That Special Day Chapter 19
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Now in this chapter it gets very sexual and I also state this in the chapter just a heads up. That's all I can say for this chapter.

That Special Day Chapter 19

As Sayori and I head to school for the club meeting, we held hands. She seemed to be much happier than before I came to her house.. that made me feel good inside.

We get to school and go to the clubroom, and everyone is already there. Monika says,”Hey everyone! I was thinking perhaps we could do a group activity!” Sayori started twirling her fingers..

was she nervous? Natsuki says,”We had to go to school just so you can have us all hangout somewhere outside of school??"

Monika nervously laughs and says,”Well I knew you would've came if I said it was for the club."

Yuri smiles and says,”W-Well either way I cherish our friendships a-and don't mind hanging out no matter the s-setting.” Monika says,”Except I don't know what we could do.."

Natsuki seemed to be agitated by that statement. I say,”Ooh! How about we go to an abandoned house?” Yuri seemed to be pleased with that idea. Natsuki was a bit nervous about it.

But Sayori remained silent.. huh I thought she'd say something. Monika says,”That's a fun idea! Like an adventure.” I smile and agree.

Natsuki says,”I'm not saying I'm scared or anything but that doesn't sound like a good idea..” I say,”Natsuki it's okay if you're scared."

Natsuki gets mad and says,”Scared?! No way! I'm down to go!” I hesitate but then say,”Okay whatever you say Cupcake.” Natsuki blushes and doesn't say anything. Yuri says,”I k-know a place..

it's not far from here.” Monika says,”Okay I'll drive us there!” After Monika said that we get some things and head into her car.

Monika invites me to sit in the front with her I accept the invite. Sayori still hasn't said anything.. I hope she's okay.

We began to the location Yuri suggested but of course it's in the woods on a gravel road so we took a bit longer. Monika drove occasionally giving me small kisses.. aha I enjoyed them..

she also hummed a bit reminding me of the song she wrote me. I start humming her song and she looks over to me with some blush on her face. I say,”What?” She says,”..Nothing.."

I wink at her and smile. Her song really was amazing, aha something I'll never forget. We make it to the spooky house Yuri was telling us about.

We walk out of the car and Natsuki says,”Geez Yuri this house is big as hell!” I say,”And that's why I got flashlights. Now I only have two so we're going to have to share."

Monika says,”The house is pretty big.. perhaps we should split up.” I say,”That's a good idea. Okay um.. I'll take Yuri and you three go together."

Monika seemed to be somewhat shocked by my decision but reluctantly went with it. Yuri says,”S-Sana and I will take the top of the house. Y-You guys venture the bottom."

Natsuki agrees and so does Monika. Yet Sayori still hasn't said anything.. I'll talk to her after this event. Yuri and I take a flashlight and head to the upstairs of the house.

And the rest take the ground floor. I say,”Did you hear that?” Yuri says,”Ah no I d-didn’t..” I say,”Yeah me too.” And we laugh a bit and continue looking through the upstairs.

I notice Yuri is holding my hand.. and she's pretty close to me. Her warmth was nice so I don't mind. I ask,”Have you stopped cutting Yuri?” She was stunned by my question and she says,”N-No..

I haven't.” I hug Yuri and say,”What can I do to help Yuri?”.… Sana doesn't remember anything from the night before. I'm happy that the pills worked to their label.

She won't ever find out about what I did to her that night.. she won't know that the cut on her arm was from me. I wanted to get inside her but.. the pills don't work that good.

I cut her arm a little and sucked her blood.. her being inside of me is so cute. I had to.. her blood was so warm and rich. We're alone up here.. I want her affection..

my urge to have her all for myself is growing stronger. I say,”S-Sana I'm a bit bored let's go inside a r-room and hang out a little.” Sana smiles and says,”Yeah I'm down for that."

I lead Sana to a room with a Queen size bed.. it was kinda dirty but that doesn't matter. Sana sits down on the floor and I do the same.

I ask,”W-Why did you choose me to be with you?” Sana grins and says,”Because I love you Teacup. Aha you don't mind if we hang out right?” I love when she calls me Teacup.

(Now this part becomes VERY LEWD. Just a warning for some who don't like that type of stuff.) I lean in and kiss her. She leaned in to me and kissed me back. I wanted her so bad..

I want her right now. I grab her wrist and pull her into my lips. She puts her arms around me and gives me her tongue.. I love that so much. I do the same and we tug each other with our tongues.

Ahh that feels good.. I don't care about Monika not wanting me or anyone else to be this close with Sana. I push down on Sana and I take the top. I have the dominance..

and I want to show Sana what I can do. I say,”I-I hope I'll be good enough..” Sana seems to be confused by what I said but next I do something that I might regret.

I grab one of Sana's boobs and fondle it. I hear Sana say,”mmm.. Yuri.. more..” When I hear that my urges get the better of me. I unbutton my school uniform.. my boobs pop out a bit.

I hear Sana gasp a little. Seeing Sana under me made me so wet. My panties were already damp. But I continue to unclothe myself, now I'm down to my bra and panties.

Sana was impeccably red and she looked so willing.. gosh I'm just going to do it. I pull down Sana's skirt and see her pink panties. She says,”Yuri.. please..” I slowly take off her panties..

it's wet.. feeling that I couldn't help but go all in. I take my right hand and put two of my fingers in her uh lets just say special spot. She moans a little.. I place my left hand on her boob and she moans even more.

I wanted Sana to know that I could be good at sex too. I clutch her boob and I insert 3 fingers in her. She says,”..

Yuri! Please more!” I go in and out with my fingers for a little while she's very vocal so I had to put my left hand over her mouth.

My urges was getting the better of me and I started putting my full fist into Sana.. even with Sana being muffled her moans were still loud.

She takes my hand off of her mouth and says,”Yuri! I.. I think I'm going to climax!” I knew I had to keep going so I did but I said,”S-Sana you're kinda loud put your hands over your mouth."

She did as I said. Her whole face was red and a bit sweaty. As I went deeper Sana started breathing faster.. I know that she was closer now.

As I went in and out again I hear Sana say,”Ahh! Fuck!” I felt her juices on my hand and I started to suck. She was breathless and whispered,”Yuri.. fuck that was amazing.."

I've never heard her voice so high before.. I continue to get her juices with my mouth. It tasted so good.. it's indescribable. Sana says,”Yuri.. more..!"

I was pretty red and sweaty too but this was too good so I kept sucking her 'special spot'…. Yuri was doing so well. Fuck this feels great.. I want more.

I hear loud footsteps coming upstairs, it startles Yuri and I. The next thing I know is that there is a police officer at the open door.

What the fuck is going on?? He says,”You two need to come outside with your friends.. Jesus Christ you two are disgusting!” Yuri and I are frozen but I get my clothes back on and she does too.

We head downstairs with the officer, Yuri looked like she was about to cry. I hope whatever happened isn't that bad. We get outside with the others.

Sayori and Natsuki were very scared and Monika was just shocked. They look at Yuri and I and are confused. There were two officers both men.

One was by the car and the other told us,”We got a noise complaint from someone and we see that you girls were also trespassing! Now we need your names and licenses."

We all take out our driver licenses and hand them to the officer. He looks at Yuri's a bit more thoroughly. He says,”Hey wait uh Yuri you're 18 but your little friend here is 17.

Want to explain?” We were all confused. Then he states,”You and that girl were most definitely having sex! That girl is still a child you are legally an adult!” My heart stops when he says that.

Yuri went cold but started crying and was trying to defend herself but was unable to due to her choking on tears. Everyone else was speechless.

The officer says,”It looks like I'm going to have to take you into custody. Hands behind your back!” Yuri did as she was told and was put into handcuffs.

She was crying, I was now crying realizing that this was actually happening. Sayori and Natsuki were in tears. I yell to Yuri,”I'll get you out some how! Don't worry Yuri I love you!!” She was

already in the police car and the car took off. I was broken.. I didn't know how I would save her. Monika looked to be distressed she told us all to get in the car and that we'd all go home. I sat

in the front crying my eyes out and the two in the back were still crying too. Monika was quiet. Monika drop off Natsuki and Sayori. Monika says,”Sana.. it's going to be okay.” I shake my head and

say,”It won't. How the fuck am I going to save her!? Fuck I love her so much.” Monika says,”Sana we are going to do whatever we can to get her back.” Monika pulls over and hugs me. She says,”You

have to trust me on this. I know it's tough right now but I'll be here for you.” When Monika said that I stopped crying and hugged her back. I needed a shoulder to lean on and that's what she gave

me. I say,”Hey can we not talk about what Yuri and I did?” Monika says,”Sana that doesn't matter right now. We can all discuss that at a later time. I love you whatever you do with the other

girls doesn't change the way I feel about you.” I shed a tear and kiss Monika on her cheek. I go to Monika's seat and hold her. I say,”I love you too.”

To be continued..

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