That Special Day Chapter 26
That Special Day Chapter 26 monika stories

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Today the judge will decide Yuri's fate.

That Special Day Chapter 26

The judge says,”Okay everyone the court session shall start.” Then he banged his hammer. I take a deep breath and hope for this best.

He says,”Okay why are you here today Yuri?” She tells the judge everything that happened that led up to the arrest. And then he says,”Okay you mostly female people over there.

How are you here to help Yuri out of this today?” I say,”Sir Yuri doesn't deserve to go to jail for such a minor 'crime’.

According to the law if I got my parent’s permission to date someone who is out of my legal age range. Then that person is allowed to date me and/or have sexual intercourse with me."

The judge nodded and said,”Do you have a parent here today to permit that permission?” I say,”Yes the male right here is my dad. He will give thou permission."

My dad says,”I give permission to Yuri to date and uh.. have intercourse with my daughter Sana Aikyo."

The judge says,”Very well then you will have to sign these papers stating that you give permission.” My dad agrees and starts on the paper.

Sayori says,”So does this mean Yuri will be free?” The judge says,”Perhaps.. even if the permission is given.. she still might have to go to a mental hospital."

Fear rushed right through me when he said that. I say,”Wait mental hospital?? I object!” The judge rolls his eyes and says,”She has multiple cuts on her arms a great amount of them..

she has to be treated of her illness.” I was so close to getting her back and now she could be gone for months.

Natsuki stands up and says,”This is bullshit! Let her go to a therapist or something!” The judge says,”She is already seeing one. And obviously it's not working."

I see a man dash through the door and say,”Am I late?? Please tell me I'm not."

Yuri looks up surprised and says,”Dad?"

He says,”Yuri! Tell me they'll let you free!” The judge says,”She will be of the 'rape’ charges but she has to go to a mental hospital to be cured of her illness."

Her dad said,”She's fine! The therapist is helping her!"

My dad got angry of the situation and said,”Look sir I didn't stop my relaxing Saturday to have my daughter's girlfriend be going to a mental hospital!” The judge yelled,”Order in the court!"

My dad continues to say,”My daughter had the same problem! And I didn't take her to any hospitals or other people of this sort of help to have her stop her 'illness’."

The judge says,”I'll leave the jury to decide so let's have a recess.” Yuri's dad comes up to me and says,”So.. you're the girl my daughter has been dating? I've heard good things about you.

Thank you for making my daughter happy.” I smile and say,”You're welcome. She has made me happy too. She really is amazing.” Her father smiles and says,”You're like the light of her life.

I don't know what your intentions are but.. please don't break my daughter's heart. She loves you so much.” I shed a tear and say,”I'll try not to the best I can sir.” He smiles and hugs me.

He's a rather tall fellow so he had to get down a bit to hug me properly. He says,”Ever since her mother died us both have been pretty sad for the past 10 years. But you made her happy again.

I really can't thank you enough for it.” I just smile and nod. It feels good to have helped Yuri that much. Yuri comes over and hugs her dad and I.

She says,”D-Dad I thought you'd be at w-work..” He says,”No sweet tea I couldn't miss this! I love you Yuri and I'll do anything to make sure you don't go anywhere you don't want to go.

Okay?” Yuri nods and begins to cry.. but she has a smile on her face. My dad says to Yuri's father,”Hi it's nice to meet one of my daughter's girlfriend's father."

Yuri's dad said,”It's nice to meet you too. You made a miracle.” My dad says,”Ahaha yeah I'm good at doing that. Even though I only did it once.” Yuri's dad laughs and so does my dad.

Natsuki goes up to Yuri and says,”Uh.. hey Yuri.. I'm sorry for everything that I've done.. and-” Yuri stops Natsuki and says,”H-Hey don't worry about it. I-I’ve had fun."

Yuri then hugs Natsuki and says,”Y-You look good Natsuki.” Natsuki then winks at me and I smile in return. Sayori says,”Group hug!” And pulls Monika and I into the hug too.

The judge says,”Okay recess is over. The jury has decided on its decision."

Natsuki yells,”Don't keep us in suspense tell us!” The judge says,”Yuri is not guilty of underage rape and will not go to a mental hospital to recover from her illness."

When I heard that I jumped on Yuri and showered her with kisses.

Natsuki exclaimed,”Fuck yeah! Yuri is free!” Sayori said,”Yayyy! I'm so happy eheheeh” Monika said,”I'm glad this worked for the best.” My dad and Yuri's dad were really happy too.

Yuri said,”Th-Thank you so much.. I-I love you with all m-my heart!” I continued to kiss her all over until Natsuki said,”Alright alright enough you two.” We all laugh and I get up with Yuri.

I say,”Geez what do we do now?” Sayori says,”Let's all go out to eat!” We all agree on that idea and decide to go to a hibachi place.

Yuri rode with us and my dad and Yuri's dad drive separately. I sit next to Yuri in the back with Sayori and Monika and Natsuki sat in the front. I couldn't help but kiss Yuri some more.

She said,”S-Sana I didn't know y-you missed me this much.” I say,”Yeah and now I just want to kiss you forever!” So I kept going and Yuri was starting to blush more and more with each kiss.

Sayori said,”Aww you two are so adorable!” Yuri smiled and she kissed me back. Then we started kissing each other and it got more passionate.

I pull Yuri closer to me and sure enough we are making out now. My desires got the best of me and I unbuckled my seat belt and sat on Yuri's lap still kissing her.

Yuri says with her face completely red now,”S-Sana uh I feel we can't do th-this.” I ask,”Why? I won't go too far trust me."

Natsuki says,”What are you two planning on doing back there!?"

Sayori says,”I don't know but it's so cute of them!” Natsuki says,”It sounds more like 50 shades of grey rather than something cute."

Yuri says,”Wh-What about our dads? What if th-they find out we've been uh..” I say,”Hey it's fine we still have some time until we get to the hibachi place."

Natsuki yells,”You two are already fondling!?” Yuri and I blush very deeply and I notice where my hand is. I say,”I didn't mean to. I swear!” Natsuki turns away blushing.

Sayori says,”Very dominant. I'm proud of you Sana for not being submissive.” I say,”St-Stop saying I'm submissive!” Sayori gives me a small kiss and winks.

I finally say,”Whatever I'll kiss Yuri if I want to.” I lean back in and we lock once more. Sayori and Natsuki start talking to each other while Yuri and I proceed with making out.

I instinctively push Yuri back a bit since the seat could go back I push a bit more giving me the top position. I unbuckled Yuri's seat belt so she can be more comfortable too.

Yuri whispers,”I-It seems like you want more than j-just kissing..” I blush a light red and whisper back,”No..” Yuri whispers,”It's okay if you do. I kinda do."

I whisper,”Fuck it let's just do a bit more then.” Yuri nods and lifts up my shirt a bit. She then puts her hands up to my bra to play with it's strings.

I didn't realize it but she actually untied the string and was now slowly pulling it off. She puts it where the others can't see it and slowly puts her hands up across my body and to my boobs.

I grit my teeth a bit trying not to make a sound she was being gentle though so I could handle it. I couldn't help but whisper,”I want you so bad right now Teacup. Let's just do it.

Maybe not here but later.. oh gosh I want you.” Yuri grins and whispers,”I-I want you too.” After that we got even closer and Yuri was more erotic with the fondling.

I tried to not squeak so the others wouldn't know what was going on. Monika says,”Okay we're basically here now."

Yuri speaks up and says,”Uh c-can I get a bit more ready b-before I go inside?” I also say,”Yeah I need to too.” Natsuki says,”Yeah it seems like you two need to have a cool down.” Yuri and I

blush and I try to get back into my seat. Sayori asks me something that makes my face burn like crazy. She says,”Hey Sana is it just me or did your boobs get bigger?” Before I can hesitate to say

anything, Monika says,”Sayori that isn't an appropriate question to ask.” Sayori whines and says,”They did get bigger I swear!” Natsuki says,”If anyone's boobs got bigger it was Yuri's when Sana

first joined the club.” Yuri says,”Natsuki please..” Natsuki continues to say,”It was obvious that Yuri was crushing hard on Sana like she tried to make her poetry deep to impress Sana. Like geez

she tried so hard.” Yuri says,”Natsuki I don't think this is necessary..” Natsuki kept saying,”I didn't even think magical boob growth could happen as soon as someone of significance walks through

the door.” Yuri got mad and said,”M-My boobs were the same size! You're just mad that you hardly have any to begin with. And why are you checking out my boobs for?? Trying to conduct a study

of how to get bigger boobs? Or could you just not help yourself?” Natsuki was flaming when she heard that she said,”Yuri you can fuck off! The only thing anyone can pay attention to is your boobs!

Let's talk about where Sana's pens have been going! None of us took them so that leads to YOU! Where do you keep her pens?? I wouldn't been surprised if you put the ink into your bloodstream

just to have a bit of her literally inside you! You are definitely the most obsessive about her!” Yuri was about to say something else but I had to stop the fight from prolonging so I said,”Guys!

Don't fight over boobs and stuff! I love you both and you two should be friends! Stop the bullshit and makeup!” Natsuki says,”I'm just saying that if she didn't fuck you that night we were in that house.

She wouldn't have went to jail.” Yuri yelled,”Don't put that on me! The noise complaint thing was obviously fake! I was fucked over!” Monika says,”Hey we got our happy ending out of that

ordeal there's no need to argue over something in the past.”

To be continued..

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