That Special Day Chapter 30
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So this chapter could trigger some people so please beware of it. That's my warning and I won't say anymore as that would ruin the chapter as a whole.

That Special Day Chapter 30

Monika asks,”How well did she do?” I say,”Whatever Monika..” She smiles and says,”Aw you know I only do it because I love you. Right?” I sigh and say,”Yeahh."

She kisses me on the cheek and hugs me from my side. I was fine with Monika doing this but in front of my friends made me red. I say,”Um PDA?” Hana says,”Hahaha we don't mind it.

We think it's cute.” I whine then Monika lets me go laughing. We all go to the picnic table to chat and hang out. We played truth or dare and I picked dare.

And of course my friends wanted me to kiss Monika in front of them but I couldn't say no so I pulled her in and kissed her. She kissed me back and I blush making my friends laugh.

We hung out more until it was 9 pm so we all had to leave. We all said our goodbyes and Monika and I drove back to her place to hang out more. She said,”Sana I had fun.

What about you?” I smile and say,”Yeah despite being laughed at and stuff I had fun.” Monika smiled at me and we held hands when got out of the car and walked into her house.

She said,”Hey darling will you wait in my room for me?” I say,”Yeah sure.” I walk up upstairs into her bedroom and sit on her bed waiting for her.. I wonder what she's doing.

I hear her from the other side of the closed door saying,”Close your eyes! I have a surprise for you!” I say,”Okay they're closed!” She walks in and locks the door..

why would she need to do that? I open my eyes and see her in a very seductive bunny suit. She says,”What do you think?” My mouth is wide open in shock and my heart rate sped up rapidly.

She grinned and said,”Oh you like it that much?” She stretched and made sure I could see everything that was being stretched. I say,”M-Monika.. oh my God.."

She came up to me and pushed me down on the bed. I say,”N-No we c-can't!” She asks,”Why not? I want those clothes off of you dear."

My hands were shaking and my breathing was so fast at that point I think I was hyperventilating. She said,”Hey now calm down.. let's just take that hoodie off.."

She began to undress me and I was too nervous to resist. I say,”I r-really don't k-know about this M-Monika..” She said,”I know you want to. Just let me do it. I'll be so good tonight..

okay?” I can't help but let her do what she wants she was right I did want it. She took all of my clothes off and saw that I was uh kinda wet.

She had a sinister smile on her face and she said,”Ready to be dominated?” I wanted it so bad so I said,”Yes! Give it to me Monika!” She pinned me and started to kiss me with such passion.

I say,”Geez you must've wanted this for a while now huh?” Monika says,”Oh you have no clue dear. Just know that I'm going to be the best tonight.” I blushed and let her take me over.

She made me moan a lot.. she was the best.. I didn't think she could but she did. There's no way anyone could top tonight.

She made me pass out so I don't remember what she did after that happened. I just remember waking up beside her with the alarm going off. She woke up and smiled at me.

I smile back and say,”Good Morning Coffee Cake.” She said,”Did I do good enough?” I say,”Fuck yeah you did. That was amazing I've never felt so much pleasure before. Thanks Monika."

She says,”Hey thank you I had a good time too. I loved how loud you were. You're so hot Sana.” I blush deeply and say,”Wh-Whatever.. damn there's school today. We should get ready..

oh shoot we have to pick up Sayori too!” Monika nods and says,”Okay that's fine I'm going to get ready.” She gets up and I can see that both of us are covered in.. well yeah you know.

She pulls me out of bed and helps me walk as I literally can't walk. She says,”We should definitely take a shower us both are dirty.” I say,”Well that was all you.” She smiles and kisses me.

We take a shower and get ready. Monika still had to help me since my legs were still sore from the night before. She said,”Aw Sana I'm sorry. I guess I was a bit rougher than I thought."

I say,”Monika a bit rough? You made me pass out!” She laughs and hugs me and says,”It'll be worth it. Just wait.” I give her a sideways look and she just kisses me.

I don't know why she said that but I guess I'll wait. I say,”Hey let's go pick up Sayori.” She nods and gets her keys and we leave to my house.

I open the door and see that Sayori is actually getting ready. I say,”Hey Cinnamon Bun!” She turns around and I see a big smile grow on her face and she runs to me and gives me a big hug.

She says,”Sana you're home! Ehehe I missed you.” I say,”Aww I missed you too."

We hug for a bit and Sayori sees Monika behind me and says,”So what did you two do last night?” I remained silent and Monika gave Sayori a wink. Sayori said,”Ohh I get it ehe."

I look to both of them and they just giggled. I say,”Well since we're all here let's just pick up Natsuki and Yuri too.” Monika and Sayori agree and we all get in the car.

We drive to Natsuki's house and Yuri is already there so we pick them up. I say,”Hey Natsuki and Yuri!” Natsuki says,”Hey Sana.” And Yuri says,”H-Hello..

how are you g-guys?” We all continue to talk and stuff and then Yuri says,”Hey Sana I made you this poem. I hope you like it."

But when she gave the poem to me it was like the world around me froze and only Yuri and I were there in the car. I tried to read the poem but it made no sense.

I couldn't understand any of it. It said,”¥×

V±üˆ¤ÉY!Íïüô”/™4öbÀL'ªÜ¿#`,z°e™‹ÈúÛ´ø3yÏIe¾ì ~¶ñÚì×


½qíA½…%ÀVßp/ÊÕOrb{]u:<”Ž6K<A‰P|bûêaY0‹˜º_лåûØÙ}Xk×w¦eî¼0þ†XVwiX€Dæà LEðOôóðÄZy4k­‘„[ x1Ð×5è:õÕòçñÇ{Ð'œŠ[^WA÷5Ý÷á¢ÉUêöjߥiâ2*0-)³(æZ6š&åWÞj_è\~"âóŒùj0Ë«¥Xk„š¶™€+Ĉ<õl&ôCÒèÅ7í³ÈØT¢?Æ¥°¬þ“™.


)u;èȜk(Š‰¨Ñd¯-eþ(CHx?q4KW,?+‚Y7¨±x^òš@êÔw±eÊÀ¨Mf–ƒÛòض¨ŠK'e¬œ%У›'áUÖàWÙ?šsØ|ä]ìßA1Ýöñ5&^GŸEŠ§ÀÚí>êØÏsšù3£ˆz5Àn«ú#.” Yuri looked at me with a crazed smile.

She looked insane and I was scared. Her eyes.. I will never forget those eyes. It was hyperrealistic and she leaned in and kissed me and said,”I love you Sana."

Her voice sounded distorted but I could still understand her. Then as the world around us that was black and white came back to life with vibrant colors.

Everything started moving again and Sayori said,”Aww that's such a sweet poem."

It was back to normal but how the hell did Sayori understand the poem at all? I say,”Hey Monika can you read this?” I wanted to see if she could read it too.

She examined it and then said,”Oh uh yeah good poem.” She gave me a false smile trying to show that she liked the poem. She couldn't read it too..

why is she the only one though? We went school and then went to the clubroom afterwards. For a few months it was pretty normal.

Halloween was fun since we dressed up in costumes and went around for candy. That was Sayori's idea.

Thanksgiving was good we all went to Yuri's house to eat there and her father was home too so I can bet Yuri had a good time.

Christmas was really exciting as we decorated our homes and opened each other's presents. At the little party we went to Natsuki and I got caught under some mistletoe.

She and I kissed and she actually didn't complain about it.. she must've liked it. But something weird has happened over the past few months. I've gained weight..

but it's weird because I've had so many fruit and chocolate cravings. They were so strong and it wasn't my belly getting bigger it was more like the lower part of my stomach.

I asked Monika about it and she told me to not worry. And well I haven't wanted to have uh sex for those few months. I feel bad for Sayori and Yuri because they've been trying for a while now.

Its February now and it's Valentine's day. So today I'm going to the doctor's to see what's wrong. I walk in and wait for him.

One of the assistants call me in and so I walk into his office and explain everything to him. He asks,”When was the last you had sex?” I turn my head sideways and say,”I think a few months ago..

why?” He says,”I don't want to say something that could be wrong but I believe that you're pregnant.” My heart and brain stop and I had a feeling of sudden fear.

I say,”What the fuck? There's no way.” He said,”Miss calm down. Just take this pee test and I can get your results.” I take a deep breath and take the pee test.

The doctor goes to examine it and comes back with a smile saying,”Congratulations. You're pregnant Miss Aikyo.” My heart drops and I'm speechless. He says,”Happy Valentine's day."

I start to cry and he comes to comfort me. I say,”I don't want to be f-fucking pregnant! I don't want a child.” He hugs me and says,”Hey if you want an abortion you can do it today."

I look up to him and nod but with hot steaming tears rolling down my face. He says,”If you wait half an hour I can arrange something for you real quick.” I nod and go back into the waiting room.

One of the assistants see me and say,”Hey hun are you okay?” I shake my head and bury my head in my arms. She comes over and tries to calm me down. I tell her what just happened. And she asks,

"You got a boyfriend?” I say,”No I don't. I got 4 girlfriends so it doesn't make sense that I would get pregnant.” The assistant is as stumped as I am and just stays there with me to comfort me

the best she can. My name is called and I go to another doctor and she heard about my situation and said,”You might actually regret this.. are you sure you want an abortion?” I say,”Yes.”

She proceeds with the abortion. Which overall takes a long time plus it was awkward. After it was over I felt joy but then guilt and sadness. I just killed a child.. I just killed a kid that could've been mine..

my heart was aching in pain. Having that abortion broke my heart. I'm a murderer. All of these thoughts were in my head and I couldn't handle it. I wanted to die. I've only felt this awful

before and that was when Sayori had attempted to kill herself. I come home finally and all of my girlfriends surprised me. But I looked like I've been crying so much I ran out of tears.

They all looked at me with concern.

To be continued..

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