That Special Day Chapter 21
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Sana tries to firgure out how she can save Yuri. Natsuki notices Monika acting strange..

That Special Day Chapter 21

Sayori looked to be sad. I say,”What's wrong? Is it the Yuri situation?” She nods and I shed a tear. She says,”Sana.. we will get Yuri back. Don't be sad too. I love you."

I joke and say,”You sound like Monika.” She says,”Wait.. Monika said that too..?” I nod and say,”Yeah she was being supportive and nice to me last night. Not like she ever isn't."

Sayori gives me a weak smile.. am I lost in the dark about something? Even if I am I don't think it's that bad. I kiss Sayori and say,”Hey I'll make you breakfast and you get ready like usual.

Sound like a plan?” Sayori says,”Yeah I'll get started!” She goes up to her room to get ready for school. I start to cook her breakfast sandwich and end up thinking about Yuri again.

I'm sad and aggravated, she doesn't deserve to be in jail. It was my fault I let her do what she wanted to. I had to fix this somehow maybe I'll look into some law junk to find a loophole.

Sayori comes downstairs with a smile on her face. She says,”Sana! This time I did get ready! Even my hair is brushed!” I say,”Aww that's my favorite part.. I liked doing your hair."

She said,”Ehehe well I didn't do it the best.. so maybe you can still do it?” I smirk and say,”Sounds good to me.” I get her brush and start to do her hair. I say,”Okay you seem to be done..

but one final touch.” I lean in and kiss Sayori on her lips. She blushes and giggles a bit. I say,”Okay stop teasing me we need to get to school Cinnamon Bun."

She gasps and says,”I'm teasing you!? You're teasing me by kissing me and stuff.” I laugh and pull her hand into mine as we walk out the door with her breakfast sandwich.

As much as I like hanging out with Sayori I can't help but still think about Yuri being in a stone home with actual criminals. Sayori and I arrive at school and everyone is looking at us.

They're all whispering to each other and have disgusted faces. I hate the attention so I just look down to my feet and try to make it to my locker with Sayori.

We meet Natsuki at the end of the courtyard, the entrance of the main building, she was sad too. This situation has got everyone fucked up.

I don't know what my fellow assholes heard about what happened yesterday. Probably mixed details making Yuri and/or I look worse. I didn't see Monika..

maybe she was getting some heat too so she went inside quickly. Natsuki says,”Guys how are we going to save Yuri?” I shrug with my heart sinking a little.

Sayori says,”We have to think of something by Saturday that's when her court case is."

I say,”Wait court case? What are you talking about?” Natsuki seems to be frustrated with Sayori and she says,”We went to see Yuri last night to check up on her..

Sana she's miserable there and if she loses this court case she could end up in prison.” I'm shocked by what I hear so I say,”Fucking hell that's fucked.

Natsuki do some copying for me in math, in that time I'll be looking through Japan's laws.” Natsuki nods and Sayori says,”I hope you find something good because.."

Sayori starts to cry a bit, I hug her tightly and say,”Sayori I will trust me. Yuri won't go to prison I won't let that happen.” Sayori settles down and we part ways to get to our classes.

It's math so it's time for me to find a solution to this. I get on a computer and search 'Japan consent laws’ and find some things about it.

Bingo! I found a way to save Yuri but it will be tough for me to even do. It says that if I can get parental consent allowing me to uh you know with people out of legal age range for me.

My mom was back in America so there was no way I could get her to do it. My dad on the other hand.. he could do it.

I haven't talked to him in so long and he doesn't know anything about my relationships with other people. So this would be tough to say to him.

I whisper to Natsuki,”I found a way to get Yuri out of jail but it's going to be tough for me. I have to get my dad's consent to be with her."

Natsuki was happy to hear that from me and she says,”That's fucking amazing!” Our Math teacher looks at us and says,”One more outburst like that and you're leaving this classroom!"

Natsuki says,”Okay my bad.” She gleefully smiles at me. I do the same.

After class was done I went through the rest of the day with joy but still toned down because of my classmates giving me odd looks.

I see Sayori at the end of the day and grab her wrist and rush to the clubroom. She says,”Sana what are you doing?” I say,”You'll see just wait it's really good."

Sayori giggles and has me lead the way. When I get to the clubroom Monika is already there, perfect. I say,”Okay you two I have good news."

They both looked at me curiously waiting for my news. I continue to say,”If I can get my dad's consent on me dating Yuri then she can get out of jail!” Sayori beams and smiles very brightly.

Monika however was not happy? I couldn't tell how she felt. But after a minute or so she gives me a smile and hugs me. That was a very delayed reaction.. very weird.

She says,”I'm glad you found a way to get her out Sana. I'm proud of you.” I was frankly confused by her reaction.

First it was delayed and she said she was proud of me?

I know that the main character is supposed to be dense because without that density the story would just end quickly and be too straightforward.

But I'm not dense enough to ignore everyone being off. I ask,”Hey are you guys okay? You all have been acting strange."

Monika and Sayori smile and she says,”Yeah I'm fine Sana don't worry!” Fucking hell there's something going on I won't find out now but definitely sometime in the future.

Hopefully the not so distant future. I get back on the Yuri subject and say,”Thing is..

it's going to be super awkward between him and I because he doesn't know a thing going on in my life anymore.” Sayori frowns and says,”That sounds rough.

But he's your dad he'll accept everything that has happened.” Monika says,”Sana I'll come with you to your dad's. What day will it be?” I'm surprised by Monika volunteering to help me.

I say,”Friday, the day before Yuri's court case. Are you sure you want to come?” Monika smiles and says,”Yeah I'd love to help you out."

Natsuki walks in with a smile and says,”Sana did you tell them the news?” I say,”I sure did!.” Monika and Sayori both nod happily. Natsuki gives Sayori a confused look..

I wonder what that's about. Natsuki says,”Hey if you need anyone you to go with you. I'm available.” I say,”It's okay Monika already said she would.” Monika smiles and nods.

She says,”Hey Sana I know this is short notice but I kinda want to have a date. Do you want to go out on one?” I laugh and say,”Yeah sounds good to me."

Natsuki says,”Sayori you forgot to do your math homework. Come to my house so we can do it.” Sayori was puzzled for a bit and then says,”Ahh you're right.

Okay see ya guys!” Natsuki and Sayori run off. Monika says,”Do you know why they're acting so weird?” I say,”No I don't know actually. I thought you knew. I guess not.” Monika agrees with me.

I sit next to her and she gets closer to me. She leans in and kisses me. I say,”Monika if you want to.. you know then you're going to have to wait because this isn't the right setting."

Monika laughs and says,”I wasn't even going to. I just want some lips that's all.” I can't help but smirk at my own stupidity.

I lean in to kiss Monika but then she locks my lips with hers and keeps it there for a bit. She releases me and says,”We'll continue that on our date.” She winked after she said that.

I blush a little and ask for a ride home. She says yes and takes me home for me to get ready for our date. First I take a shower so I'll be fresh, second I try to choose a dress to wear.

I hate dresses but Monika means a lot to me so I'll do it for her. I put some makeup on to 'enhance my beauty’ something my grandma always said about makeup. I look at myself in the mirror..

I look bearable so I hit up Monika to drive us to our destination. She said she'll be here in 10 minutes, she's probably still getting ready.

She doesn't need to though she's already so beautiful.. gosh I love her. I love them all. I hear a car beep outside my house.. that must be Monika. I get outside and into the car.. I see her and

she's so fucking gorgeous. She put her hair into a french braid and the dress she was wearing was beautiful on her. I say,”Monika.. you're so fucking hot I swear.” She laughs with blush on her

face and says,”Ahaha if we're talking about who's hot then that's you. You're hotter than my cheeks right now.” I laugh and my cheeks actually do get red. I say,”Monika.. I'm serious though.. you

look amazing.” She blushes more and says,”I'm serious too. You are hot..” I say,”Oh.. aha thanks.. let's get to our destination before I start to sweat.” Monika laughs and drives up the road a bit.

I see a place called ‘Kekkon’ definitely a high end restaurant because it's on the richer side of where we live. I say,”Monika this looks expensive. Are you sure you want to do this?” She kisses

me and says,”Sana I have our table reserved for us. Aha I kinda planned this date.” I smile and chuckle a little. That was sweet of her to do that.. she goes above and beyond for me. I love that.

We make it into the restaurant and we take our seats at our table. I say,”How much did this cost?” Monika says,”Shhh the price is no one's worry. This is for you honey.” I smile and say,”Okay fine

but there's a catch I'm sure.” Monika winks at me with a grin.. I don't get what she's trying to say.

To be continued..

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