That Special Day Chapter 3
That Special Day Chapter 3 monika stories

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This is a bit of a shorter chapter but I'll probably publish Chapter 4 today too! Sana wonders why her friends have been weird towards her. So she decides to hang out with Sayori.

That Special Day Chapter 3

Side Note: I'm really enjoying writing this story so far!

I know it's only Chapter 3 but I do have the intention of making this story long, so keep reading and try to guess the ending or have some theories about what's going to happen!

I like people trying to guess what I'm doing so just dm over Instagram about it, I'll make sure to respond! Anyways back to the story!

Well it was time to go home now. I would get a ride from my friends like usual but I guess they already left, I didn't see their car in the parking lot.

Sayori walks up to me and asks if she could walk home with me. “Wait how far away do you live though?” I ask.

She says, “We only live 3 houses away silly!” Wait what?? How have I never noticed this before? I guess I'm oblivious to what's around me. So I say, “Okay I'd like to walk home with you then."

Sayori looks to me smiling and says, “That's great! Let's get going!” She takes my wrist and leads me to our houses.

“Hey since I don't know a whole lot about you, tell me more about yourself!”

“Okay well.. you already know my name is Sana.”

“Of course I do! You're one of the popular smart kids!”

“Eh not exactly smart but yeah I suppose popular. Well I enjoy playing video games and watching anime. I'm in 11th grade so my advanced classes are mixed with the 12th graders.

My mom is American and my dad is Japanese, but they're divorced so my mom is still in America. I live alone with a part time job at the grocery store. And yeah that's most of the things about me."

“Wow.. wait why don't you live with your dad?”

“Ahaha well he got annoying after a while so I left with some money from my dead grandparents and the intention of never going back.”

“Ohhh that's right you're one of the students who have already moved out. What's your favorite food?”

“Oh um.. perhaps pancakes.”

“Good choice! And hey sorry about hugging you like that earlier today.”

“Oh it's fine I just wasn't expecting it. It wasn't bad no homo.”

“What? No homo? Ehehe you are like the popular kids. I wasn't even thinking of it in a gay way. But it's nice to know that's how you think of me!”

I start to blush like crazy. Geez I didn't know that Sayori was such a tease. I mean I wasn't thinking of it like THAT. I did like the hug, it was comforting, it was nice and warm..

oh my non existent god what are up with these gay thoughts?? While lost in thought and blushing. Sayori laughs and says, “Hey we're here! So..

I guess I'll see you tomorrow??” I awaken from my mind wandering and say, “Yeah I'll see you tomorrow!” Sayori waves at me goodbye with a sweet smile, I return her actions.

Geez that was awkward, could I really like Sayori? I mean it's still day one, I'm not the type to fall for someone so quickly. I don't know maybe I'm just being dumb like usual.

I walk into my house. I set my school stuff down and jump on the couch. I have to write a poem for tomorrow, I wonder what it's going to be about.

I'll figure that out later for now I'll just watch TV and eat some snacks.

I get a text from Hana saying, “Oh fricc! I'm sorry I forgot about you at school! Ahaha sorry you had to walk home, Kiki had to go somewhere so we just went early without you."

I sigh but I'm not too mad, I wouldn't mind walking home with Sayori everyday.. if she wanted to of course!! I reply back with, “It's no big deal I walked home with one of my club members."

Hana replies rapidly with, “What club did you choose??” I say, “I joined the literature club, y’know the one Monika is now president of?"

Hana says, “Ohh yeah! But I heard there are weirdos in that club lol like that one girl who doesn't say anything or that pink haired anime freak lmao."

Reading that made me a bit mad because those girls were great, I'd hate for there to be such bad talk about them.

“Hey don't be an asshole they're actually cool and I'm proud to say that they're my friends, so don't be saying stuff like that.” I said with a bit anger.

I could tell Hana wasn't happy with that answer and said, “Oh wow are they your new and better friends now?! Wow what about me?! I guess you just don't care about me."


I simply say, “Don't say that you know that's not true!"

Hana doesn't hesitate to say something that would irk me badly, “Well all I'm saying that the one other girl with pinkish hair is a dumb queer, you can't disagree with that."

I've only known these girls for a day, but when Hana said that the blood running through my veins was beginning to boil.

Sayori was a sweet nice girl who definitely doesn't deserve any type of hate at all! I say, “Don't be saying that type of shit about Sayori!

If you want to be a dick go find a pussy weak ass friend to talk to about your bullshit opinions about other people!” I probably said something that I'll regret.

She said, “whatever” as usual she's a bitch like that. Ugh I don't why I put up with her anymore, one day I'd shoot myself in the foot for her then the next she's just a dick to me.

I've been super caring and nice to her after all these years and yet she treats me like I'm a shitty friend. I'll definitely be walking with Sayori tomorrow morning.

To get my mind off of my bad friend I decide to write my poem… after I was done with that, I got put into a group chat with my fellow club members.

Of course Monika added me she did have my number after all. I don't think much of it so I go to order sushi like I usually do.

I wait for it to arrive, I receive it, I eat it, I take a shower, brush my teeth, then go to bed.

I falling asleep is hard so I stay up until 1, I receive a text from Sayori at 1:24 saying, “Hey I know it's late but maybe you'll see this in the morning or something..

anyways is it cool if we walk to school together tomorrow?” A smile grows across my face, I'm glad she asked me so I say, “Yeah I'm up and I'd be pleased if we did walk to school tomorrow."

Sayori sends, “Yay! Why are you up though?” I'm not proud of this but I always have trouble sleeping at night. “I have sleep problems I'm guessing you do too?” I ask sort of curiously.

Sayori replies with, “Yeah ehehe we should sleep though so.. I'll see you later!” I say, “Okay! See you tomorrow.” I set my phone down, I stretch a little and try to sleep again.

The world is fading away finally I'm sleeping…

I wake up at 6:30 to get ready for school. But getting out of bed is still hard, I wanted to stay in my bed forever but I knew I had to get up.

I get out of my bed and go through my daily routine in my certain order and time frames. If I don't I'll get flustered and start to forget everything.

I have OCD so something out of order irks me a lot. It's 7:30 now usually Hana would pick me up and we'd get the rest of our friends then drive to school. But not today..

school starts at 8 and school is only 15 minutes away from my house. I have 15 minutes to spare..

I get a text from Monika saying, “Hey Sayori has a tendency to be late for school so make sure you get her up and ready so you two can walk to school.” Shoot..

I send Monika a text saying, “Thanks”. Then I run to Sayori's house with my backpack and lunch for today. I knock on the door.. no answer. I knock again.. I didn't have time for this.

I decide to pound on Sayori's door like I was a policeman or something ready to stop an adult from watching Loli hentai ahaha.

Sayori finally opens the door, I can tell she just woke up, I still see her eye crusts. She says, “O..Oh! Hey!”.

“Sayori we only have 12 more minutes until we have to walk to school! I can tell you're obviously not ready for school. Do you mind if I come in?” Sayori happily gestures her hand inside.

“Okay you go get some proper clothes on, while I whip you up some breakfast!”

“Oh..Okay! I see you don't want to be late so I'll hurry up!”

“Hope you like breakfast sandwiches because that's what you're going to eat while we walk to school.”

“Yeah I haven't had a good breakfast in a long time!”

“I really don't mean to be pushy. I just don't want us to be late for school!”

“It's okay! It would be the first time in a long time that I wasn't late for school.. ehehe”

While I made Sayori breakfast I saw her putting her school stuff in her backpack while she was brushing her teeth. 'Aww’ I think to myself she really is trying..

I wasn't used to that sort of effort from a friend. When she was done I handed her the breakfast sandwich I made.

“Thank you! This looks super yummy!”

“Thanks I tried to make it edible. Let's get going before we’re behind schedule.”

We walk out of Sayori's house ready to go to school.

“Hey Sayori.. you know how you wanted to know more about me yesterday?”

“Yeah you seem to have more depth than a typical protagonist of a story..”

“Uh.. yeah anyways I wanted to know more about you.”

“Okay! Well ehehe you already know my name and that I'm not the type of person to go to school on time.

I'm in 12th grade, I hate math sooooo much! I don't like dark subjects I'm more into bittersweet stuff. My parents work all the time so I'm usually home alone A LOT. But I don't mind it.”

“I hate math too, I understand it but it still sucks.”

I'm shocked that Sayori is into bittersweet stuff since she seems to be like the type of person to like sunshine and rainbows. But I guess you can't have rainbows without some clouds or..

something like that.

To be continued..

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