That Special Day Chapter 20
That Special Day Chapter 20 monika stories

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Natsuki finds out something that could change things forever.

That Special Day Chapter 20

…. Seeing Yuri get arrested was fucked up. But a noise complaint? It was a gravel road and we were in the woods. No one went around there and even if there was someone we would've heard it.

Watching Sayori cry and Monika seemed to be not freaking out about it.. that's weird. When the officer came we heard him so..

who made the noise complaint? Sana and Yuri were upstairs doing something obviously dirty. I remember what us three did maybe if I retrace my steps I can figure out what really happened.

*Goes back to what they were doing at the time Sana and Yuri were uh.. you already know* Sayori says,”Uh..

are there going to be ghosts here?” I roll my eyes and say,”Sayori ghosts don't exist don't be silly."

Sayori said,”How would you know Natsuki? What if there are demons here waiting to kill us all!” I got kinda nervous when Sayori said that.

Monika says,”Sayori stop there are no ghosts or demons here. Just dust and possibly some animals.” Sayori says,”I really hope they're just cute little rabbits.."

We continue to explore the house. Sana and Yuri were the braver ones so just the three of us wasn't reassuring at all.

Sayori says,”Guys! I swear I just heard something!” Monika says,”Sayori this house is old too you know it's going to make creaks and other sounds."

I say,”You know that kinda sounds like something from Poltergeist.” Sayori whines and starts twirling her fingers. Monika says,”Natsuki! That isn't helping Sayori."

I say,”Well don't paraphrase a quote from Poltergeist.” Monika sighs and we check out the kitchen. Sayori says,”Well either way the remake was still scary."

I shake my head and say,”Sayori the remake was like off brand Gucci. You can see the flaws and it was just cheap."

Monika says,”We aren't going to talk about the remake of Poltergeist in this fanfic.” Sayori and I just say 'fine’.

I say,”How did Yuri even find this place? It's like in the middle of nowhere but trees.” Sayori says,”I don't know but it still gives me the creeps."

Monika points the flashlight to something that made Sayori scream. She says,”Oh my god a dead rat!” She then proceeds to jump on me for protection from something that can't even move.

Monika says,”Sayori you're overreacting! It's dead it can't do anything.” Sayori hopped off of me but she was still shaken up. Sayori says,”Well at least it's not a cute animal.."

Monika says,”Oh geez don't look over here then.” Sayori of course did ignoring Monika's warning and she started freaking out.

She yelled,”Ahh! I dead bunny! Ghosts are real! The ghosts killed the sweet bunny just to scare me!” Monika said,”Sayori for the last time ghosts aren't real!

They wouldn't kill a bunny just to scare you!” Sayori still whined about it.

I said,”Okay Sayori if something actually paranormal happens then you can whine all you want and I'll believe ghosts are real."

Sayori says,”Natsuki don't jinx it!” I huff and examine the kitchen a bit more. Old pots and pans with a few bugs in them.. grosss. I heard something get knocked over.

Sayori yells and says,”Ghosts are here to get us!! This place is haunted!” I freak out too because that was too much of a convenient thing to actually happen.

I say,”Fuck this place! You were right this place is haunted!!” Monika rolls her eyes and says,”Guys! That could've been anything."

*a very vocal moan is heard* Sayori says,”That's the ghost telling us to leave!” I start breathing faster and now Sayori and I are huddled because of how scared we are.

Monika says,”I'll go check it out you two stay here.” We nod and Sayori starts to sing to herself. She sings,”Twinkle Twinkle little star how above the world you are. Up above the world so high.

Like a diamond in the sky..” I say,”Sayori you have to sing THAT song!? It's creepy as hell!” She apologized and remained silent.

Monika has been gone way too long where the fuck is she? I say,”Sayori what do you think happened to Monika?"

She says,”Natsuki I don't know maybe she's coming back with cupcakes with animals on it.” I say,”Sayori do you really think that?” She sighs and says,”No but that would be awesome."

I agree and we wait for Monika to come back. It felt like forever until she finally came back. Sayori said,”You're alive!?” Monika laughs and says,”Yeah I'm fine.

But I don't know where that sound came from..” We hear gravel being moved around I look out the crusty window and see a police car.

I say,”Oh shit! What the fuck? Why are they here?” Monika shrugs and Sayori is clearly freaking out. The officer approaches the door and says,”Come out ladies we need to talk to you."

He says this in a calm voice. Us three come out and are told that there was a noise complaint. And you already know the rest that happened so no need to go over that again.

I have a theory about what happened so I head to Sayori's house to tell her and see what she thinks about it.

She opens the door and says,”Natsuki why are you here?” I say,”Sayori I think I know what happened because going over it all. It doesn't make any sense to me."

Sayori lets me in and sits on the couch. I say,”The noise complaint thing doesn't make sense it was a gravel road we would've heard someone else besides the officer come by us."

Sayori says,”What's your point?” I say,”I think Monika did it to keep Yuri away from Sana.” Sayori gasps and says,”Natsuki! Wait..

how would you know?” I say,”Remember how Monika left for a long time after we heard that 'ghost moan’?” She says,”Yeah I do it was scary."

I say,”Yeah but anyways I think that 'ghost moan’ was from Yuri or Sana and when Monika went to investigate it. She saw them.. you know.

So she called the cops making a bullshit 'noise complaint’ just for them to ID us and for them to see Yuri and Sana in the act. Just so Yuri would go to jail to be away from Sana."

Sayori had her mouth wide open. She said,”Natsuki.. I don't want to say it but that makes sense.. Monika doesn't want us around Sana so she..

PUT YURI IN JAIL TO KEEP HER AWAY!” I say,”Yeah that's LITERALLY what I just said.” Sayori frowns and says,”We can't do anything though."

I say,”What? What do you mean?” She says,”Monika said if we told Sana anything bad she did. She would ruin our lives.” Sayori was right about that.

If we said anything to Sana we were fucked, but I had to at least tell Yuri. I say,”Sayori we are going to jail to tell Yuri about this. She needs to know what really happened."

Sayori says,”Yeah let's go.” I say,”Uh Sayori we don't have a car to use..” Sayori says,”That's okay I have a bike we can use.” I sigh and get on the bike with Sayori.

We head to jail and ask to talk to Yuri. She comes up with a smile and says,”H-Hey guys.. I'm glad you're here. Where's Monika and Sana?” I say,”Who knows at this point.

How long do you have to be in here?” Yuri says,”I-I have to be in here until Saturday for my c-court case.” Sayori says,”Yuri we don't know how yet.

But we're getting you out of here!” Yuri was happy to hear that but had a miserable look on her face. Jail must be awful when you're only 18.

I say,”Yuri I have to tell you that there was never a noise complaint Monika called the cops to get you arrested!” Yuri was now..

sad? No it was anger? She looked like she had been betrayed but was also shocked. She says,”H-How did you find out?” I say,”Monika was acting weird and left for a while and then came back.

Then the cops were here.” Yuri was speechless. I don't blame her she was practically framed by one of her only friends.

Yuri speaks up and says,”H-Have you told Sana?” Sayori says,”We can't or Monika will mess up our lives.” Yuri angrily says,”W-Well she already f-fucked up my life!” Sayori and I agree.

The officer said that visiting hours was over so we had to leave Yuri. We say our goodbyes and Sayori and I head back home. This is all so terrible.. Monika is doing these things but we can't do

anything about it.. we were fucked from the beginning…. I tell Monika to take me home because I needed time to process everything. She agrees and says,”Sana take all the time you need to heal.

I know it can be hard but we'll make it through this. I promise.” I nod and kiss her goodbye. I walk inside take a shower and throw my pajamas on. Monika really is a good person.. she's always there

for me.. she's overall like an angel. I'm happy to have her in my life now. Always so supportive and sweet.. I love her so much. I close my eyes and drift off into my slumber. “Hey you better get

working on that disk. You can prevent more tragedies. But have you ever thought that maybe dating all of these girls was a bad idea?” A familiar voice says that.. she sounds like the Lady

who knows everything. I say,”But I love them all. And that disk isn't 2+2 you know.” The lady laughs and says,”I'm just saying that more hardship will come if you don't get that disk going.” I say,

”I'll get to work on it I swear but Yuri needs me more than ever.” The lady says,”Ever think that the whole situation is messed up?” I say,”What? What are you trying to say?” I get no response

from the lady.. why didn't she say anything? I say,”Hey! Answer me!” Still nothing.. I wake up and hear my alarm go off.. I totally forgot about school today. I get dressed and ready and head to

Sayori's. I knock on her door and she opens it with sleepy eyes. She immediately hugs me and I hug her back.

To be continued..

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