That Special Day Chapter 29
That Special Day Chapter 29 monika stories

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Sayori and Sana take a day off from school and do some activities with each other..

That Special Day Chapter 29

I wake up a bit early and it's 3 am.. I'm not quite sure why I woke up this early but I decide to put Sayori and I in bed rather than have neck aches from sleeping on the couch.

I notice she's resting on me and she's drooling on me a bit.. that's so fucking cute. I try to position myself where she was no longer on me.

She opened her eyes a bit and whispered,”Eh? What's going on?” I give Sayori a tired smile and say,”We're heading upstairs to sleep more comfortably."

I pick her up and she wraps herself around me and we go upstairs. I place her in bed and lay down next to her. I put the blanket on us and Sayori kisses me. I pull her into an embrace..

she's so warm it's crazy. Sayori is an amazing bedmate I'm kinda happy she's here with me instead of her parents. I feel bad but having a cutie in bed with me is comforting.

We fall asleep and I wake up to my alarm.. Sayori groans and says,”It's tooo early for this!” I laugh and say,”I always wake up this early in the morning for school.

Hey I'll let you sleep for a bit. Okay?” She happily agrees and goes back to sleep while I got ready. I wake Sayori up at 7:15 and she yawns then gets up to hug me.

I hug her back and say,”Hey you can use my clothes today since you don't have yours.” She says,”Thanks Sana ehehe I love you so much.” I smile and say,”Aw I love you too Cinnamon Bun."

Sayori puts on some different clothes including skinny jeans, one of my hoodies, and.. my bra.

She says,”Wow we're the same bra size!” I blush and say,”Is it really that necessary to wear my bra?” Sayori giggles and says,”Of course it is! Now where do you keep your panties?

Ooh found them!” I say,”Uh I don't think you should wear my panties Sayori."

She of course already has them on and says,”Aww but they're so comfy! Wait are these kittens?"

I blush even more and say,”It's not important what they are! … fine you can wear them but just don't tell the world that you are.. okay?” Sayori giggles and nods.

I say,”Okay let's go downstairs and I'll make you breakfast."

Sayori says,”My favorite!” I couldn't help but smile when she said that I have below average cooking skills so when she said that I felt good about myself.

She can always have that effect on you. We go downstairs and I cook while she went to the bathroom to get ready. I finished her sandwich and she came back out looking fresh.

I see a car pulling out of Sayori's driveway.. I get an idea and say,”Sayori come over here real quick."

She does and I pull her outside just where her parents can see us and I kiss Sayori. Sayori says,”Wah.. What are you doing?” I say,”Go with it."

She does and we kiss for a while and her parents drove away quickly.. aha fuck her dad I did that because he pissed me off last night. I say,”Okay we can stop."

Sayori says,”Hey what was that about?” I say,”Just payback on your parents.” I smile when I say that and we head back inside. Sayori says,”Uh..

can we do that again?” I blush and say,”Y-Yeah sure.” Sayori leans in and we kiss for a bit then it became making out with one another.

She pushes me into one of the kitchen chairs and kisses me more.. she was being really passionate about this. She started to bite my ear.. she knows that drives me crazy during sex.

I say,”Sayori we can't do this so early in the day.” She smiles and continues to bite me all over. Sayori says,”Let's just skip school today Sana one day won't kill anyone."

I sigh and say,”Sayori we can't I'm sorry.” She says,”Sana one day is fine. Come on please!” I reluctantly agree and Sayori has a big smile on her face.

She says,”Thanks Sana! Now let's continue ehehe.” I try to say something but she pushes me to the couch and holds my mouth shut. She kisses me and pins me down..

my face is beet red and the air was suddenly getting thick. She says,”We'll only do it twice it'll be fine Sana."

I say,”In one day!?” Sayori giggles and says,”Of course silly! Now just relax and we can have fun with each other."

I tried to get up but Sayori had me held down so my attempts were only fails. She whispers,”That's so cute of you.. thinking you can get up.. I'm going to eat you up Miss Aikyo."

Sayori then does what she desires and it was.. uh very pleasurable and kinda long it lasted 2 hours. We were panting and sweaty.

I felt exposed when I was naked so I tried to put clothes on, Sayori stopped me and said,”Sana I don't mind if you're naked. You look really pretty..” I blush and say,”Thanks.. you too."

Sayori smiles and says,”Let's just be naked today! No one else is here we'll be good.” I didn't want to but Sayori looked so happy so I couldn't say no.

I get up and try to stretch because after that I'm a bit sore. Sayori giggles and says,”Ehehe was I that good?” I blush and say,”Well you were pretty rough.."

Sayori says,”I wasn't that rough you're just very vocal.. ehehe maybe if you didn't say my name so much it wouldn't have encouraged me to be harder.” I blush a deeper red and remain silent.

You can't argue with facts.. I can't help it though. Sayori says,”Aw Sana it's fine I like it.. it shows me if I'm doing good or not.. and I like hearing your voice ehe."

I smile and say,”Aha thanks. I like hearing yours too it's comforting.” Sayori giggles and kisses me. It's a bit weird since we're both naked but still holds it's innocence.

I say,”Sayori how am I going to explain all the hickeys you gave me?” Sayori says,”Just say they're bug bites or something.” I say,”Sayori bug bites aren't as big and red as your hickeys."

Sayori says,”Just tell them I was the bug.” She winks at me and kisses one of the ones on my neck. I sigh and look how to get rid of them but then Sayori gives me another one.

I say,”Sayori! Stop that! I'm trying to get rid of them so our friends and teachers won't think we did anything on our day off.” Sayori says,”Forget about those and watch some movies with me."

I sigh and agree to watch movies with her. She cuddled with me.. at first it was a bit weird because of our nakedness but she wasn't trying anything so we got comfortable rather quickly.

We sat there and watched a few movies and Sayori was giving me light kisses so I ask,”What is it?” Sayori says,”I kinda just want to some foreplay."

I blush and say,”How about later or something?” She grinned at me and kissed me. We kept at it for a bit then Sayori got to biting me. I say,”Ahh Cinnamon Bun.. don't bite me so hard.."

She giggled and said,”I'll give you so many hickeys it'll look like you have chicken pox all over your neck ehehe.” I would've stopped her but she kept going and it felt really good..

I was starting to shake as the pleasure was going through my whole body. Sayori was being rough with me and I couldn't help but moan. She looked up at me and said,”Let's just do it Sana."

I say,”S-Sayori I don't know about that..” She says,”Please? I really want to. Like I'm kinda wet..” My stomach churns and my heart starts to throb. I get red and say,”Sayori.."

She then licks my thigh and I give a little “mmm”, she begins to tease me even more by nibbling my inner thighs. My breathing gets heavier and faster.

She says,”Give in and let me pleasure you Sana.” I hesitate but I open my legs up a bit more and I see her smile at me. She says,”Ehe you won't regret it.."

We uh had some fun for another 2 hours and she was amazing as always. My phone buzzed and it's a text from Monika saying,”We're both going to the park with our friends.

I'll be there in 20 minutes. I love you darling!” I text back saying,”Okay.

I love you too coffee cake!” I tell Sayori,”Hey Sayori I got to go with Monika in 20 minutes so I'm going to take a shower."

Sayori says,”Hey I'll join you!” I try to refuse but she leads me upstairs and pushes me into the shower. I fall down since my legs were still weak from what she was doing to me before.

She giggles and helps me back up and then starts the water.

I say,”Why so eager to take a shower with me?” Sayori says,”Isn't this what couples do?” I say,”No I think you're talking about married couples.” Sayori winks at me when I say that.. I don't know

why but I just ignore it. We take a shower together and it was nice having someone else there to reach those hard spots. We get out and I head to get dressed for Monika. I ask,”Sayori what should

I wear?” She says,”Just wear something casual.” I nod and throw on a hoodie and jeans. I go downstairs and gather some things together and say,”Okay Cinnamon Bun I don't know how long I'll be

gone so if there's any problems just call me. Okay?” Sayori smiles and hugs me goodbye. I walk out and see Monika in her car waiting.. I see her and she's of course gorgeous as always. I feel like

she's just too good me for me. I get in the car and she says,”Hey hot stuff ready to go?” I blush and say,”Y-Yeah I am.” She gives me a kiss and drives to the park. That kiss gave me a nice feeling inside.

I know she could do better than me but she still chose me after other people. We arrive at the park and she drives us to where our friends are at. We get out of the car and approach them.

Amy says,”Hey you two! How's it going?” Monika says,”Oh I'm good but uh Sana I forgot to ask why weren't you and Sayori at school?” My other friends look in my direction for an answer.

I say,”Oh uh she wanted to take a day off.. that's all.” Monika laughs and says,”Oh come on Sana. I can see that's a lie.” She approached me and pulled down my hoodie to reveal my neck had bites on it.

I say,”Uh those are bug bites..” Monika says,”I get it now. Sayori was that bug I'm guessing.” Monika and my friends laugh at me and I just sat there in embarrassment.

To be continued..

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