That Special Day Chapter 5
That Special Day Chapter 5 monika stories

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In this chapter Sayori is confused on how she feels about Sana.. does she love her? Or does she care about her a lot?

That Special Day Chapter 5

Yuri and I jumped when Monika said that. We look to each other for a moment then she says,”...W-Well we uh.. better get going now..” “Yeah!” I stammered. We got up and went our separate ways.

Wow that was an intense moment.. I could hardly breathe at all. I wonder if she had felt that way too..

Sayori came up to me and said,”Ready to go?” I look to her with a smile and say,”Yeah let's get going."

While walking home with Sayori she asks,”Hey could we hang out today? Y’know when we get home.” I would've loved to but I had to work from 5 to 11 today.

I say,”I can't I have to go to work after this. Maybe some other time?” She seemed to be a bit saddened by what I said. It kinda crushed me inside..

I don't know why it did I've done this to other friends before..

why is Sayori different? She smiled and said,”Okay! That's fine! I get it!” I look to her for reassurance she only smiles letting me know that it's okay.

She then says,”I can just hang out with Natsuki today. You don't have to worry about me."

I still couldn't help but still feel guilty but if I didn't go to work then I wouldn't be getting promoted anytime soon.

“Okay I'll try to hang out with you tomorrow though!” I say hoping that would fix things. I guess it worked because when we got to our houses she beamed at me and waved goodbye.

I felt a little better knowing that I gave her a smile. I walk inside eat my sushi and get dressed for my job as clerk. Not the best job but maybe one day I'll be manager. Better pay that's all.

I get on my bike and go to my job.

...Switching to Sayori's PoV…

...Operation Complete…

Hmm it's kinda sucky that I can't hang out with Sana today since she has work..

would she still hang out with me even if she didn't have work? Maybe she only said that she would hang out with me tomorrow because she felt bad.

Does she even like me as a friend? Ugh I hate those thoughts! They're always so negative! I text Natsuki saying,”Hey wanna come over to my place?

I'm bored :/” Natsuki responds with,”Hell yeah I'm sick of this dump, I'll be over in a few.” She always hated being at home.. I wonder why.

I always like being at home, sure when I'm alone my thoughts haunt me with things I hope aren't true. Like how Sana could very well like Yuri a lot for her depth.

I tried to make my poem today as deep as possible. But it seems Yuri impressed Sana with her depth yet again.. I tried. knock knock That must be Natsuki. I open the door surely enough it is.

“Hey Sayo how's it going?” She says this as she walks into my house.

I reply back with,”I'm doing great! Want to play some video games?” Natsuki smiles at me and says,”Hell yeah what do you have to play this time?"

“Hmm how about that Fallout game you played last time?” Natsuki was excited when I said that.

She said,”Yeah! That game is great! I still have to help the Brotherhood with their dumb recon missions.” I laugh because I know those missions can be annoying.

I put the game in my PS4 and she starts to play it.

“Hey do you think I should get my power armor for this one?” I say,”No this one is easy you just have to kill some ghouls and then boom mission done."

“Sweet sounds like light work, have you ran into a deathclaw yet?"

I respond with,”Yeah I have! They are the worst! Easily the scariest mutant in the game!” Natsuki laughs and says,”I know right?!

But when I see a sentry bot I know that's my cue to run!” We both laugh as we know that those were the worst enemies in the game since they can abolish you in a second.

After a little while of Natsuki playing Fallout 4 she calls the quits when she reaches the plot twist of the game. We head up to my room and play games like Truth or Dare.

“Hey Natsuki Truth or Dare?” She thinks for a bit then says,”Dare!” I say,”Okay I dare you to..

tell me your crush!” She stops for a moment and then says,”I-I d-don't have a c-crush!” I knew she was lying so I laugh a little.

“Yeah right! Come on tell me!” Natsuki was actually nervous about this..

she has told me other things before why is this making her so nervous? She stutters a little saying,”Ff-fine but d-don't laugh at me okay??” How bad could it be?

“Spit it out already Natsuki!” Her face is beat red now she says with faltering in her voice,”It's.. Sana..” It felt like time had stopped when she said that.

My heart dropped to my stomach, I was paralyzed.. my brain couldn't comprehend this information.

Natsuki looked at me with concern and said,”Hey Sayori are you okay?"

I suddenly realize that time never stopped and I say,”Yeah I'm fine!” I tried saying that with the best 'yup I'm perfectly fine’ face. But.. I wasn't fine..

I don't quite understand my feelings but I think.. I care about Sana a lot.. enough to like like her.

Could I really feel like that? I liked her a lot but so much that I want her to be my girlfriend? Do I dare say that I..

love her? There's something about her that I can't explain but she's special.. Natsuki sees that I'm completely zoned out. She snaps her fingers to get me back to reality.

I awaken from my mind race, she looks to me like I wasn't telling her something.

“Hey does me liking another girl freak you out?” “What? No I'm glad you have feelings for another girl! I'm happy to hear that your bi. You're bi right?” Natsuki was a bit puzzled by this..

she said,”Well.. I mean I guess I'm not too sure about that..” It would make sense if Natsuki was fully gay since she's always in the clubroom closet. “Do you think that Sana could possibly..

like me back?” I say,”I don't know to be honest maybe she could.” Natsuki perks up and says,”Should I ask her out? I mean I won't do it tomorrow but maybe soon.."

I didn't want this to happen since I had feelings for the same person but I had to support Natsuki as a friend. “Yeah you should!” I say with my best supportive voice.

Natsuki looks at her phone, she doesn't look happy. “Crap! I have to go Sayori! I'll see you tomorrow at school!” She runs downstairs and out of my front door. I wonder what the rush was..

maybe a family emergency? I'm not sure. I'll ask her at school. I look at the time, it's 10:30. Sana will be out of work soon.

Not that it matters, she wouldn't hang out with me after her cruel 6 hours of work. I try to sleep but of course I still can't. I've been trying for an hour and a half now.

Geez it's 12 no wonder why I'm late to school I can't ever get sleep. I tried the sleeping pills but they don't work, nothing works. I can't stop thinking about Sana..

and Natsuki having a crush on her.. and what if she likes Natsuki back? I thought she would've liked Yuri more than a friend but it could be Natsuki.

Maybe I should just stop getting in everyone's way. Maybe Sana would be happier without me. I like her so much.. hell I love her so much I don't want to be her burden.

Why are there negative thoughts? Come on Sayori Happy Thoughts! At least she's willing to hang out with me. She said she didn't mind my hug to her the first day she joined the literature club..

...Switching to Sana’s PoV…

...Operation Complete…

Ugh work was exhausting maybe it's enough so I can sleep without trouble tonight. I flop on my bed, wrap the blanket around me.. ahh yes now I'm sleeping. I wake up and do my usual routine.

I made sure to do it quicker so Sayori can get more time to get ready for school. It's 7 now.. wow 30 minutes earlier? Good job. I walk over to Sayori's, I knock on her door.. no response.

I knock again.. Sayori opens the door she faintly smiles and gestures me inside.

“Hey Sayori I know it's early for you, but now you have more time to get ready! I suggest you wait 5 minutes for the coffee I'm about to make you. Okay?” She smiles at me and then nods.

She seems to be a bit out of it today. Less energetic than usual, it's probably because she did just wake up. “Hey how do you like your coffee?” She looks up to me and says,”Plenty of cream and 3

sugars!” Ahaha that's cute, I don't like my coffee to be without sweetness either. That smile of hers is contagious as hell. I hand her the coffee that I made her. She takes a sip.. she smiles at

me. I can tell I made her coffee the way she wanted it. “Thanks Sana you didn't have to make me coffee ehehe.” I look at Sayori with a content smile on my face and say,”Yeah but I think it was

worth it. After your done with your coffee, get dressed and ready for school while I make you your breakfast sandwich again.” She smiled and nodded in agreement. When she was done she went upstairs

to get ready for school. With all the spare time today I was done with her sandwich rather quickly. I set it in the microwave to maybe keep its heat. She looks to me proud of herself for getting

ready on time. “I did it! I'm prepared for school now!” I look at Sayori's hair, I notice it hasn't been brushed. I grab a brush and say,”Ahh Sayori you didn't brush your hair silly! Come over

here!” She came over to me she said,”Hey I can brush my own hair you know!” I smile at her ignoring what she said and I lightly grab Sayori's chin so I can properly brush her hair from my angle.

Which was face to face with her. She tried to resist it. “Sayori come on let me do this! It won't be long.” She smiles and says,”Fine don't do it too hard though!” “I won't I swear!” How could I

anyways? She was gentle so I had to be gentle too. I took the brush I had in hand and started fixing Sayori's hair. I was slowly going down with it.. making sure her bangs were going the right way.

I felt a blush coming on my face.. how could I not? She was looking right at me. I was nearly done brushing her hair then our eyes meet each other. Her eyes were so mesmerizing.. I couldn't look

away. Our eyes were locked on each other. From the corners of my eyes I saw that she was blushing too. I didn't realize that we were REALLY close to each other. I could almost feel her breathe

by my face. She was so cute and I'm an impulsive person. I.. wanted to kiss her.. who cares about my gay thoughts? I don't anymore. She was so...


To be continued..

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