That Special Day Chapter 2
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In this Chapter Sana gets an experience of what the literature club is like. Will she stay? Or will Natsuki drive her away with her attitude?

That Special Day Chapter 2

Side Note: Okay I’ve never used Commaful before so there was the last part of Chapter 1 that you missed, I didn’t realize it until I went over it today.

So what it said was, ”’Okay everyone! Lets officially start the club meeting!’ Monika says this with confidence.” Sorry next time I’ll make sure you guys don’t miss any parts..

So back to the story.

Monika starts off telling me that everyone has their own opinion about literature and what it should be.

Natsuki states, “Manga is literature!” Yuri sighs and says, “No it’s not Natsuki, if comics are literature then my hair isn’t purple."

Natsuki gives a smirk and says, “You’re right it’s not purple it’s lavender!” Yuri gives a ‘you little asshole’ look and says, “Must you always have to be a smart ass?"

Natsuki reframes from her smirk to a ‘I will argue until I win’ face.

Natsuki says, “You’re always reading those dumb books about torture and thinking that it’s deep somehow and has more meaning than what it gives you."

Sayori steps in and says, “You two have different views on literature don’t try to prove the other one wrong, instead take a walk in their shoes and see how they oppose your opinion.

Now no more arguments about your opinions.” Wow I thought to myself that was a mature thing to say in that situation, props to Sayori for stepping up.

Yuri was first to apologize, then Natsuki apologized too. Monika pulls me to the side for a second and says, “I’m sorry those two usually don’t fight, they usually don’t even talk to each other.

Only when we exchange our poems."

Poems? I ask Monika about that and she says, “Yes, everyday before the literature club starts we write poems and exchange them to get positive yet helpful feedback.

You don’t have to worry about today since you just got here, so I’ll have you read all of our poems and give us what you think. Okay?” I respond with a simple, “Okay”.

Monika addresses everyone by saying, “Okay everyone time to share our poems!” Sayori runs up to me and asks, “Hey would you like to read my poem first?"

She gave me a smile that I just couldn’t say no to. So I said, “Yeah I wouldn’t mind.” Sayori beams and hands me her poem.

Dear Sunshine

The way you glow through my blinds in the morning

It makes me feel like you missed me.

Kissing my forehead to help me out of bed.

Making me rub the sleepy from my eyes.

Are you asking me to come out and play?

Are you trusting me to wish away a rainy day?

I look above. The sky is blue.

It's a secret, but I trust you too.

If it wasn't for you, I could sleep forever.

But I'm not mad.

I want breakfast.

While reading this I couldn't help but laugh, it wasn't bad it was the ending that got me.

So I hand the poem back to Sayori and say, “This is good I enjoyed it very much Sayori!” She looks at me with joy filled in her eyes, I notice that she has a special smile.

Like it was pure and I won't lie it warmed me up like bread in a toaster when I looked at it. Wait why am I having these type of thoughts again? There I go over thinking again.

Sayori says thank you and goes Monika next to exchange poems. I head over to Natsuki to see what she has to offer.

She says, “I'm glad you came over to me where the best poems come from!” She's pretty confident in herself with her hands on her hips and a grin that says 'yup I'm the best’.

I say, “Okay let's have a read then.” She hands me her poem.

Eagles Can Fly

Monkeys can climb

Crickets can leap

Horses can race

Owls can seek

Cheetahs can run

Eagles can fly

People can try

But that's about it

A different view on poetry, I like it. It's interesting to me to see how Natsuki sees things. She asks me, “Well? What do you think?” I look up to her..

wait no I look down to her and say, “Yeah I like how simplistic it was not too little not too much."

Natsuki seems to be pleased with my answer and says, “I knew you'd like it even though you're a smarty pants."

Oddly enough I was kinda offended when she called me that, Natsuki heads over to Sayori to share her poem. I guess Yuri is next.

I sit next to Yuri and ask, “Um is it okay if you share your poem with me?” She looks to me with a shy smile and says, “Y-Yeah I don't mind it.” She places her poem in my hands.

Ghost Under The Light

The tendrils of my hair illuminate beneath the amber glow.


It must be this one.

The last remaining streetlight to have withstood the test of time.

The last yet to be replaced by the sickening blue-green of the future.

I bathe. Calm; breathing air of the present but living in the past.

The light flickers.

I flicker back.

Holy hell this is deep, I think to myself. I look up to Yuri who has been waiting for my response. I say, “Wow this is very deep Yuri I like this a lot.

What inspired you to write with such profound thinking behind it?” Yuri's smile grew bigger when I said that.

Why is she cute too? Her shyness is like a house I want to enter so badly but the door is locked.

I'm somehow drawn to her, wait what the actual hell is wrong with me?? Why am I having these stupid thoughts? Come on snap back to reality idiot, I think to myself.

Yuri starts by saying, “Well overtime of me reading books and writing,

I have developed a certain writing style that I have inhabited that allows me to say how I feel or describe something with different word choice.

As a result it makes those words have more meaning than the reader suspects.” Her speaking like that caught my attention, she's shy but not when she's talking about literature.

She says, “I can't wait to see what you have to write for tomorrow. Hopefully it won't just be random words we like and then you calling it a poem. I laugh and say, “No I'm not THAT dense."

Monika calls me over and says, “Okay I suppose it's my turn!” I walk over and she gives me her poem to read.

Hole In Wall

It couldn't have been me.

See, the direction the spackle protrudes.

A noisy neighbor? An angry boyfriend? I'll never know. I wasn't home.

I peer inside for a clue.

No! I can't see. I reel, blind, like a film left out in the sun.

But it's too late. My retinas.

Already scorched with a permanent copy of the meaningless image.

It's just a little hole. It wasn't too bright.

It was too deep.

Stretching forever into everything.

A hole of infinite choices.

I realize now, that I wasn't looking in.

I was looking out.

And she, on the other side, was looking in.

I hmm to myself, wow these club members have good poetry yet it's all different. “This is a good poem Monika, how do all of you have such great poems when you're all different?” I ask.

She returns with, “I don't know about that to be honest, I do agree that they're poems are good though."

Natsuki yells, “Hey! Since we're all done sharing poems let's have some of my cupcakes!” That sounded good to my stomach, the cupcakes smell like heaven.

Ahaha weird that I say that, I'm an atheist so I just contradicted myself there. Anyways we all head over for some cupcakes, Yuri goes over to the right and starts to make tea.

“Making tea?” I ask Yuri. She replies with, “Y-Yes I always make tea at the club.. D-Do you want a cup?” I say, “Yeah I would love some.” She gives me a small smile and starts to make her tea.

Sayori already had a cupcake in her mouth, I guess she really likes Natsuki’s cupcakes a lot. Monika took bites of her cupcake too. My turn, I think to myself.

I take a cupcake and peel the paper off of it. I try to decide where I should take a bite, since eating a cupcake is a bit difficult.

Natsuki looks at me, is she waiting for me to take a bite? She says, “Geez! Take a bite already smarty pants!” I take a bite into the cupcake… it's sweet.. the cat on it was cute as hell..

it's.. FREAKING AMAZING! I look down to Natsuki and say, “Holy shit these are amazing!” We all laugh when I said that. Natsuki looks at me with confidence and says, “I knew you'd like them..

My cupcakes are the best!” I couldn't disagree with Natsuki on that, I don't think anyone could. I had my next cupcake with the tea Yuri made me.

Monika looks to me and says, “Hey I know you said you were giving this club a shot so.. are you officially joining?” All of them were looking at me with anticipation now.

Even if I didn't want to stay, I couldn't say no to them.. they were.. really cute and funny. I don't know why I'm thinking like that but I'm definitely staying here.

I say, “Yeah I'm officially joining this club."

Sayori had a huge smile on her face and came up and hugged me hard, Monika was very pleased with my decision, Natsuki was smiling with her pearly whites, and Yuri was happy too.

I'm glad I made the right decision staying here. Monika reminds me, “Don't forget to write a poem for tomorrow!” I wouldn't forget that. I wonder what's else is going to happen in this club.

To be continued..

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