That Special Day Chapter 28 Part 1
That Special Day Chapter 28 Part 1 monika stories

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Yuri's dad finds out about what Sana and Yuri did the night before. And Monika tells Sana and the others that they were all invited to a party.. Sana suspects something off about it.

That Special Day Chapter 28 Part 1

…. I wake up with Yuri partially on top of me sleeping silently. I quickly realize that we're both still naked and last night I had the best uh.. 'fun time’ ever.

I smile and stroke Yuri's hair gently. She slightly wakes up and smiles at me. I say,”Good Morning Teacup.” Yuri gives me a small kiss on my cheek and then soon realizes that we're naked.

She says,”W-We are both unclothed..” I give a nervous smile and say,”Yeah uh last night we… wait do you remember last night?” Yuri pondered for a moment and then nodded with a blush.

She said,”Y-Yes I do recall an unhinged night.. I-I'll get us some pajamas.” I nod and have her move across me to go get the pajamas. I get up too to stretch a bit..

when I get up my legs are instantly rubber and I can't stand. I was starting to get all of the feeling in my body back as my 'special spot’ was a bit sore.

I hear Yuri's door open and it was her dad. His face went red and he covered his eyes immediately.

He said,”Uh did I walk in at the wrong time?” Yuri and I covered ourselves up with blankets and she said,”N-No.. we were just about to get dressed actually.."

Her dad said,”Okay we can talk about this when you are both clothed.. I came up to see if you guys wanted pancakes or something.. I'll get started anyways.."

Her dad then left with embarrassment. Yuri frowned and said,”I-I hope he isn't angry..” I say,”Yuri he probably isn't mad. You have nothing to worry about trust me."

Yuri nodded but was still nervous. We got pajamas on and I put my glasses back on my face as they uh sort of disappeared last night.

As we went downstairs Yuri was twirling her hair so I put my arm around her to make her feel better. We both sit down at the kitchen table and Yuri's dad is making pancakes.

Her dad sighs and says,”Okay may I have an explanation of why you two were naked?” We both blush and Yuri is unable to say anything so I say,”Uh sir when you left to work overtime last night..

we were alone and.. one thing lead to another.. we did some things that isn't very age appropriate..” Yuri's dad nods and says,”Hey I'm not mad.

I'm actually kinda glad that you two have become so close to one another to not only love each other but to uh.. make love to each other."

Yuri says,”A-Are you s-sure?” Her dad smiles and says,”Sweet tea I'm sure. You have found someone that you love so much and are very happy with. Your happiness is all that matters."

Yuri smiles and says,”Th-Thank you father.” Her dad says,”Don't thank me. Thank Sana. She's quite a girl being able to help you out mentally."

I tilt my head and say,”Mentally? You mean the cutting thing right?” Yuri's dad quickly says,”Yes! Of course!” I wonder if I should read into this a bit more or if I should just go with it.

Yuri's dad hands us a plate of pancakes for us to share. I say,”You can go first Yuri.” Yuri shakes her head and says,”N-No no you can go first.” I laugh and say,”It's fine you can go first."

Yuri giggles and says,”S-Sana come on. You can go first.” I smirk and shake my head. Yuri grins and says,”Fine I'll go first."

She goes for a bite then last second shoves the pancake in my mouth. I say with a muffled tone,”Hey! That was for you!” We all laugh and continue to eat the pancakes.

After breakfast Yuri's dad wanted to hang out with Yuri, I respect what he wants so I leave and go home.

I go inside and slump down on the couch as this Sunday will be spent by laying around all day. My ears perk up when I hear a knock on my door.

I go to open it and it's Sayori wearing a bright smile. She says,”Heyyy Sana!” She comes in and hugs me tightly. I say,”I wasn't gone for that long."

Sayori smiles and says,”Yeah but I need you to always be around.” I smile to myself and laugh a bit.. Sayori always knew what to say to make you feel warm inside.

I say,”So how's it going?” Sayori says,”Well I was hanging out with Natsuki yesterday then she had to leave for something.. I don't remember. Then I was alone at home.. thinking of you."

I say,”Aww Sayori..! That's so sweet of you to say. Aha you're so cute I don't think you realize it."

Sayori said,”I was being honest! I wanted to hang out with you but you were with Yuri so I couldn't… what did you two do last night?” I swallow hard and say,”Well we uh.. kinda fucked.."

Sayori says,”Ehehe you two can be so cute I swear! Let me guess you were submissive, right?” I blush and say,”Ye-Yeah..” Sayori kisses me and says,”That's okay ehe.

Rate it from 1 to 10 though.” I get more nervous and say,”It was a good… ten..” Sayori was shocked and she said,”A ten?! Geez that insane! I'll have to get better ehehe."

I blush and say,”Sayori that sounds like I would be sent to the hospital.” She giggles and kisses me again. She was more affectionate today.. I don't care I love her kisses and hugs.

Sayori said,”Eh.. Sana can we watch some movies?” I smile and say,”Of course we can Cinnamon Bun.” Sayori smiles with her pretty white teeth and sits on the couch.

I join her and we spend the day watching kid movies and snuggling. Sayori falls asleep on me and drools a bit.. I don't mind, I find it to be really cute.

I get a text from Monika saying,”Hey we've all been invited to a little party tonight. Tell the others too.” I stretch a little and wake up Sayori.

She says,”Eh why did you wake me up Sana?” I say,”Apparently we've been invited to a party for tonight. I'm texting the other girls now about it."

Sayori was obviously confused and asked me,”Who would invite all of us to a party?” I think for a moment and then shrug. I say,”Okay we should probably get ready now."

Sayori said,”Wait! I uh.. haven't been to an actual party before.. can you help me pick out a good outfit?” I say,”Of course Sayori. Let’s go to your house and get you a good outfit."

Sayori happily nodded and held my hand on our way to her house. I help her pick an outfit so now she's wearing a black shirt and white shorts.

She gives me a hug to show that she's happy with the choice. We walk back to my house and I search my closet for some clothes.

Sayori says,”You should wear a skirt!” I put a skirt on and say,”Why a skirt?” Sayori says,”You look really pretty with one on.” I blush and say,”Thanks Sayori.."

I then find a crop top to wear and put it on. I say,”Hey what do you think?” Sayori blushes and says,”You look so hot..” Butterflies appear in my stomach and I start to blush more harshly.

Sayori comes up to me and kisses me. I say,”Sayori.. uh thank you.. you look hot too..” Sayori giggles and says,”Ehehe stop it..” I say,”L-Lets just go to the party with the others."

Monika stops by to pick up Sayori and I and then Natsuki and Yuri. Monika then drives us to the party destination.

Natsuki says,”Hey who even invited us to a party?” Monika says,”Well some of Sana's friends wanted an intervention with her. But said they won't be assholes to you guys."

Natsuki grumbles and Yuri starts to play with her hair. Sayori says,”I don't think this is a good idea..” She says this while twirling her fingers.

I say,”Hey I'll protect you guys if they start talking shit. Okay?” Sayori says,”Okay..” and then proceeds to bury her head in my chest.

I hold her in my arms to comfort her, to be honest I was nervous too I haven't really talked to my friends in a while.

Monika drove us to a park where the 'party’ is going to be held and we all walked down to where my group of friends were.

I hear my group of friends all simultaneously say,”Sana!” I smile and sit down with them all having my girlfriends sit beside me.

I say,”Okay what's this about?” Hana says,”Look we needed to have this intervention to clear some things up.” I say,”Well let's get it over with I don't want this to take all night."

Hana says,”Oh were you doing something before this?” I blush and say,”I was.. uh hanging out with Sayori.."

Hana nods and Kiki says,”We miss hanging out with you! But all you do now is hang out with your girlfriends.

That's okay but remember how we all agreed to friends before boyfriends or in your case girlfriends.” I nervously crack my knuckles and say,”Yeah.. I remember that..” Amy says,”It shouldn't matter

who you're dating we should still all be friends at least. Natsuki and I might've had some shit in the past but we can get past that.” Natsuki sighs and says,”I suppose I'll do it for Sana..”

I feel a bit relieved when she says that. Kiki says,”Can we please hangout more? I don't know about how Hana feels but Amy and I and the rest want to hang out with you again.” I've been sort of

running away from my friends lately.. maybe I should just hang out with them more. I say,”Okay I'll do it but if I want one of my girlfriends to tag along. They should be able to without getting

hate and stuff.” They all nod in agreement. Hana says,”You never really introduced us to them all. We all already know Monika and Natsuki.” I was mad at Hana though.. she called the cops on the ones

I love to just fuck with us. I say,”Maybe you would've met Yuri earlier if you didn't call the cops Hana.” Hana looks at me with confusion and says,”What are you talking about? I didn't do that."

I say,”Mmhm who else wants my down fall? No one else except for you.” Hana says,”I can't believe you're accusing me of that! Ever since you started dating them you've been a soft loser.” Kiki says,

”Come on Hana that's not true.” Hana says,”Yes it is! She's been more bitchy too.” I say,”Fuck you I don't even talk to you. If you want to fucking go. Let's fucking go!” I stand up and taunt

Hana by waving my hands towards myself. Hana stands up too saying,”Come the fuck on then bitch!”

To be continued..

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