That Special Day Chapter 33 Part 1
That Special Day Chapter 33 Part 1 monika stories

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Natsuki opens up more in how she feels about Sana and Monika asserts her dominance onto someone who has outdone her.
P.S. sorry for not pubbing for a month I've had a lot of school work to do and it's been stressful, although I'll still try to publish more often.

That Special Day Chapter 33 Part 1

Natsuki comes out of the bathroom after a few minutes and says,”I'm sorry.. uh let's go drive around or something.."

I got a car from my aunt for my birthday early, so Natsuki and I hopped in my new car. I drove around and we didn't say anything for a while.

I eventually asked,”Hey Natsuki is everything okay?” She looks to me with sorrow and said,”I don't know.. can you drop me off at home..?” I made her uncomfortable somehow and I feel bad for it.

I say,”I didn't mean to make you nervous Natsuki.. I liked that kiss you gave me.” She holds my hand and exhales. We're in front of her house and it's already dark outside.

We step out of the car to say our goodbyes. Instead she sits on my car's hood and looks up. I accompany her and ask,”Hey why are you up here?” Natsuki says,”Sana.. I love you very much.

Yet I want more of.. you.” I say,”I love you too Natsuki. Don't be shy to give me your kisses.. I really like them.” Natsuki looks down.. thinking about something.

She looks back up with red on her cheeks and asks,”You do?” I nod and feel that my heart is pounding rapidly. I realize what is happening.. I had an urge to have Natsuki within my touch.

I say,”Natsuki.. get over here!” She leaps on me and we both start making out with each other. It started pouring rain but that didn't stop us from our desires getting the best of us.

She was on top of me kissing me with such passion. I couldn't breathe but I'd rather that than nothing.

She says,”Fuck yes Sana! I've wanted this for so long!” I grin and say,”Then why are we out in the rain? Let's get in my car!” I pushed her into the back of my car and closed the door.

I got on top of her still kissing her. She says,”Hey we're wet.. are you sure about this? I mean this is a new car..” I smile and say,”Natsuki I was wet before it started pouring rain.

Now stop worrying and let me show you what you've been missing out on."

She said,”No way! I'm being on top!” I wink and say,”You better fight me for it!” She smiled and we play wrestled for a bit. “Yes! I finally got top!” Natsuki says panting a little.

I say,”So what's your next move Cupcake?” She unpinned me and said,”Take off your shirt and skirt..” I do as she says and I take off my shirt first and I hear her say,”Fuck.."

I say,”What Natsuki?” She blushed and said,”Whatever.. I'm taking that skirt off."

As she took it off her blushing got deeper and she said,”Oh fuck yes!” I say,”Good luck because Yuri and Sayori were really good."

Natsuki says,”They weren't even virgins when they fucked you! That's not fair!!” I say,”Wait.. What!?” She said,”Yeah.. they uh practiced on each other before they did it to you.."

I ask,”When??” Natsuki shrugged and said,”Would you like it gentle?” I said,”Yes. Thank you.” Natsuki nods and puts her hands down my body. She says,”That feels nice.. ahh."

I blush and say,”Aha.. how about you take off your clothes?” Natsuki tried to say something but I just quickly take her bra off. She says,”Sorry I don't have much.."

I say,”Natsuki I don't care about that. I just want you to give me nice, gentle sex.” She proceeds to kiss my stomach and I giggle a little.

She surprises me by grabbing my boobs and I make a ‘ahh’ sound. She says,”Yeah you like that don't you?” I blush a fine red and say,”I-I do.. more..” Natsuki whispers to herself,”Okay..

calm down.. you can do this..” Then she proceeds to take deep breaths. I ask,”Am I too much?” Natsuki says,”What? No baka!” I laugh and say,”Aha it's okay. Just give in to your lustful desires."

She examines my body, I can tell she's trying to make the next move. I take her skirt off, revealing her kitty panties.

She says,”Hey! I'm trying to give you pleasure! Don't do anything to me!” She then gives me light neck kisses and I giggle. She moves lower to my stomach and continues her kissing.

She finally got down to my panties and tries to take it off with her teeth.. gosh that was hot.

Although, she ends up ripping my panties by accident and she says,”Oh fuck! I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that!” I say,”I don't care Natsuki. Just..

do it already the tension is too much!” Natsuki says,”Yes Ma'am.” She gently licks my cave entrance and I 'mmm’ to that. My legs were up on Natsuki's shoulders so she could do it easier.

Although, my legs started shaking as she went deeper. Despite that, she was still being gentle with me. When I do the same to Natsuki she moaned a lot.. she said,”Keep going..

ahh!” I made her climax and she was red and sort of sweaty. She said she wanted to go back to doing me. So, we switched roles again.

I won't give all of the details but, the sex was gentle and slow.. that's exactly what I've wanted for a while. When she finishes I say,”Natsuki.. that was the best sex ever.."

She looks to me and says,”Wait. Really?” I say,”Yeah I just wanted slow and soft sex. Monika give me a lot of pleasure but it wasn't gentle at all. But, you were.. thank you Natsuki."

She blushed and said,”Do you remember you and Monika's little fun time?” I ponder for a moment and say,”I actually kind of don't remember. Wow.. I don't know why but yeah."

Natsuki gives me a concerned look and says,”Just try to stay safe Sana.” I nod and we cuddle.. we sleep for the rest of the night and I wake up to her whole body wrapped around mine.

I give her a forehead kiss and say,”Good Morning Cupcake.” She wakes up and smiles at me. She says,”Hey honey.. want to put our clothes on?” I smile and nod, we put our clothes back on..

then I realized we had school today. I say,”Fuck! We're late for school!” Natsuki woke up fully and rapidly put her clothes on, I did the same.

We both got in the front seat and I drove us to school immediately. I said that her and I were sick so that's why we were late. We had math at the time so we run to math class.

The teacher wasn't happy with us but we ignored that and just had an overall normal day. After we're all done with classes, I walk with Sayori and Natsuki to the clubroom.

Sayori asks,”Hey why were you two late?” Natsuki and I look to each other for an answer. I say,”We overslept.. that's all.” Sayori wasn't convinced but she went with it anyway.

When we make it to the clubroom, Monika runs up to me and hugs me and says,”Hey Darling! How's it going?” I smile and say,”I'm good. You?” She says,”Better now that you're here."

She kisses me and pushes me in a desk so she can sit on my lap.

I see Yuri walk in and I say,”Hi Yuri, are you doing good today?” She looks at me with a smile and says,”H-Hello Sana and y-yes I'm doing quite fine.” She sits down and reads her book.

Monika drops the pen she was holding and gets off me to pick it up.

I can tell that she looked up my skirt while she was down there and I say,”Hey! Stop peaking!” Monika laughs but then has a deep blush in her face..

she says,”Hey uh Sana can you come into the closet with me?” I say yes and she leads me in there.

She says,”Darling did you purposely not wear panties?” I say,”Oh shit!” She smiles and whispers in my ear,”Hey I know that you did that so I could take care of you.."

I say,”No! I really didn't know! Don't do anything to me!” She grins and says,”I notice that you were late today.. want to tell me anything about that?” I blush then say,”..Natsuki and I..

we had some fun last night.” She pulls away from me and says,”Oh.. was that supposed to be a secret?” I hesitate to answer since we did lie to Sayori about why we were late.

Monika says,”Hey it's fine if it was a secret.. although how would you rate it?” I say,”Well.. she was gentle and that's what I've wanted for a long time now.. so 10/10."

Monika laughs and says,”You say that for everyone! Give her a rank compared to us.” I pause for a moment to try to give Monika an answer that wouldn't sound mean. I say,”Well..

you did pretty good I won't lie but, Natsuki is currently in rank one.” Monika looked at me with confusion and said,”..but I give you so much pleasure.."

I say,”Yeah but I can't even remember half of what happened between us.. I don't think I really ever have remembered that night."

Monika says,”Wait! I can do better next time! I'll be more gentle! I can be the best Sana.” I smiled at her and said,”Monika you did amazingly.. just be okay with Natsuki being #1 on my list…

are you okay?” Monika gives me a forced smile and says,”Yeah I'm fine.. it's fine.” She hugs me and then leaves the closet…. I hear a knock on my door.. who could that be? The situation with my

father is over now so.. maybe it's Sana. I open the door and see Monika.. what the hell is she doing here? She says,”Hey Natsuki can we have a little talk?” I'm cautious but I nod and let her in.

I say,”Sooo.. why are you here?” She says,”To talk a bit.. that's all.” I say,”Well about what?” She then looks to me with her eyes now a bit more serious and says,”You and Sana had sex.

That's why you two were late today. I heard you didn't do a bad job.” I blush and say,”That's not your business!” She says,”Yes it is. According to Sana you did better than me.” I snicker and say,”Ohh

I see now. You're mad that I beat you at sex. Ha you're a sore loser.” Monika gets mad and says,”Listen here you little bitch. Sana is mine. You're ruining my chances with her. I suggest you stop

'beating me’ and start to back off on Sana.” I shake my head and say,”Monika you can't boss us around! You can't do it to Sayori or Yuri and especially ME!” She pushes me to the ground and says,

"I will fight for Sana! Want to prove your worth? Try me cunt.”

To be continued..

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