That Special Day Chapter 25
That Special Day Chapter 25 monika stories

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Today is the day of Yuri's court case. Will it turn out for the better or worse?

That Special Day Chapter 25

I get dressed to with Monika to a nearby diner. I get back downstairs and Monika smiles at me and takes my hand into hers.

Monika says,”The diner is walking distance we don't have to take my car.” I say,”Okay I don't mind walking with you.."

Monika kisses me and feel a bit of blush across my face because there were people near us. I say,”PDA? Monika I'm not too sure about that aha."

Monika says,”Dear it's okay if they don't like it. That's their problem.. now come on I just need some more.” I blush a slightly deeper red and let Monika lean in to kiss me.

It was a bit too early for me to feel like this but Monika was working me up a bit. Monika says,”Hey at school yesterday you were walking a bit weirdly..

are you okay?” I jolt up and say,”Yeah! I'm fine!” She looked at me with disbelief and said,”You know you can tell me anything right?” Why would I hide this from Monika?

She loves me and I love her.. she wouldn't mind Sayori and I having some fun. I say,”You're right.. so Sayori and I uh had fun yesterday."

She blushes a little understanding my message and says,”Oh..” I laugh a little and say,”Yeah Sayori is pretty good at it.. aha I'm not gonna lie. She was rough but.."

Monika says,”I get what you're trying to say.. one of these days I'll make it good Sana. No interruptions at all..” I smile and say,”Aww Monika it's okay.. I'm sure you're good too."

We walk into the diner and take a seat from across each other. The waitress came over and took our orders. Monika says,”Sana I really do like hanging out with you.. I love you so much."

I feel like crying because what Monika said was so sweet. I lean in to kiss her on the cheek. After I did that Monika came next to me to return the kiss.

The waitress handed us our pancakes and Monika starts feeding me again but this time she's positioned on top of me a little.

I say,”Is this our new thing or something?” Monika smiles and says,”Ahaha yeah I like doing this with you..” I smile too and let her feed me. There's no point in me trying to stop her.

I say,”Hey Monika I'm getting a bit full.. mind if I feed you?” She smirks at me and hands me the fork and parts her mouth. I take some of the pancake and feed it to her.

She's happy with what she got so I keep going until all the food is gone. She says,”Sana.. you have some maple syrup on you..” I say,”Aha sorry.

Where?” Monika leans in and gently licks the corner of my mouth. I say,”M-Monika..! This isn't the time for that..” She goes in for a kiss anyways and presses her lips a bit hard against mine.

I say,”Monika you're being kinda rough right now.. are you okay?” She backs away and says,”Yeah.. I'm fine. I'm sorry I couldn't help myself.. it was like an urge."

I grow a bit fearful because she said 'it was like an urge’ like how is she feeling right now if she had the urge to do that? I say,”Monika please tell me what's going on."

Monika seemed reluctant to say anything but she said,”I want you so badly Sana.. like right now I want to pull you closer and do some things that would be more of an night time activity.."

I say,”Oh.. um.. that's okay Coffee Cake. I just didn't expect you to be kinda rough. Usually you're a bit more gentle.” Monika nods and seems to be embarrassed. I say,”Hey let's just leave.."

Monika agrees and pays for our bill. When she walks out I can tell she's mad at herself. I hold her hand and she says,”Even after what I did in there?” I say,”Monika I'm not mad or anything.

I kinda enjoyed it.. but today is important so maybe we can later or something..” Monika says,”No.. it's fine. It's a lost cause.” I say,”Hey I'm sure you'll do good.

You're already good at everything and you're very attractive so I know for sure you won't screw something up.” Monika kisses me again and says,”Was that more gentle?” I say,”Yes it was..

but you don't always have to be gentle.” She pulls me in for a rough but intense kiss. I let out a little 'mm’ and we stay like that for a bit. I say,”Okay we should get ready for today..

I want to do this more later on though.” I smirk and then wink at Monika. She blushes and nods.

I suddenly get a text from Natsuki saying,”I need you over here ASAP!” I understand the emergency of the message and say,”Hey can you drop me off at Natsuki's she says she needs me."

Monika says,”Oh okay I'll get you there then.” We drive to Natsuki's and Monika and I say goodbye to each other. I knock on Natsuki's door and she lets me in immediately.

She says,”Sana! What should I wear to court today??” I say,”Wait.. the emergency is you don't know what to wear today?” She says,”Yes! I care about Yuri..

if you tell anyone consider yourself cursed.. but ever since she left I've missed her so I wanted to look good at least because I don't know the next time I might see her again.."

My heart fills a bit with sadness when she said that. I said,”Natsuki it's okay. She'll be free. I'll help you out though no problem."

Natsuki blushes and says,”I might've thought ahead too much.. I didn't take a shower yet.. let me do that and then you can help.” I say,”Okay I'll wait in your room."

Natsuki nods and heads into the upstairs bathroom to take her shower. I go up to her room to wait for her which should be 15 minutes or so.

I browse the internet on my phone just to see what's happening in the world at the moment. I hear Natsuki is done with her shower now and I also hear the bedroom door open.

Natsuki shrieks,”Hey don't look at me pervert!” My face is now hot with embarrassment and I say,”But you're wearing a towel! It's not like I'm trying to peak of anything!"

I cover my eyes to show Natsuki that I wasn't trying to peak. Natsuki says,”Well!... No no I'm sorry I assumed you would try to look at me like that."

I say,”No it's okay Natsuki I should've had my eyes closed.” Natsuki sits next to me on the bed and says,”Sana you can open your eyes.” I do so and see she's still in her towel.

She says,”You'll see me naked at some point in time.. I shouldn't have freaked out so badly. Since this is going to happen at some point I mind as well show you now.."

She then takes off her towel and I see Natsuki fully naked. I say,”Uh you didn't have to do that if you didn't want to."

Natsuki shakes her head and asks,”Do I look good?” I blush deeply and say,”Ye-Yeah..” Natsuki says,”Well uh.. show's over let's pick an outfit for me to wear to court today."

I agree and Natsuki tells me some of the options. I chose Natsuki's pink dress as what she should wear.

Natsuki says,”What's the first word that comes to your head when I'm wearing this?” I wanted to say 'cute’ but I knew that would be a bad idea so I say,”Bold."

Natsuki smiles brightly and says,”Okay that's good! I thought you would say cute or something.” Good thing I didn't say that.

She asks,”Oh hey by the way why were you walking so weirdly yesterday?” There was a sharp pain in my heart when she asked that. But I said,”Uh..

Sayori showed me something that made me a little weak..” Natsuki said,”What was it? A magic trick?” I say,”Uh no.. it was sex.."

Natsuki rolled her eyes and said,”Geez I knew that Sayori wanted you badly but I didn't think she'd go through with it.. again."

I blush softly and say,”Okay it's about time that we go to the courthouse.. I'll call Monika to pick us all up.” I called Monika and she took us all to the courthouse.

When we arrived I was extremely nervous because this could go either way.. I hated knowing the chance of Yuri being in prison as the final answer. Sayori said,”Sana it'll be okay. I promise."

She then hugged me making me feel better. We walk inside and I see my dad is there. We greet each other and then I introduce him to my other girlfriends.

I say,”The one with blue eyes and a bright smile is Sayori. And the one with the pink hair and short stature is Natsuki."

My dad says,”Oh hey girls! How have all of you been able to manage Sana?” They all laughed and I give a little 'heh’. Sayori says,”I love Sana so much! Ehehe she's the best.."

I blush lightly to Sayori's statement. Natsuki says,”Yeah she's great..” Sayori says,”And we all know that you love her so you don't have to hide it silly!” Natsuki silently blushes.

My dad says,”I can't wait to meet the other one! So all of you have had no problems with each other?” Natsuki says,”Nope not one at all!” My dad grumbles and says,”Okay whatever you girls say.”

We all walk in the courtroom where Yuri was and I saw her come out to the podium. I couldn't help but run up to her and hug her so tightly with tears in my eyes. I say,”Yuri! I've missed you so

fucking much!” Yuri hugs me back and says,”I-I’ve missed you too Sana.” I say,”Yuri I love you so much and I'm getting you out of the hell hole that you're in.” Yuri says,”I l-love you too Sana.

A-And I'm glad to hear th-that.” I felt tear drops fall on my neck.. she's crying too. I look up to her and kiss her with urgent passion. She goes with it and we stay like that for it felt like

forever until a security guard took her back to the podium and said,”Okay the court session is about to start so I need you all to sit down.” I quickly say to Yuri,”The jumpsuit looks good on you!”

Yuri mouths 'thank you’ and blushes a bit. Monika, Sayori, Natsuki, and my dad sit down with me in the front of the courtroom ready to take Yuri back. I hope this works out for the best because

if it doesn't I don't know what I would do without Yuri in my life..

To be continued..

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