That Special Day Chapter 18
That Special Day Chapter 18 monika stories

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Something happens between Yuri and Sana that will take things too far..

That Special Day Chapter 18

“Yuri please don't cry it's okay. I still love you no matter what.” I say with her tears crushing my heart. She says,”Y-You don't understand.. I love you a-alot.” I say,”Yuri I do.

I know that you love me.” She shakingly says,”T-The pen thing wasn't w-what I was thinking about..” I say,”What was it Yuri?” She gets red and says,”Y-You being by my side..

it's like I-I still have this overwhelming crush.. w-when I'm with you it's like a rush for me.” I smile and kiss her but she seemed to freak out more. She said,”S-Sana..

whenever you give me y-your affection my heart beats so f-fast I can't breathe.” I say,”Yuri you're so sweet. I love you."

Yuri has red flushed on her face but she smiles and says,”I just want to cut you open and crawl inside your skin.” I was now scared for what could happen next..

Yuri loved me a little too much, but that's okay just scary. I say,”Oh.. um.. thanks.” Yuri then says,”I g-gave you my blood at the hospital for me to be inside o-of you.. such soft skin.."

I back away a little from Yuri and say,”Yuri that's..” Yuri cuts me off and says,”Nice? Pleasant? S-Something that a good waifu would do? Let's get m-married Sana. I love you s-so much..

I'd k-kill for you and die for you.. please l-love me.” I say,”Yuri I love you too but we're too young to get married and I love the others too. It wouldn't be fair if I married you."

Yuri says with her body shaking again,”B-But I need you. I love you. P-Please love me.” I say hugging Yuri,”Yuri I do love you. And I will love you."

But now I was shaking because she said she wanted to crawl inside my skin.. and I wasn't thinking too much about the blood thing..

oh geez my heart is racing my legs want me to run as fast as possible but my brain was forcing me to stay because I didn't want to hurt Yuri's feelings. “I-I have to take a little b-break."

Yuri says as she walks into the bathroom. My hands were now violently shaking my eyes had tears in them.. fucking hell I'm scared. I hear laughter in the bathroom..

what was she doing?? My gut told me not to get up but mind over body so I hastily got up and knocked on the door. I say,”Hey Yuri um..

you okay in there?” I hear a gasp from the other side and she says,”Ahahaaaa y-yeah I'm fine!” I knew better but the last time I opened a closed door Sayori was hanging so..

maybe Yuri was just watching something funny.. right?! One way to find out.. I gently open the door.. fuck me it's Yuri slashing at her arms with a sharp blade.

She looks to me instantly with wide eyes. She says,”Ahhh S-Sana!” Me seeing all the blood made me woozy and I felt like fainting.. it was so much..

but if I did faint I don't know what Yuri would do to me. I say weakly,”Yuri.. stop please!” She sets down the blade and laughs.

I say,”Why are you laughing?!” She smiles at me and says,”I love you so much Sana.” I try saying something but I was starting to cry I couldn't help but back away from Yuri.

She rushed up to me and said,”I can be the best wife ever! I'll do anything for you! I just need you to be mine only! Ahahahahahaha” I say,”Yuri! Why are you acting like this?!"

I try to hold back my tears but I failed that and continued to cry. Yuri says,”P-Please! I-I need you!” I didn't know if she was asking for help or trying to make me be hers only.

Yuri says,”I-I'm not crazy! I love you! I need you! P-Please just be mine!” She was on top of me holding me down to the ground by my wrists. Her blood was slowly pouring on to my arms.

I say,”Yuri!.. please.. get off of me.. you're scaring me!” Yuri ran into the bathroom and came back with some pills.. are those for her? She said,”S-Sana I'll make you forget..

we just need a do over of tonight! N-Now take these..” I tried running away but she caught me immediately and shoved the pills down my throat.

I say with tears going down my face quickly,”Yuri please no! I-I do love you! You're amazing and cute!” Yuri blushed but she smiled and gives me a kiss.

After she did that I felt suddenly tired.. my world was fading away… I wake up in Yuri's bed with her by my side. I can't remember how I got here..

actually I don't remember anything from last night.. weird. But Yuri's adorable sleeping was something I couldn't ignore. I love her so much she's nice and always somehow keeps her composure.

I give her a kiss and say,”Good Morning Teacup.” When I say that my voice kinda hurts.. and my eyes stung.. aha maybe I was drinking last night. She opens her eyes and kisses me back with a hug.

She says,”Aww H-Hey Sana..” Yuri was so sweet so of course I hug her back. When I do that I feel some pain in my arm.. it was sharp.

I ask,”Hey what's this cut on my arm about?” Yuri says,”O-Oh you were drunk so you accidentally cut yourself on one of my k-knifes."

I laugh and say,”Well I'm glad you're here because I can't remember one thing from last night.” She laughs too and winks at me. I don't know what she was trying to say but I go with it.

I say,”Hey I forgot to text Sayori last night so I'm going to go check on her.” Yuri nods and hugs me goodbye. I wonder what I did last night.

Since today didn't really matter because the festival was 2 days long, I start to walk to Sayori's house and I knock on the door. I check my phone.. it's 10 am.

The door opens and I see my cute cinnamon bun. She was wearing a sad smile though. I say,”Hey Sayori.. I would've texted you last night but apparently I got drunk and stuff so I forgot to."

She says,”Sana it's fine. You don't have to check on me. I'm fine.” I hug Sayori and give her little kisses. Sayori kinda backs away from me and gestures me inside..

what the hell? Why is Sayori acting so strange? I say,”Sayori I know something is wrong. Please tell me.” She weakly smiles and says,”Sana.. I'm okay don't worry about me."

I say,”Sayori I love you so much. Don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise!” She asks,”Sana did you want to have sex with me?” I was a bit stunned by the question but I say,”Yeah..

of course I did.. ahaha it was really good.” Sayori perked up and said,”Ahhh Sana I love you too! I thought you didn't want sex so I was scared that maybe I raped you."

I jump and say,”Sayori! You did not rape me! I wanted it and I'm glad I got it!” Sayori had her genuine smile on her face now.. that's the smile I expect to see.

She came to me and kissed me all over and didn't stop. I giggle and say,”Sayori.. ehehe you're so great!” She was giving me so much affection it made my heart dance with joy.

Sayori says,”Sana you're the best person ever!” I'm now blushing by what she said and the kisses had more and more passion. I say,”Aww Sayori slow down a little ahaha."

She did slow down but then the kisses started landing on my lips more and more. I pull her in and we make out a little.

Sayori's kissing was filled with so much passion it made my face red instantaneous. Sayori takes her leg and sets it up higher on my leg. I blush badly and say,”Ahh Sayori not ready ehehe."

She releases me and smiles. She says,”Aww come on Sana I was feeling it.. it was going to be slower this time.” I laugh and say,”Nice try Sayori but you won't trick me like that again ahaha."

Sayori half jokingly says,”Have you ever thought about marriage?” But when she said that.. it kinda triggered me.. not to be mad but fearful? I don't know but it made me freeze.

Sayori said,”Sana are you okay?

We don't have to get married! It was just a thought!” I came back from my state of fear and say,”Aha it's okay Sayori I just feel a little off that's all!” Sayori was relieved and hugged me.

I say,”Hey maybe some other time we can uh.. ehe you know..” Sayori beams and says,”Yeah! Whatever you want Sana! But can we kiss some more..?” I give Sayori a wink and place her on top of me.

We kiss for a while.. Sayori made some moves but I made sure we wouldn't go too far.

Sayori asks me,”Hey why are there bruises on your wrists?” I was confused at first then I look to my wrists and see little bruises.. weird because they weren't random it was a couple lines..

like fingers. I say,”I don't know actually.. like I said I don't remember last night..” Sayori seemed to be concerned but of course of how cute she is, she started kissing my bruises.

I laugh and blush a bit. Sayori said,”Geez I'll have what you had last night!” I laugh and embrace her.. she was warm and oddly really good for cuddling.

I get a text from Natsuki saying to tell everyone that we were having a club meeting today at school. I text Yuri the news and say,”Sayori we have to go to a club meeting. Wanna walk with me?”

She kisses me and says,”I'd love to! Ehehe I love you so much..”

To Be Continued..

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