That Special Day Chapter 27
That Special Day Chapter 27 monika stories

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Sana and Yuri can't help but break the tension between them. Natsuki catches Monika doing something very odd..

That Special Day Chapter 27

Yuri says,”I-I suppose you're right. I'm sorry N-Natsuki.” Natsuki says,”I'm sorry too. I just lost control for a second."

Sayori says,”So no one is going to answer my question?” I say,”Sayori my boobs didn't get bigger. You just stopped staring at them for a little bit and looked back and thought they grew."

Sayori giggled and said,”Ehehe you got me there.” Natsuki says,”Okay let's all get inside and have those two do whatever for 5 minutes.” Those three leave and I start to put my bra back on.

Yuri says,”H-Hey um I really am s-sorry for that.” I say,”Hey it's fine you're good. This may be a strange question but.. I still kinda want to fool around..

can you lift your shirt up a bit?” Yuri does so but also lifts her bra up a bit. She says,”O-Okay just.. be gentle like I was with you.” I smirked at Yuri then proceeded to do the deed.

Yuri says,”S-Sana.. this feels nice.” I kept going for a little bit but I didn't want to go too far so it wasn't noticeable what we did with each other. I say,”We'll continue later sadly..

we have to see our dads and other club members.” Yuri nods and puts her bra and shirt back on properly. I say,”Geez you're such a tease. I don't even know why I got like that."

Yuri said,”I-I didn't mind it.. b-but anyways let's just go inside.” I walk inside with Yuri and realize that we look super sus right now the both of us sweaty and breathless.

We see where they're all sitting at and head over to the back. We greet them and I sit next to Natsuki and Sayori while Yuri sat next to her dad and Monika.

Monika obviously sat next to my dad as that was the only place he could go. Our chef arrives and he starts to cook us our food by doing the food tricks used to impress customers.

I find hibachi places to be cool. Sayori liked it but was scared of the food and fire getting too close to her so she snuggled up by me.

As the chef flipped and tossed our food we clapped and eventually got to eat it.

Yuri and her dad were really happy with each other, which was nice to see since her dad hardly can see his daughter due to his long work hours in the office.

Overall we all had fun talking and hanging out with one another. I felt that everything was going good again but with my luck something else bad will happen to me.

After we were all done hanging out Yuri invited me to stay at her house and the rest went off and did their own thing.

I rode with Yuri and her dad and he said,”Hey girls I have to work overtime tonight to get my hours back on track so you two will be alone.” Yuri says,”O-Okay that's fine."

I nod in agreement and Yuri's dad drops us off at his house. We both say goodbye and head into the house.

I say,”How convenient that we get to be alone tonight huh?” Yuri says,”Y-Yeah I didn't even th-think my father would show up today in court."

I say,”Do you miss having your father around?” Yuri sadly nods and says,”E-Ever since my mother has died us both haven't been d-doing so well.

I'm not saying my dad is an alcoholic but he drinks more than he should.” That explains why she has so many wine bottles.

I say,”Did your dad ever say anything about what happened the night you got arrested?” Yuri twirls her hair and says,”W-Well yeah.. I told him that we w-weren't being saints that night.."

I ask,”So what are we doing tonight then?” Yuri hesitates to answer but says,”L-Lets just watch a horror movie or s-something."

I nod and we go upstairs to her room and then she lights some candles. I ask,”What are the candles for?” She says,”J-Just to make it smell nicer.."

It did smell good but there was something about the smell that made my heart flutter. Yuri started a horror movie about ghosts and whatnot.

I don't believe in paranormal things so the movie wasn't going to scare me. I was next to Yuri sitting there on her bed and my heart felt like it was on a flight to heaven.

The air was oddly so thick now.. breathing was becoming harder and harder by the minute. But Yuri felt so warm for some reason so I snuggle with her and she smiles. Although she's blushing..

am I blushing too? Why would I though? I felt heavy tension in the air.. is this the work of the candles? Yuri turns to me and says,”Uh a-are you enjoying the movie?” I nod and swallow hard.

I say,”You're definitely a fan of Jasmine.” Yuri nods and smiles. My heart was throbbing so hard I couldn't handle it anymore so I move up to Yuri's lips and kiss her.

She was surprised by my action but she embraced me with a hug. My desires are now growing like garden weed.

I pull Yuri in for another intense kiss and I try to maintain it for a bit before letting go.

I finally release after it felt like forever and Yuri says,”Sana I-I don't know what I'm feeling but.. r-remember that I'm doing this because I love you."

Yuri then pushes me down on the bed and pins me so I'll stay down. She was breathing hard and fast as she went to kiss me back.

I am embarrassed to say this but that jasmine was making me stimulated. I say,”Yuri be rough with me no holding back. Do what you please and do it as hard or long as you want. Dominate me."

I say this almost pleading Yuri. I couldn't help myself my heart was pounding so hard. Yuri began to blush a dark red but she was gritting her teeth.

I say,”Are you okay?” Yuri nodded and said,”S-Sana I'm going to fuck you so hard.” When I heard that was blushing badly but that's what I needed to hear from her.

I say with some form of excitement,”I'm all yours Yuri!” Yuri then starts to kiss me and was tearing my clothes off rather quickly. Which made me more aroused and I help her with it.

Yuri grinned at me and then started to undress herself. She says,”Get yourself completely naked.” I nod with a kinky smile and take off every article of clothing I had on.

Yuri says,”Wait keep your socks on you look sexy like that.” I blush even more and say,”Yuri! I didn't think you had these thoughts..” Yuri ignores me and finally gets naked.

She says,”You can be as loud as you want now Sana. No one is here to ruin the fun. Just us and our desires.” I couldn't wait for Yuri to do me. I knew it would be a great night….

I'm walking to Yuri's house because.. well that doesn't matter! Anyways I see Monika looking in a window on the second story.

I say,”Monika what are you doing?” Monika looks at me with anger and says,”Natsuki! Why are you here!?"

I say,”Tell me why you're here first!” Monika rolls her eyes and says,”Watching Yuri and Sana..

so what??” I say with disgust,”You're spying on Sana and Yuri!” Monika says,”Keep it down a bit! They're.. uh.."

I say with amusement,”Ohh so you're watching them have sex? What a great girlfriend you are!” Monika says,”Natsuki fuck off! Go away!” I smirk and say,”Is it okay if I knock on the door?"

Monika got down from the window and said,”Natsuki! Don't fuck this up!” I'm now grinning with hands on my hips and I say,”Sana won't be too happy to hear about this..

let's knock on the window instead and have her see you peeking at them.” Monika says,”You better not!” I giggle and teasingly almost knock on the window.

And say,”Oh what's that? You were the one who put Yuri in jail? And now you're stalking Sana? Hmm obsessive if you ask me."

Monika pulls me down from the window and… kisses me?? She had me pinned down and she forcefully pressed her lips to mine. She finally stopped and I say,”M-Monika..!

What the fuck is wrong with you?” Monika laughed and said,”I'm glad I kept a Tsundere quiet. Now if you say anything about what I was doing you'll be taken down too."

I was frustrated because she was right I didn't want ANYONE to know that Monika and I kissed.

I say,”Fuck you! But you're not staying to watch the rest of them going at it!” Monika said,”I'll only leave if you never say a word about what I did to Yuri and what I did just now."

I angrily shake her hand and realize that she just blackmailed me to stay quiet.. fucking diabolical. I say,”Ugh let's take an Uber I can see you didn't take your car so they won't know that

you're here.” Monika says,”Whatever let's go down a couple blocks so they won't hear that Uber.” I nod and we head down a bit to be picked up by our Uber. We tell them the directions and we drive off.

I did see what Yuri and Sana were doing.. it was pretty uh.. provocative if you ask me. Somehow it kinda worked me up a bit just watching them for not that long. I say,”Monika.. you didn't

have to kiss me back there..” Monika had some blush on her face and she pushed me down a little to kiss me once more. I fight it and she says,”Natsuki I'm not doing this because I like you. I'm doing this

because watching those two got me in a mood, I just need someone right now.” She continued to kiss me and then she was getting kinda touchy. She was feeling up my leg I let out a small

squeak and that seemed to make Monika more aroused. I say,”M-Monika we should stop..” Monika gets up breathing heavily and says,”I'm sorry.. I just want Sana so bad right now..” I say,”Monika we're

all trying to get Sana for ourselves.. you don't have to apologise.” Monika says something kinda disturbing to me,”Yeah but I'm going to do anything to have her for myself. So you mind as well

stop now with your bullshit.” I say,”You may be good at everything else but I'm beating your ass when it comes to Sana. May the best win. So I'll save you a seat for second place.” Monika became mad

but still remaining calm and said,”Good luck to you and the others.”

To be continued..

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