That Special Day Chapter 32
That Special Day Chapter 32 monika stories

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Monika reveals something very dark to Natsuki and Sayori has unresolved conflicts that she won't tell Sana about.

That Special Day Chapter 32

Sayori looks up to me and says,”Are you mad at Monika?” I shake my head and say,”No. Why would I be?” Sayori says,”Well.. she said earlier that you should've kept the baby."

My shoulders fall and I remember that she said that to me. I wonder why she would say that.. why did she want me to keep it so bad? I say,”No Sayori I'm not mad at her. It's okay.

Hey let's go to bed I'm a bit tired.” Sayori nods and we go upstairs to sleep together…. I wonder how Sana feels about all of this.. Monika was being so weird about it too.

Maybe I should talk to Yuri about it but I had to see why Monika would say to keep the baby. I catch up with Monika before she gets into her car and I say,”Hey Monika.

Can we talk?” She turns around and says,”Sure what is it?” I ask,”Why did you want Sana to keep the baby?” Monika sort of froze in place for a moment and said,”No reason. Anyways bye."

I stop her by slamming her car door shut before she can get in. I say,”Monika tell me.” She seemed to be annoyed with me but she said,”That kid was mine. That was going to be our kid.

You got that Natsuki?” Anger fills me quickly and I say,”What the fuck!? How did Sana not know about this??” The next thing that Monika said sent chills down my back.

She said,”Well you see I took a bit of my dad's sperm and put it into Sana while she was unconscious."

My mind was blank but my anger came back with full force and I pushed Monika against the car. I say,”You fucking raped her??” Monika smiles and says,”No. I did not rape her.

She did say stop, she did cry, but she doesn't remember that. And she won't ever remember it, you got that Natsuki?” I say,”You're a fucking psychopath."

Monika had seemed to snap and she wrapped her hands around my throat and said,”Fuck you! Shut the fuck up!

Keep your mouth shut or I'll ruin you and Sana's relationship faster than I can snap your neck! Okay?” I was mad and just wanted to punch her but I couldn't since I loved Sana so much.

I say,”Fine asshole. But I will be her number one in the end not you. Not ever you. You're the worst person for Sana.” Monika laughed and said,”I'll have her in the end. You'll see."

She got in her car and drove away.. I hate her so much for fucking with all of us. And Sana has no clue whatsoever.. what a baka. Yuri came up to me asked me what that was all about.

I told her everything and she was furious. She said,”Th-This is bullshit!” I nod and say,”I can't imagine what Sana would do if she found out about all of this.” Yuri says,”We can beat Monika.

All three of us, but when she's beat it's every girl for herself.” I agree with her and we walk home together talking about how we can keep Sana in our good graces.

We figure that Sayori lives with Sana she has a better chance of beating Monika. Hopefully we can and Monika will finally get what she deserves…. I yawn and stretch a bit before I get up.

I see Sayori is still sleeping.. how cute is that. I can't help but smile and stare at her, she wakes up and has a big smile on her face.

She says,”Good Morning Sana!” She embraced me with a warm hug and said,”I love you Sana.” Hearing that made my heart melt because it was so adorable of her to say that to me.

I smile and say,”Aww I love you too Sayori.” She pulls me up and drags me downstairs to the kitchen. She says,”I'll be cooking for you today!” I say,”Aha Sayori you don't have to..

I can just cook.” She stops me immediately and says,”Honey I'm cooking for you no matter what.” I blush and say,”Okay Cinnamon Bun whatever makes you happy."

She says,”Yayyyy!” I already know that she isn't the best at cooking but she adds her love to it, so it doesn't matter what it tastes like.

She happily runs to the cabinets and gets some dishes and a pan for the eggs, I'm assuming. She pauses for a moment and tries to see what she's even doing.

I smile and say,”Are you sure you don't want me to help at least?” She turned to me and said,”What? No! I got this!” She began to cook once more and I asked,”Hey Sayori what day is it?

Do we have school today?” She says,”Well the writer of this fanfiction has no clue because she has a bad concept of time.

Her constantly moving time forward confused her so let's just say it's Sunday.” I nod and laugh because it wasn't a lie the writer is doing an awful job.

After 20 minutes of Sayori cooking, she hands me the plate of food and looks to me awaiting my reaction. I take a bite and I can taste that she burned the egg on the other side of it.

Despite that I smiled and said,”It's good Cinnamon Bun.” She got excited and ran to me with open arms.

She hugged me very tightly and said,”I'm so glad you like it!” She started cuddling me while I ate her breakfast, she had a big smile on her face the whole time.

Seeing her smile made me feel good. I finish my food and I hug her back and she says,”Sana.. will we be together forever?” I blush and see that Sayori is seeing what I'll say next.

I say,”I'll do the best I can honey.” She kisses me and says,”Have you ever thought about marriage?” I look down at her and say,”Wait. Marriage?” She says,”Yeah ehe that's what I said."

I say,”I haven't really given it much thought.” I was sure that one of them have already mentioned it before. Sayori has tears in her eyes.. she says,”I've thought about marriage. And Sana..

I want to marry you.” I blush very deeply and hesitate to say anything because I could tell she was being serious. She continues to say,”I love you so much. You're the best person ever.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Her tears start to drop like leftover rain from the night before. I say,”Sayori why are you crying?” She says,”You don't love me..

Do you?” It felt awful when she said that I said,”I do! I do love you!” She says,”Then answer my question.. will you marry me?” I didn't want to break her heart..

her heart is fragile and I love her. I say,”Sayori I love you. I love Monika,Yuri, and Natsuki too though. So.. it's a hard question for me to answer.” Sayori frowns and says,”It's fine..

I knew it was dumb anyways.” Her saying that crushed me into ash so I said,”Sayori I would marry you. I would marry all of you.” Sayori said,”You can't have all of us..

you have to choose between us Sana.” I sigh because I know that she is right. I had to choose one of them. So I say,”The day will come when I choose to marry one of you."

Sayori nods and puts her head back on my shoulder. She seemed to be upset by what I said. I say,”I'm sorry Sayori. I do still love you though."

Sayori says with a tear running down her face,”Not as much as I love you..” I gave her a big hug and say,”Sayori I love you so much! If it wasn't for you none of us would be dating."

She hugs me back and cries some more and says,”Sana.. you have no clue at all what goes on..” I ask,”Then what's going on Sayori?” She shakes her head and says,”I.. can't.

My life would be ruined Sana. I'm stupid for even bringing it up. Just forget what I said..” She gets up and goes into the bathroom to cry more. It hurt knowing I couldn't help her.

The worst part is I don't know what she's talking about. Does everyone else know and I don't? I knock on the door and she doesn't respond, she only cries.

I open the door and see that she's a complete wreck. I pull her to me and say,”We don’t have to talk about it if you can't, but please don't cry Cinnamon Bun.” I kiss her and hug her more.

Sayori is holding on to me really tightly and says,”Please stay with me forever. I can't live without you Sana.” I say,”I will I promise."

After that, school the next day was awkward since no one knew that I had an abortion 2 days ago. My friends saw that I was 'different’ and asked me about it.

I just dismissed it and Sayori never mentioned what happened yesterday. It was 2 weeks after all of that happened and Natsuki had become nicer to me.

She was although too nice and somewhat more nervous around me.. I wonder why. Today we're hanging out at the movies so maybe Natsuki will tell me why she has been different near me.

We saw a romantic movie and she was okay with it.. she didn't critize it once. That's very odd of her.

I ask,”So you actually liked that movie?” She said,”Yeah it was good! It was really wholesome!” I ask,”Hey are you okay? You've been different lately.."

She said,”What?? No not at all! I'm fine! You're fine! We're all fine!” I give her the 'i don't believe you' look.

She says,”Watch I'm the same!” She pulls me in for a kiss and then blushes like crazy afterwards. She says,”I uh didn't mean to.. whatever!” She runs into the restroom.. what's wrong with everyone?

My birthday was coming up in a few weeks.. maybe it's that?

To be continued..

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