That Special Day Chapter 22
That Special Day Chapter 22 monika stories

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Sana and Monika go on a date and some 'dirty' things happen. But no sex I swear.

That Special Day Chapter 22

…. I look to Sayori and say,”Hey I'm sorry but I had to get out of there. Monika was being so weird, none of this makes sense.” Sayori says to me,”It's okay Natsuki I wanted to leave too.

Monika is totally taking Sana away from us. But what can we do?” I'm stumped by that question. I say,”I really don't know.. Monika fucked us all up badly.

She's doing all of this yet we can't tell Sana... Wait! I have an idea! What if Sana caught Monika in the act of fucking us over?” Sayori liked the idea but she was uncertain.

She says,”But how are we gonna do that? Monika isn't stupid so this won't be easy peasy.” I say,”Yeah you're right..

Yuri can help us! She's like the smartest person I know!” Sayori smiles and says,”Yeah! That's a good idea.

Maybe she can help us when she gets released from jail!” I agree and say,”Okay let's go visit her again and ask her if she's down to get payback."

Sayori and I head to jail and ask the guard to let us talk to her. Sayori says,”Yuri! We have good and kinda bad news.. sort of.” I say,”Okay let's start with the good news.

If Sana can get consent from her father to be with you then you'll be released!” Yuri has a big smile on her face. I can tell she's more than excited. She says,”W-What’s the bad news..?"

I reluctantly say,”Well when Monika found out about you possibly being free. She didn't freak out.. she was weirdly calm about it. Then she asked Sana on a date immediately.

To Sayori and I that sounds like bad news.” Yuri shuddered a bit and remained quiet.

I say,”We were thinking about all of us making a plan to expose Monika by having Monika being caught in the act of messing with us.” Yuri says,”I-I'll do it..! She needs to k-know when to stop."

Sayori and I agree and we start to talk about how we can do it. …. Our waiter approaches us and gives us our menus and asks what we would like to drink. Monika says,”I'll have some wine."

And now I had to say something good instead of me just saying 'Pepsi’ so I say,”Yeah I'll have the same as her.” The waiter nods and goes to another table.

Monika says,”I didn't think you'd want wine too.” I say,”Aha yeah just a coincidence I suppose.” We look at the menu..

I kinda want chicken tenders but I'm on a date so I have to get something classy. The waiter comes back with our drinks and asks for our orders. Monika let's me go first.

I say,”I'd like to have filet mignon. Thank you.” And Monika says,”I’d like to have vegan lasagna. Thank you.” The waiter nods and tends to other tables once more.

Monika says,”Ooh very fancy on your end aha.” I say,”Yeah you too.” Monika looks down at her phone and looks back up and says,”Sorry I'm on a date with you, not my phone.

I was looking up 'hot models’ and all that showed up was you.” I blush and laugh at her pick-up line. I say,”Geez that would've taken me 1 hour to come up with."

Monika laughs and says,”It doesn't take me an hour to say the truth.” I put my hands over my face and blush. I say,”Monika..!

Do you really have to do this?” Monika smiles and says,”I'm sorry but you're just so damn cute. It's hard for me you know."

I crack a laugh but still with my hands over my face and say,”Monika! Come on you're embarrassing me..!” She laughs and stops hitting on me.

I say,”You know I used to joke around like that with my friends but geez I can tell you weren't joking around. Ahah I'm not used to real compliments like that."

Monika takes my hand and kisses it. She says,”Sana you're amazing and I can't stop thinking about you.” My face was only getting redder but I say,”Monika that's so sweet of you to say.

But I'm like that annoying catchy song. Right?” She says,”Annoying catchy song? Not at all! More like a dream that you'd never forget.” I say,”Geez Monika.. you need to slow down."

We both laugh a bit and the waiter hands us our food. We both say thanks and Monika holds up her glass. She says,”To our love.” I hold up my glass too and we clink them.

We get started on our food and I say,”Mmm this is good! Hey I forgot to ask how long ago did you plan this date?” Monika says,”2 days before the whole Yuri thing happened."

I take a deep breath remembering that I had to talk to my dad after so long. Monika sees this and says,”Hey what's up?” I say,”I'm just a bit nervous about seeing my dad..

but you'll be there so it won't be as bad.” Monika smiles and nods. We continue to eat our food and then Monika asks,”Hey can I try something?” I tilt my head and say,”Uh sure go ahead."

She takes some of my food and feeds it to me.. what a player. I blush a bit and say,”Monika.. why are you such a player?” Monika laughs and continues to feed me.

I see another couple look at us and 'aww’. I get embarrassed and say,”Monika come on I don't need to be fed.” She grins and does so anyways.

I don't hate it but I don't like the idea of being awwed at. Monika was super cute though feeding me and stuff. I can't help but my face get red.. a deeper red.

I see some more people look at us.. my face was burning yet Monika kept going with a smile on her face. I here a click and realize someone had taken a picture of us.

I say,”You're embarrassing me..” Monika says,”Sana I love you I don't care about the other people around us. I care about you.. and you can't say you hate this either."

I start to get sweaty and say,”Okay okay fine maybe I kinda enjoy it.. let's get dessert.” Monika winks and says,”Yeah okay. I see you trying to have me stop embarrassing you.

Aha but it's fine.” I'm relieved and Monika says,”Want to share a chocolate cake?” I smile and say,”Yeah I'd enjoy that.” Monika orders our chocolate cake and the waiter winks at us..

great now even the staff know about Monika feeding me. I say,”You know what? It's my turn.” I grab a fork and a piece of cake and feed it to Monika. Now she was blushing..

maybe she knows how I felt. I try to go again and she stops me.. aha payback. But then she kisses me.. she got me back bad. My face flushes with deep red and Monika is smirking.

She says,”Okay I'll pay for the check and we'll go to your house.

Okay?” I say,”Wait I want to pitch-” She interrupts me and says,”No no I'm paying now go into the car because I know you'll try to pay for me.” I laugh and get to the car while she payed.

She got into the driver seat and said,”Okay it's all handled. Now let's go to your house.” I say,”Okay whatever you want.” We drive to my house and we go to sit on the couch.

I say,”It's been a fun date!” Monika says,”The date isn't over yet.. it's just the two of us darling.” I say,”Aha what do you mean by that?” She leans in to kiss me and she pushes me back a bit.

She kissed me more and it was more then lips connecting with my mouth now. It was an intense moment her tongue playing around in my mouth.

We eventually got into a laying down position and she was on top again. Monika sits up and says,”Sana tonight has been fun and I think it could be even more fun.” I say,”Monika..

I don't know about this..”. She said,”You said that anywhere besides school we can.. you know.” I say,”Yeah I said that.. but.. I don't want to get caught."

Monika says,”Sana it won't happen to me. I promise.. now stop teasing me. You're too hot for that.” I furiously blush and Monika dips down to dominate me.

She teased me a little by putting her hands around over me. She was gently pinching my sides with her nails. Her teasing was working well as I was starting to get worked up. I say,”Hey Monika..

are you uh.. horny?” Monika blushes and says,”That.. that doesn't matter right now..” I laugh and grin. Monika gets closer to me and kisses my neck with gentle nibbles at it.

She starts to take her dress off and she says,”I don't need it. Aha neither do you.” I get what she wants me to do.. so I take my dress off as well. She says,”Sana I'll be really good I swear.

Like I'll aim to be the best!” I say,”Monika..! D-Don't send me to the hospital of anything..” She winks and starts to place her hand down lower than before.. she was groping me a bit..

I liked it. I said,”Ehe Monika.. not so hard.” Monika kissed me and continues to do so. Monika says,”Sana I can't help myself right now so just go with what I do.

Okay?” I say,”Monika I don't know what you mean by that but don't go in too hard.. please.” Monika strokes in between my uh boobs and says,”No promises hun."

I felt Monika get closer to me start to tease me more with the biting.. it drove me nuts. I hear a door open and someone say,”Heyyy you two. Whatcha guys doing?” I look over and it's Natsuki and

Sayori. Monika looks back and forth between us and takes one of the couch pillows and covers her bra with it. She says,”Ahh what are you guys doing here??” Natsuki said,”I just wanted to visit

Sana. But it looks like you two were getting dirtyy. Am I right?” Monika was flustered so she couldn't say a whole lot. Sayori came to me and hugged me and said,”I'm glad you're having fun tonight!"

I say,”Sayori.. I'm like half naked don't hug so tightly..” Sayori giggled and kissed my chest. I say,”Sayoriiii! Not there!” Natsuki and Sayori were laughing a lot and Monika and I were left

to be half naked and speechless. I say,”Yeah Monika wanted to have some fun.. I didn't mind it.. unless you'd like to join Natsuki.” Natsuki blushes and says,”What?! N-No! I just wanted to say hi.

I didn't want to see you and Monika about to fuck.” I say,”Well we aren't now.. you kinda ruined the moment..” Natsuki hops on to me and kisses me. She says,”Hell yeah I ruined it Sana. What

are you going to do about it?”

To be continued.. it's okay nothing sexual happens it's just jokes.

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