah I would wear glasses but I feel like I would just be made fun of for it. So I had to get closer to Natsuki.

She didn't seem to care. We read for a little while.. she put her head on my shoulder. What's this about? I look to her and see she's sleeping.. I couldn't help but 'aww’ to myself.

She was really cute while she was sleeping. I decided not to wake her up.. I try to adjust the manga as her hand was covering the page. “..huh?!” Natsuki says this as she woke up.

“I saw that you were sleeping and..” She cut me off and said,”Hey just because I'm sleeping doesn't mean you don't wake me up!” I should've woke her up, she was right.

“I'm sorry Natsuki! You looked to be at peace.. next time I'll wake you up!” She huffed and readjusted the manga between us.

We read for a bit longer until Monika said,”Okay everyone! We are having the festival on Monday! So we need to know what our jobs are going to be!"

Natsuki spoke up and said,”I'll be on cupcake duty!” Yuri then said,”I'll set up the a-atmosphere and banners of it.” Monika then said,”I'll be printing and assembling the poetry pamphlets."

I felt a bit useless since I didn't have a role like everyone else. “I'll be the one who does absolutely nothing since I'm just that useless."

Monika then says,”Awe don't think like that! You can help one of us!” Help one of them?

Hmm baking cupcakes does sound like a lot of work since there's going to be plenty of people at the festival. “I'll help out Natsuki since baking for that many can be a hassle."

Monika and Yuri seem to be a little hurt by my decision.. I didn't know that would happen. Natsuki says,”Alright I'm glad you did your math on that one Smartypants.

There are going to be a lot of people.” Monika and Yuri both agree. Hold on what's Sayori's job going to be? Maybe she'll be assigned one tomorrow.

“Okay after this we’re going to your house Natsuki.” She seemed to not like that idea but she shrugged instead.

“And everyone on Monday present your best poems we will be showing them to everyone there!” Ohhhhhh crap. We all get visibly nervous.

“Okay everyone get to work sooner than later, this ends our time at the club!” We all wanted to refuse but it was already set in stone now.. great.

I walk with Natsuki to her house, when we get there she gets all of her baking stuff out. “Hey I know the smell of beer can be overwhelming so I'm sorry for that."

I say,”Hey that doesn't matter, what matters is us making these cupcakes!” She smiled when I said that.

She did all of the baking while I helped her mix the ingredients together to make the batter. I accidentally whip some cupcake mix on her face.

She laughs and takes some batter and flicks it at my face. We already had a dozen of cupcakes in the oven so it didn't matter what we wasted.

“Hey mine was by accident! Now I'm getting payback!” Natsuki laughs and says,”Yeah right slowpoke!” Now we're having a cupcake batter fight.

But I guess some batter must've made it to the floor because my dumbass slipped on it while fighting with Natsuki. We fell to the ground, me being on top of her.. we laugh at us falling.

“Well I caught you!” I say half laughingly. We're both smiling having fun. But when we stopped laughing.. there was tension between us. Natsuki leaned up to me and gazed into my eyes.

It felt like we did that forever.. I felt my cheeks burning up badly. I lean in a little more.. but she leaned too. Now we're so close I can feel her warm breath against my lips..

we lean in a little more. Was I about to kiss Natsuki? I wanted to a lot in that moment, we were going to the point of no return.. as I slightly felt her lips on mine.

All I hear next is a door being slammed open. Natsuki backed away from me quickly in horror.

“What the fuck are you doing with my little girl faggot?!” My blood rush to my feet, making them very heavy. I'm now cold as I realize who that was.. Natsuki's fucking dad.

To be continued..

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