That Special Day Chapter 23
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Sana gets teased a bit more by Sayori and Natsuki. Sayori although can't keep something inside of her.. the tension is killing her.

That Special Day Chapter 23

She winks when she says that. I say,”Jesus you're such a tease Natsuki.” She laughs and Sayori says,”I was her partner in crime! Don't I get punished too?” I say,”Ahaha stop it.."

The two smaller girls laugh and Monika was still flustered.

Natsuki says,”Hey Monika what were you going to do?” Monika hesitates and says,”Keep it sophiacated in the streets and not so much in the sheets..” I can't help but giggle when she says that.

I say,”Monika.. you're a tease too.” Sayori says,”I can be too! Let me show you again!” My face gets red and I say,”Cinnamon Bun! Don't talk about what we did."

Sayori comes up to me once more and bites my ear. I grin and say,”Sayori.. don't demonstrate anymore than that.” Natsuki says,”Wow you two must had a hell of a first time."

Sayori says,”Ehe yeah one more than you'll ever have.” Natsuki was flushed with red and she said,”Wha-Sayori! It's.. it's going to happen one day.."

Sayori said,”Yeah it better be soon or Sana will be used to it being good. Then you'll have to step it up."

I say,”Sayori!! Come on not now!” Sayori says,”Just because you're half naked and I'm a bit worked up doesn't mean I can't make some jokes.” I say,”Those 'jokes’ are too real.

And I know you'll make it real..” Sayori pulls me into her space and she immediately dominates me. She says,”You don't even try to be dominate Sana.

One of these times you can't be so submissive. I don't mind it ehehe.. but still.” I was starting to sweat from pure embarrassment and I say,”St-Stop! I'm not that submissive.."

Sayori puts me on top of her and she says,”Prove it cutie.” Natsuki laughs and says,”Sayori don't do anything crazy because I'm going for the best!” I yell,”Aaaaahhhhhhh everyone slow down..!"

Sayori says,”Ehe I remember you said that a lot when we-” I stop Sayori and say,”No need for details!” Monika says,”Well.. I'm going to get dressed and go..” I say,”Sorry that we didn't..

you know. I didn't know that these goofballs would interfere.” Monika says,”It's okay I'll get back at them ahaha.” Natsuki and Sayori shuddered when she said that.

Monika got her things and kissed me goodbye. Natsuki says,”Geez Sana are you just gonna stay half dressed?” Sayori says,”Eh? I don't mind it at all."

I smile and say,”How did you two even get in?” Sayori said,”You gave me your spare keys.. and we wanted to say hi.. so yeah now we're here.” I totally forgot about that.

I now remember that I gave them to her because if she ever needed to be with me at anytime. She'd have the keys. Natsuki says,”Hey let's have a little sleepover at Sayori's."

Sayori agrees and I say,”What about Monika?” Natsuki says,”She's already gone so.. yeah.” I shrug and agree to sleepover too.

I grab a pair of pajamas and I follow Sayori and Natsuki to Sayori's house for the sleepover. Natsuki says,”Were you and Monika really about to.. you know.” I say,”I-I don't know.. maybe.

She really wanted to so.. yeah.” Sayori said,”Well I don't blame Monika ehehe."

Natsuki looked like she didn't want to say what was on her mind but she said,”I heard that everyone has a different taste..

what's Sana's?” Sayori giggles and says,”Cookies!” My face becomes beet red and I say,”Sayori..! Not necessary.” Sayori says,”What? It's true! Ehehe.. cookies.” Natsuki says,”Sana be careful..

Sayori LOVES cookies and so basically you're screwed."

Sayori says,”Ehe yeah cookies are so great!” I say,”Natsuki wh-what even made you ask that? Are you curious?"

Natsuki looked at me with anger but with more embarrassment and says,”It's not like I'm curious or anything! It's just a question! If you're thinking I want to do that with you, you're wrong!"

I say,”I wasn't thinking like that, no need to be defensive.” Sayori says,”Natsuki it's fine if you want to. Ehehe you won't regret it one bit.” I say,”Okay okay let's get off that subject..

I'm getting a bit uncomfortable.” Sayori says,”Sorry I just enjoy it soooo much.” I blush and shrug it off. Natsuki was still embarrassed so I go over and hug her.

She says,”Wha-What are you doing Baka!?” I was startled by that but I say,”Hey I'm just hugging.” Natsuki calmed down..

she usually doesn't call me an idiot she calls me 'smartypants’ maybe I crossed her limits? I'm not quite sure.

Sayori says,”Let's all go to my room!” Last time I heard that I got fucked so maybe I won't this time. I head up with the girls.

It was pretty late so I was down to just hang out a bit and sleep. Sayori says,”Okay what is everyone's sleeping spots?” I say,”Anywhere I don't care.” Natsuki says,”Yeah me too."

Sayori says,”Okay you two can sleep together I'll be up here in my bed.” What a good friend Sayori is to Natsuki. Natsuki says,”Uh what? I mean it's not like I don't want to or anything but.."

I say,”Hey it's fine I can sleep elsewhere.” Natsuki stops me and says,”Wait! Don't! You can stay here!” I smile and say,”Okay.” Natsuki lays down, so does Sayori and I.

I wrap my arms around Natsuki and we cuddle. Natsuki didn't try to stop me so I was able to feel her warmth before I went to sleep. I begin to dream and I see the 'know it all’ lady.

“You aren't the only one now be careful.” I say,”Why do you have to be so vague about everything? Just tell me who you're talking about."

She says,”You don't get that I can't tell you everything. I have to be vague plus if I told you the story would end way sooner. So you know I have to do it for plot reasons."

I roll my eyes and say,”Okay can you at least tell me what this mystery person is trying to do?” The lady says,”Trying to find different realities.

But that computer you are using has more purposes now with all the data you leave just lying around.” As much as I kinda hated this lady she was helpful but only to a certain extent.

I say,”Okay I'll be more careful with the data.” The lady says,”It's too late they have as much power as you now. You don't realize it but you have a lot of power.

That power is now in the hands of someone that can't handle it properly.” Before I say anything my dream ends and I wake up with Natsuki's head resting on my chest. I couldn't help but smile..

then my thoughts go back to my dream thinking about who else knows about the reality we live in. I look up a bit more and see Sayori staring at Natsuki and I.. but I can tell she's happy.

I smile at her and her eyes glisten a little.. she's so cute it's overwhelming. Natsuki wakes up a little and backs away from me. She says,”We weren't actually cuddling..

were we?” Sayori says,”Ehehe yeah you too looked so sweet together!” Natsuki's face got a little heated and she said,”What!?

No! I didn't even know I was doing that! That's not fair!” I say,”O-Oh I'm sorry I guess I sort of assumed.. I won't next time I swear."

Sayori says,”Aw Sana don't worry Natsuki just gets nervous around you."

Natsuki got a bit angry and said,”Nervous!? Why would I be nervous?

It's just Sana! Nothing important or anything!” I won't lie I was a bit hurt by that so I just look down and don't say anything. Natsuki said,”Hey I wasn't trying to be rude..

I-” I cut Natsuki off and say,”No it's fine I get it.” Sayori cuts into the silence and says,”Uh let's all get ready for school."

As she said that I quickly remember about it and run to my house to get ready. I forgot to order my contacts so I had no more left.

Great now I have to wear glasses for the next two days until my contacts arrive. I run over to Sayori's house and see that she's done and ready for school.

I say,”Wow I'm impressed you got ready when I didn't even tell you to.” Sayori smiled and then started twirling her fingers. I say,”What?” She says,”Ehe I like the glasses you have on..

you look really nice with them on.” Sayori was beginning to blush but I said,”Thanks.. I thought you would've just laughed.” Sayori quietly says,”Ehe you look more than nice..

you look really hot.. ehe." Sayori said this pretty quietly so maybe she wasn't directing that to me perhaps more to herself. I say,”I kinda heard that..” Sayori jolts and says,”Ah what!? You didn't

hear anything! I didn't say anything!” I see Sayori twirling her fingers more and more a bit faster than before. I say,”Sayori it's fine.. it was 'nice’ of you to say.” She blushes more and

says,”Um weren't you going to make me a sandwich or something?” I say,”You're right I'll get started right away Cinnamon Bun.” Sayori seemed to freak out a little. I cook the sandwich and Sayori

is patiently waiting at the kitchen table. I hand the sandwich to Sayori and we start to walk to school. Sayori out of the blue said,”That sandwich was good! But.. damn it Sana I want cookies!”

I say,”Okay I can buy you some at school today.” Sayori says,”Noooo I mean that's good too.. but I meant something else..” I say,”Well what did you mean?” Sayori pulls me into a kiss and says,”You!

I want you!” I quickly realize that she was talking about my 'cookies’ yeah I remember the conversation we had yesterday about cookies. I say,”Sayori.. we can't do it now..” Sayori says,”I know

but we need to soon because I can't handle the tension Sana!” I say,”Okay okay sometime today.. will that be good?” Sayori beams and says,”That's perfect! I just can't help myself anymore!”

I say,”That's okay.” We proceed to walk to school but now with some tension between us. I never thought Sayori would actually feel that way. We get to school and don't see Natsuki or Monika.. we still

go to our classes. I'm in social studies and I get a text from Sayori saying,”Hey come meet me by the girl's bathroom.” I don't know what that's about but I ask to leave and head there. I arrive

and Sayori says,”Hey um.. the Janitor's closet is hardly ever used.. let's hang out in there for a bit.” I walk in with Sayori.. I hear her lock the door my heart skips a beat. Sayori says,”Sana

it's cookie time..” I say,”Sayori! Wait..! I uh forgot my homework..” Sayori says,”You've been teasing me with those glasses Sana and.. now we're here.”

To be continued..

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