That Special Day Chapter 24
That Special Day Chapter 24 monika stories

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Sayori and Sana uh 'hangout' but it's fine because I didn't give any details. Sana and Monika also go see Sana's dad to see if he will help Sana or not.

That Special Day Chapter 24

Sayori continues to say,”I've been thinking about it all day so far.. this is the perfect time.” Sayori then pushes me against a wall and starts to kiss me.

She then got more handsy and started um fondling me. I say,”Sayori..! Ahh.. Please tell me we won't get caught.” Sayori says,”We won't Sana now let me feed into my desires."

The way Sayori said that made me weak knowing that Sayori can be rough if she wanted to.

Sayori kept teasing me with the ear biting and her hands being so close to well I'm not going to spell it out. My face is burning up and Sayori is definitely worked up now.

She says,”Sana I'm ready.. are you?” I hesitate but say,”Yeah I am.. please don't be rough I can only handle so much.” We did some dirty things in that Janitor's closet ironically enough.

Sayori was rough but it was all so good I didn't mind. It lasted all for 25 minutes because any longer then I know they would wonder where we were.

Sayori said,”Thanks Sana I feel a lot better now.” I say still panting a little,”Yeah no problem.” All I'm going to say about what happened was she fucked my glasses off.

So you can do the math if you really want to. I try to stand up but end up falling back down. I say,”Uh I need a little help..” Sayori blushed and said,”Ehehe I didn't think I did that well."

I said,”Well you did.. now help me stand up.” She did so but my legs were still weak. She says,”Hey we don't have that much more time in our classes..

let's just stay here and have you recover for a bit.” I say,”Okay because if I go in my class walking weird they'll know that I didn't leave to just go the bathroom or something."

Sayori said,”Sana.. can we do that more often? It was really fun and.. felt really good.” I say,”M-Maybe we will..” Sayori smiles at me and hugs me.

We're both a bit sweaty but that doesn't stop us from embracing each other. I'm not too sure how I'm going to walk normally in 5 minutes but hopefully I can hide it.

Sayori says,”Sana isn't today the day you speak with your dad?” I say,”I'll be honest I don't know what day it really is.. so let's just say it's Friday and hope I'm right."

Sayori giggles and says,”Ehehe yeah it's Friday. You should pay more attention to the days passing by in the fanfic.” I say,”I know I should sometimes I just forget to be honest.

But yeah I'm nervous about it.. I hope he won't be too mad.” We hear the bell ring and we rush out of the closet so no one will know we were both in there.

Sayori says,”Let's go get your lunch and you can buy me cookies in the cafeteria!” I smile and remember I did say that I would buy her cookies. I say,”Anything for you Cinnamon Bun."

Sayori adjusts my glasses on to my face properly. She says,”Sana you looked silly with your glasses crooked eheh."

I say,”Well they wouldn't be like that if you didn't-” Sayori pressed her lips to mine and we shared a little sweet kiss. She says,”Let's not talk about what I did just a bit ago ehe."

I nod and we head to lunch as I already received my lunch. We see Monika and then Natsuki. Monika says,”Sana you look really nice with those glasses on.."

I wink at Sayori when Monika said that. Sayori giggled and tried to shush me. Natsuki said,”Ha! you look kinda nerdy I told you, you were a smarty pants."

I smile and say,”Glad you noticed Cupcake.” Natsuki went silent after that.. I didn't mind as she was being rude but in way that I liked to be honest. I like people pushing me a bit.

I say,”Hey Monika.. are you ready to talk to my dad with me?” Monika looks to me and says,”Of course darling I'll help you every step of the way.” She sweetly smiles at me when she says that.

Some time passes by and it's also time to leave school. We're all in the clubroom doing the usual. Monika says,”Okay everyone! Um as you all know Sana and I have some things to attend to."

Sayori says,”Can Sana at least walk home with me?” As I was about to accept that invitation, Monika quickly says,”I don't think Sana would want to at this time of great distress."

Sayori saddened a bit but just took Natsuki with her instead. Monika says,”Ok sweetie come with me, we're getting into my car so you can show me where he lives.

Okay?” I kiss her on the cheek and say,”Okay coffee cake.” She holds my hand and leads me to her car. I take some deep breaths and tell her where my dad lives.

We arrive at his house and Monika asks me,”Hey Sana are you okay?” I say,”..yeah.” Monika hugs me making me calm down a bit. I take one final deep breath and get out of the car with Monika.

I approach the door quietly and knock on the door. I usually knock in a certain pattern to let others know it's me.

My dad opened the door and a big smile grew on his face and he hugged me tight.

He said,”Sweetheart I missed you so much! So how's it going??” I try to speak but then my dad interrupts me and says,”Hey who's your friend?"

I say,”Okay okay I'll answer all of your questions when we get inside and sit down.” My dad nodded gleefully and let us inside. We all sit down on the couch and I begin to speak.

I say,”Okay so the girl next to me is Monika.” My dad quickly says,”Ooooh new best friend??” I nervously laugh and say,”Uh no actually.."

My dad cuts me off before I can finish and says,”Oh I'm sorry just friends I get it.” I hate it when he interrupts me all the time. I say,”No dad! She's.. um my girlfriend.."

My dad was happy to now puzzled. He finally spoke up and said,”Okay Sana that's perfectly fine by me if she's a good person to you it doesn't matter to me.

She seems to be a pretty girl so you made a good pick.” I blush a bit and say,”Aha yeah.. she's good to me Dad I swear.” Monika says,”I would never hurt your daughter..

she's means a lot to me sir.” My dad smiled and said,”Is that the news you wanted to share with me?” I said,”Uh no Dad that's not all.. I'm dating three other girls too.."

My dad was definitely bamboozled by that.

He said,”Uh doesn't that sound a like a bad idea? I mean what if one of them gets jealous of the other and start messing with each other?” I say,”Dad they're all friends they wouldn't do that.

Never ever!” My dad says,”There's a problem isn't there? Tell me now I don't want to dilly dally.” I say,”Um.. don't be mad but me and one of them were uh.. 'fooling around’ and she's 18..

and we got caught by the police..” My dad was looking sort of mad.. but more disappointed with me. He said,”Sana you have no idea what you've done.

How could you be so dumb??” I look down and start to see where he was coming from. Monika says,”Uh sir don't be angry with Sana please..

my friend wouldn't have been taken away if Hana didn't call the cops."

My dad was now boiling with rage he said,”Fucking Hana?! I knew she was trouble from the start why didn't you listen to me Sana?? Geez you're so fucking dumb."

Monika sees me unable to speak because I was sad from my dad doing this to me again. He's nice but whenever I fuck up he calls me dumb and stuff like yeah that helps me be smarter..

I'm not perfect. Monika says,”Don't blame Sana everyone makes mistakes sir. I heard you're divorced.. you and your ex wife made a mistake but no one is yelling at you for it."

My dad says,”Okay whatever why come to me though? What can I do to even help this type of situation?” I say,”If you give her consent to be with me she'll be free from jail.

The court case is tomorrow.. please help me dad I love her so much.” My dad says,”What will I get in return?” I sigh and say,”You can have as much t-bone steak I can afford."

My dad rolls his eyes and says,”Fine but you better not fuck up in the future like this again!” I say,”I won't.” My dad groans in a way like he doesn't believe me.

Monika says,”Sir I'll keep an eye on your daughter. Okay?” My dad gives in.. which is weird because he's usually so stubborn but Monika helped me a lot.

My dad says,”Okay what time is the case?” I say,”2:30 pm” My dad reluctantly agreed and says,”I love you Sana please be careful out there.” I say,”I love you too Dad."

We hug and my dad whispers something to Monika that I can't hear. I say,”Hey Monika what did he say to you?” She smiles and says,”Nothing of your concern."

I'm still curious about what he said but maybe one day I'll find out. I say,”You know you really did help me out there.. thank you so much..” Monika says,”It's no problem Sana.. I love you..”

I kiss Monika and say,”I love you too.” We get in the car and drive away from my dad's house and Monika decides to drop me off at my place. I say,”Okay.. I hope this works.” Monika says,”Yeah.

If you need me honey just give me a call and I'll be here as fast as possible.” I smile and say,”Thanks.” Monika drives away and I realized that I needed to find another job so I can buy my dad his

steak. I try to look online for jobs near me and all I see are positions for dishwashing at a local restaurant.. that sucks but money is money. I decide to sleep because the stress of today was a

bit overwhelming. I close my eyes and begin to sleep I knew the slumber I would fall under would be deep. I wake up with tears in my eyes.. what did I dream about? I look at the time and it's 8:09 am.

I quickly remember that today the court would decide if Yuri would go to prison or not. I hoped that she won't have to.. people like Natsuki's dad deserved to be in prison not someone like

Yuri. I hear a knock on my door. I go downstairs to open it and it's.. Monika? I say,”Oh hey Monika.. why are here you so early?” She smiles and says,”Want to go out for breakfast? My treat!”

My heart warmed up when she said that I say,”Of course I do hun.”

To be continued..

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