That Special Day Chapter 17
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Sana makes a deal with Monika that she already regrets and she finds out something about Yuri that is too much to handle at first.

That Special Day Chapter 17

Monika was blushing badly when I was on top of her. She says,”Sana.. I know how you feel now."

I was confused so I ask,”What do you mean by that?” She smiles and says,”Remember when I was on top of you that day you were unofficially released from the hospital?

I know now that you felt your adrenaline rushing and was scared yet somewhat ready for what will happen next.” I blush a little and say,”Yeah but I wasn't ready at the time.."

Monika leans up to me and says,”So.. you are now?” I frown and say,”Monika.. we're in school.. what we're already doing is far enough."

Monika looks at me bashfully and says,”Sana we're alone.. and I will admit I was ready that night we gazed at the stars. And I feel that you're ready too.."

Monika gets closer to me but I turn away. She seemed to be sadden at first but then she continued by kissing me all over. “Monika..

I'm not ready to do it aga-” I was cut off by Monika's lips meeting mine. I felt so good.. my adrenaline was starting to go and my heart was pounding harder and faster.

“Monika I want to but I can't.” She stopped for a moment and said,”Sana.. you don't like me as much as the others..

is that true?” My heart dropped a bit because she said that, I loved her so much yet here I was making her feel bad. I kiss Monika and say,”Monika that will never be true.

I love you so much!” Monika seems to be unconvinced so I say something that I sort of regret,”Monika we won't now but whenever you want to do it. I'll do it and have you do whatever you want."

Monika smiles and says,”Sana you don't have to.” I grab her and put her into an embrace. I start to kiss Monika all over.

She blushes and smiles then says,”Sana stop teasing me!” She said that indicating she was joking. I say,”If I'm teasing you then I know for sure you want to have sex."

Her blush becomes deeper and redder.. I think she's sweating a little. She weakly says,”Sana that's not the case!” I say,”Ahaha okay we should get up."

As I try to get up I realise that I'm using Monika to get up.. but I wasn't pushing down on Monika I was pushing down on her boobs.

I quickly say,”I-I didn't mean to I s-swear!” Monika says,”Sana.. it's okay. I don't mind.” Monika was definitely sweating now.

I already hit first base without the tension in even playing the game. Monika says,”I know this might sound weird but.. how did my boobs feel?” I blush so much my whole face is burning up.

I hesitantly say,”Uh they were.. nice..” We're both visibly nervous and I get a text from Yuri asking where I was. I look up to Monika and say,”We should head back to the clubroom."

She agrees and she held my hand on our way there. I say,”Wow you're pretty sweaty..” She looks to me scared. Then I quickly say,”Hey it's fine I was joking if anyone is sweaty it's me ahaha."

She was relieved when I said that. We make it to the clubroom and I can't quite tell what was wrong but the vibe felt off. I say hi to everyone but Sayori said hi although in a strange way..

like it was forced in a way. I say,”Hey Sayori what's up?” She looks to me rapidly and says,”Nothing silly! I'm great!” That sounded really suspicious she said that almost too happily.

I let go of Monika's hand and sit next to Sayori. I say,”Hey come on I can tell something is wrong.. are you blushing..?"

She looked to be distraught for a split second and then she says,”I was just hoping that we could've did the festival and possibly got more people.."

I felt bad so I give her a kiss and a hug. She laughs and says,”Sana you don't have to do this..” I hop on Sayori's lap and say,”Yeah I do..

I love you Cinnamon Bun, I hate seeing you sad over this.” I kiss Sayori's nose mostly because I can tell she really likes that.

She says,”Sana come on! Don't do this to me!” She said that with a smile on her face. I say,”Oh come on Sayori I know you like it.

You get red every single time I kiss your nose!” She says,”Okay fine! Maybe I do but..

now isn't the time!” I say,”Okay looks like Natsuki is next!” Natsuki looks to me and says,”Wha-No! You are not doing that!"

I have a cheeky smile on my face and I wink at Natsuki saying,”Well get ready I'll be over there very shortly!” Natsuki blushes and shakes her head.

I go to her and she backs away from me with a grin.

She says,”You'll have to catch me then smarty pants!” I playfully chase her around the clubroom, she goes into the closet thinking that she lost me.

The others are laughing the whole time because of how ridiculous we were being.

I say,”Natsuki! You really thought you could hide in here?” She laughs and says,”I was just taking a break! Speaking of which..

I need help trying to get my manga the one that I want is above too high.” I smile and say,”Yeah I'll help!” Natsuki grabs the ladder and I help hold it in place for her.

She says,”Hey! Don't you be perverted trying to look up my skirt!” I say,”Natsuki you really think I'd do that? I would never invade someone's privacy like that!” She huffs and gets down.

She sits down and she invites me to join her. I say,”Oh looking to read with me again?” She says,”Yeah since you like manga and stuff. Anyways this is volume 2 of the Parfait Girls."

I nod and we start reading together. We read for a bit until Natsuki asks,”Hey I know that you're dating all of us but..

I'm guessing Sayori is your favorite?” I say,”No I love you all equally!” She says with a saddened tone,”Yeah but one day you'll have to choose between us..

what if we get married or something? You're going to have to choose one.” She was right. One day I would have to choose between them. That would be the hardest choice I will ever make.

I say,”Hey.. for now I'm with all of you. And I couldn't be happier.” She blushes after I said that, I kiss her on her cheek.

She stammered,”Sana!” I say,”Hey I caught you right?” Redness flushed her face but she nodded. I kiss her again and she smiles a little. She says,”Sana we are alone in here but..

no! I will kiss you if I want to!” She grabs my arm to pull me closer and she gives me a kiss on my lips. I felt the passion as we locked.

She seemed to be a bit unhinged because she got on my lap facing me with a grin. I laugh and say,”What's next Cupcake?” She pulls me in once more and made our lips stick together.

The tension was wearing away but something else replaced the tension.. I don't know what it was but it made my heart beat like a drum. Natsuki says,”Hey this feels pretty good..

but don't you dare moan or anything!” I'm flabbergasted by what she said.

Did she assume that I would moan while we only kissed? Or is she going to tease me a little? Before I could say anything she pulls me into another make out.

Monika walks in on us and says,”Ohh Natsuki what was that about me giving warnings before I did stuff with Sana?"

Natsuki backs away from me and says,”Fucking Monika!” She laughs and says,”Hey that's how I felt when you said that.” Natsuki huffs and puts her manga away lower than it was before.

I get up with some blush on my face still and awkwardly walk out of the closet. Hmm funny isn't it? Monika winks at me when I walk out.

She says,”Okay everyone! Today didn't go as planned of course but we must still put up a strong face for our club!” We all nod and she dismisses us.

Yuri asks,”H-Hey Sana would you like to hang out w-with me?” She was very nervous when she asked me that. I say to her,”Yeah that's sounds cool.

I suppose you mean after we leave school?” She nods and smiles. I went to go tell Sayori that I wouldn't be walking with her today. I look to find her but she's already gone..

a bit weird maybe she already heard? I didn't know I'll talk to her later tonight. I take Yuri's hand and wave everyone goodbye with my other hand. She does the same and we head to her house. I notice

Yuri is kinda freaking out so I say,”Hey is everything okay?” She smiles and says,”Y-Yeah! I-I'm fine.” She's still shaking a bit so I release her hand for a second and take off my blazer

and wrap it around Yuri. What? Maybe she's just cold! Yeah I know this is so cliche. She seems to be shocked by what I did. I say,”Hey it's fine if you were just cold. I'll make sure you're warm.”

She blushes and twirls her hair. She speaks up and says,”Th-Thank you Sana.” I smile and take her hand so we can continue to her house. We get to her house but she's breathing kinda heavy..

I can't explain that but I'm sure it's nothing. We walk in and she gives me a tour of her house. We head up to her room to chill and watch Netflix.. NOT NETFLIX AND CHILL! Just them hanging out watching

Netflix. Sorry I had to clarify it before moving on. Her breathing got heavier.. I ask,”Yuri if there's something wrong tell me.” She smiles and shakes her head. She says,”S-Sana I'm happy here

with y-you!” I smile but she's still doing it. Was she nervous? Why though? She picks a psychological horror which is my favorite type of scary movie. I sit next to her on her bed and she twirls

her hair again. I ask,”Yuri tell me what's on your mind?” She was very hesitant at first then she says something that still boggles my mind. She says,”Y-You know how you use pens a lot?”

As confused as I am I say,”Yeah why? Although they keep disappearing on me.” Yuri gets sweaty and says,”S-Sana.. you don't want your pens back.. I-I have them..” I still don't get what Yuri is trying

to get at with this. I say,”Oh if you just want my possessions that's fine.. but why won't I want them back?” Her shaking was increased and her breathing was now clearly fast and shaky. She says,

”Sana.. I u-use your pens for more than w-writing.. I use them to.. masterbate…” This completely caught me off guard.. she.. what?! I say,”Yuri.. I don't know what to say.” I see her head into her

arms, she's crying. I say,”Yuri! No don't cry! It's okay that you do that!” She still weep into her arms.. so I hug her tightly and say,”Yuri I love you and nothing that you will do or say will

change that.” She started crying on me instead.. I felt guilty and nervous.

To be continued..

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