That Special Day Chapter 28 Part 2
That Special Day Chapter 28 Part 2 monika stories

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Will Sana and Hana fight? And Sayori's father finds out something that will alter Sayori's life..

That Special Day Chapter 28 Part 2

I start to walk towards Hana and I feel a hand pull mine back.. it's Sayori? She shakes her head to tell me not to fight.

Monika says,”You two will not fight! I have dirt on both of you and if you guys fight I'll have that dirt spread across the school like wildfire!” Hana looks to me and we both sit back down.

Did Monika just threatened me? Monika says,”Sana you know I love you but you aren't going to be fighting anyone.

Now you two have a good conclusion to this conflict, even if it means you guys still aren't friends be at least not trying to kill each other.” Hana says,”Okay fine then.

We walk up to each other and slap the other as hard as possible and then we'll be good. Got that Sana?” I nod and we approach each other. I say,”You can go first."

Hana says,”No come on you go first.” Hana and I have been in one these before but this time I won't give up. I say,”Hana go first. I'm not giving up this time.” She says,”Neither am I."

I say,”I know you hate me so just go first.” Hana says,”What? Sana I don't hate you. I never did..” I say,”Wait what? What are we even doing then?” Hana says,” I don't know but.. I miss you."

She then hugs me and I look to everyone else to confirm that she was actually hugging me right now. Amy says,”We're all like a family and you're the dad of us all.

Who's going to give us advice that we don't listen to at first?” Hana says,”Sana.. you were right about my boyfriend he was cheating on me.. I didn't think he'd do it again.. but you were right.

Once a cheater always a cheater.” I was shocked to hear that since they always said I was wrong until something happens to prove them I was right. Kiki says,”We need our dad back.

We've been fucking up more.” I can't help but laugh and say,”Okay but my girlfriends are coming with me too."

Hana says,”Okay you got it!” I smile and say,”So what do we do now?” Amy says,”Tell us more about them!” I smile and then tell them all about my girlfriends.

I speak highly of them of course and my friends can't help but make fun of me being so lovey dovey. I don't mind it.. we agree to hang out tomorrow after school to go to the park.

We all say goodbye and head back home. Sayori says,”I guess that wasn't as bad I thought it would be. Well after the first part of it.” I laugh a bit and agree.

Sayori asks me,”Hey can we hang out a bit more when Monika drops us off?” I give Sayori a kiss and say,”Of course we can.” Monika drops us all off and I head to Sayori's.

We hold hands as we walk into her house. When we get in she immediately kisses me holding me close. I say,”Sayori.. what's this about?” She smiles and says,”I kinda want to fool around.."

I blush and she pushes me gently against a wall to continue to kiss me. We giggle a little and keep going. Sayori always seemed to be vanilla at first but go a bit further then it's lemon.

Her and I hear the door open and someone says,”Uh.. Sayori whatcha doing?” I hear a female say that.. I'm assuming that's her mom. Sayori backs off from me and says,”Oh.. uh.. hey Mom..

and Dad..” Her father was behind her mom so I couldn't see him at first. Her mom says,”Is there someone you would like to introduce..?” Sayori twirled her fingers and said,”This is Sana..

my girlfriend..” I give an awkward wave to them blushing. Her mom said,”Uh Dear I can handle this you can bring in the groceries.” Her father went to the car and did his job. Her mom said,”So..

how long has this been a thing?” Sayori says,”.. a month..” Her mom was shocked but not angry rather.. forgiving? She said,”You didn't have to hide this sweetie. We would've accepted you."

Her father intervenes and says,”No! Actually not! My daughter will not be dating a girl!” Her mom says,”Dear she's young! And it's those times where this is okay now."

Her father was still fuming and said,”Sayori either you break up with this lesbo or you move out!” I say,”Woah now! I'm bi don't assume.

Anyways don't kick her out because of something so little!” Her father looked to me with rage and said,”She's doing awful in school most likely because of you!

I am a Christian and I won't allow Sayori to be gay!” I say,”She's not doing too good because she has a problem learning.

Which I can help with! And don't bring religion into this I'm an atheist so don't cry over spilled holy water."

Her father's veins popped out and he said,”Leave this house right now! You can go burn in hell for your sins!” I sighed not because I was sad but because it was too typical.

I began to leave but Sayori says,”Sana you're staying.

Dad she's staying here!” Her father says,”She has made it so you'll probably go to hell too!

I've been hoping for a bit now that you've been spilling milk in your bed or something but I think I know what's really going on.."

Her mom says,”Masato! Don't do something that will ruin Sayori's life just because of something you believe in."

Her father says,”Honey they had sex in her bedroom!” Sayori was blushing but also silently crying. I was embarrassed too but Sayori needed someone so I went to her and hugged her.

She wept in my arms and that fueled my anger and I said,”You're such an asshole! You're making your daughter cry! Do what makes her happy! Fuck your god!"

I tighten the grip on Sayori's arm and say,”She's going to live with me since you can't realize how dumb you're being!"

Her father was going to approach me but her mother stopped her and she said,”Look I'm sorry Sayori but you have to. Sana take her while my husband and I try to figure this out."

I decide to just carry her so I pick her up and leave to go to my house. She cried more and more and it broke my heart hearing her tears fall repeatedly.

I unlock my door and I set her on my couch and try to comfort her. She says,”This..

is all my fault! If I wasn't so stupid none of this would’ve happened!” I say,”Cinnamon Bun! It's not your fault! You did nothing wrong!” She says still sobbing,”I'm going to hell..

I don't want to but I love you so much.. am I going to hell because I love you??” I say,”You won't.

I don't believe in the same things you do but if God does love his people then you won't go to hell for something you love. It's not bad to love others no matter how different they are."

Sayori hugs me tightly and cries but it was more to just release it all. I will admit I thought I was going to cry too it was so sad to see someone I love so much in so much pain.

I hated her dad for making her feel this way. I say,”I'll always be here for you. I'll never turn my back on you. I love you Sayori."

Her crying stops and she looks up to me with puppy eyes and she says,”Do you promise?” I'm bad with promises because I'm prone to breaking them. But I won't this time I swear.

I say,”I promise.” And I kiss her on the forehead and hug her back. We stay in each other's arms for a while before we both fall asleep on each other.

To be continued..

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