That Special Day Chapter 31
That Special Day Chapter 31 monika stories

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Sana and her girlfriends address the abortion and it doesn't go so well..

That Special Day Chapter 31

Sayori ran up to me and said,”Sana what's wrong!?” She embraced me tightly and awaited my response. I say,”I just killed my kid.” Natsuki says,”Wait..

what the fuck are you talking about?” I say,”Well apparently I've been pregnant for a few months and today I got an abortion…” Natsuki says,”Holy shit.."

Yuri says,”Wh-Who the fuck got you pregnant?” I say with tears stinging in my eyes,”I don't know.” Sayori says,”Sana I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm so sorry. We'll find who did this."

Natsuki says,”Who was the last person you had sex with? Actually..

did you fucking cheat on us?!” Her anger came on quite strong but that heat made me angry too because her saying such a thing pissed me off.

I said,”Are you fucking kidding me!?

I would never cheat on you guys! Someone impregnated me! And it had to be one of you guys!” Natsuki said,”Well girls can't get other girls pregnant! So something is obviously wrong."

I say,”Yeah tell me about it! I just had a fucking abortion!” Sayori says,”Guys don't fight! It's not worth it. Now everyone calm down.” Natsuki says,”You know Monika hasn't said one word.

Makes me suspicious.. I can't be the only one.” Yuri says,”Y-Yeah you'd think in a dire situation like this M-Monika would say something.” Monika says,”Well I feel she should've kept the baby."

I start to cry more and say,”I knew I fucked up! I should've kept it! I'm a murderer!” Natsuki says,”No Sana you aren't a murderer. Monika is just being dumb."

Monika says,”I never called her a murderer! You're being obnoxious by calling her a cheater!” Yuri says,”S-She was just concerned about their relationship!

Obviously you don't care the way you should."

Monika was about to say something but Sayori stopped her and said,”Can everyone shut the fuck up?! Who cares about what viewpoint the other has about the situation.

The best we can do is help Sana during her time of stress!” I was shocked by Sayori all of the sudden being so assertive. Everyone remained quiet then Monika came to me and gave me a hug.

Natsuki huffed and hugged and said,”Sana I'm sorry for being a jerk to you. I was just surprised.” Yuri came and hugged me too. Sayori said,”We can get through this Sana.

We will always support you.” I felt lifeless as they all hugged me. Natsuki says,”Hey uh we had a party for you since it's Valentine's day.

So you know I made you cupcakes and we all got you gifts.” Her saying that warmed me up inside. It was genuine and sweet. I say,”Let's have this party then."

” They all looked to me with confusion and Yuri said,”W-Well it's not a party without some alcohol. I-I'll get you some.” I nod and get up to go to the kitchen.

Sayori asks me,”Are you going to be okay honey?” She really never gave me a pet name so hearing that made me laugh a bit. I say,”Well with some wine and I'll be fine."

I know turning to alcohol isn't the best idea but I just wanted to forget. Yuri gave me a glass of wine and I drank half it trying to get a bit drunk.

I say,”Let's forget about what happened and have fun!” Natsuki gave me a curious look and said,”Well since you're so cheerful all of the sudden hears a cupcake."

She handed me a cupcake that had a heart on it saying 'Be mine’. I smile and take a bite and it's amazing.. the frosting.. the flavour was red velvet which I loved.

I say,”This is a godly cupcake Natsuki. You did a fantastic job!” She smiled and said,”Well it's what I'm best at.” Monika says,”Aha there's something I'm best at too."

I understood that what she said was a dirty joke so I say,”Hey now calm down ahaha.” Sayori says,”Sana until you're comfortable to have extra fun again I won't be pushy about it.

You do what you want when you want.” Yuri and Natsuki agree to that. I respected how they would be willing to not force me to do that at a time like this.

I say,”Sometimes it feels like I don't deserve any of you.” Sayori says,”I feel the same way! You're the best person ever!” I blush and take another sip of my wine.

Natsuki says,”Let's all have a drink!” We all agree and we all take one at the same time. Sayori immediately consumes 2 of Natsuki's cupcakes.

She smiled and said,”Wow these are amazing!” Natsuki joked and said,”How would you know you wolfed them down so quickly!"

We all laugh and Yuri says,”I-I'm not the best at d-dancing but would you like to dance with m-me?” She was obviously nervous but I say,”Yeah let's do it."

Natsuki laughed and put some slow music on for us to slow dance to. Yuri took my hand and placed it on her shoulder and I placed my other hand around her waist and she did the same.

She was blushing hardcore and asked,”How am I doing?” I say,”You're doing good don't worry.” Sayori says,”Aww you two are adorable!” I blush and continue to dance with Yuri.

Monika says,”Yuri you have to twirl her around and stuff. Let me show you.” Monika took Yuri's position and twirled me around and kissed me on the cheek a couple of times.

I giggle and say,”Geez have you been practicing?” She winks at me and continues with the slow dance twirl techniques. Monika is smiling at me and it's giving me a warm feeling inside.

I was starting to feel better about what happened today and she pulled me into a lip to lip kiss which lasted a while.

After we stop I blush a bit and Natsuki says,”Geez Monika thirsty for Sana already?"

Monika lets go of me and approaches Natsuki then says,”I suggest you don't say a word and act like everything is okay.

You got that?” When Monika is talking to Natsuki I can't hear what she says but Natsuki just remains quiet.. weird. I look at Monika and she just smiles at me like nothing happened.

Sayori says,”Hey let's watch some romance movies!” Natsuki says,”Ugh really? Those movies are so awful.” Sayori says,”You helped pick them out for tonight."

Natsuki just huffs and goes to the living room. We all go there and sit on the couch. Monika sits next to me and holds my hand and Yuri is beside me looking nervous.

I hold her hand and she seemed to jump as I did that. She looked to me and asked with her eyes if this was okay. I simply nod at her and she smiles and leans on me a bit.

As her body touched mine I immediately felt her body heat and it warmed me up. She asked me,”I-Is this comfortable..?” I smile and say,”Yeah it is."

I wrap my arm around her and pull her a bit closer to me. Monika noticed this and said,”Need a blanket Yuri?” Yuri blushed and sat back up twirling her hair nervously.

I look to Monika and she quickly kisses me. I ask,”What was that for?” She winked at me and decided to completely put her body on mine.

She asked me with a sinister smile,”Is this comfortable?” I hesitate to answer and Natsuki says,”Hey you guys going to watch the movie or what?"

Monika laughs and says,”Yes, Sana and I were just adjusting our positions.” I blush and just go along with it.

I wasn't comfortable because well when I was pregnant my boobs got bigger and Monika's were pushing against mine with a lot of pressure.

I saw that Yuri was pushed against the end of the couch because Monika and I took up most of the space.

I say,”Hey Yuri do you want us to move?” Yuri said quietly,”N-No it's okay I'll sit with N-Natsuki and Sayori."

She sat down with them and Monika tried to make some more moves on me but I refused them all. It was very tempting but after what happened I just couldn't.

After we finish the movie everyone leaves except for Sayori because well she does live with me. Her dad never wanted her back after what went down a while ago.

Although, I'm happy she's with me anyways. It's nice having a bedmate. Sayori says,”Hey Sana I'll clean everything.” I say,”Cinnamon Bun we've been over this before.

You live here so I have to take care of everything. Not you.” Ever since she's been here she has been trying to be my maid basically but she's my girlfriend and I should treat her like a queen

not like my servant. Sayori says,”Saanaaa come onnn pleaasee?” I say,”Sayori it's my job not yours. Go upstairs and get ready for bed and I'll clean up.” She came up to me and said,”I'm going to

help you. I don't care what you say.” She started to put things away and I sigh knowing that I can't stop her this time. We clean up the cupcake batter and dishes together. She smiles at me and

kisses me on my lips. She says,”You shouldn't have to work so much and go through stuff alone.” I kiss her back and say,”Hey it's okay. I'm used to it. Like I said you don't have to get a job and

the abortion is just something that I'll learn from.” Sayori frowns and says,”Sana I don't want that for you. When I finish school I'm getting a job and you're going to be able to relax for once.

I love you too much to see you continue doing this everyday.” I can't help but smile because it made me happy that she would say something so nice to me. I say,”Thanks Sayori.” And then we hug

each other for a bit, holding each other tightly and not letting go for a long time.

To be continued..

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