That Special Day Chapter 16
That Special Day Chapter 16 monika stories

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Conflict is created between the literature club and fellow students. But there's also internal conflict in the club. Sayori has done something that she will probably regret.

That Special Day Chapter 16

People came up with more names and laughed more at us. I was really getting sick of it because it was hurting my girlfriends.

People made fun of Yuri and were somewhat afraid of her because she stabbed me. She looked like she wanted to leave and never come back.. I don't blame her.

Someone said,”Hey Gayori I can tell you and Sana have been doing some dirty stuff."

People laughed and then one pointed at Sayori's neck saying,”You see those bruises are from some BDSM type of shit!” Everyone was laughing.

They didn't know about her attempted suicide so of course they figured the worse. Sayori looked like she was going to cry.. that broke my heart. I hug and tell her just to ignore them.

Some guy said to Monika,” You wouldn't give us a shot? But now you're dating that fag?” Monika was clearly anger with that guy. But what he did next would make me want to snap his neck.

He tried to grab at Monika's ass.. that made my blood boil with rage. The school was doing some reconstruction so there were some material on the ground. I knew what I wanted to do.

As the guy was laughing I pin him to the ground with a brick in my hand. I say,”I will beat your fucking skull with this brick until it breaks unless you apologize and fuck off."

The guy had a smirk on his face, he didn't take me seriously. I say,”Okay here are your options.. One you get beaten with a brick..

Two I'll file a case for sexual assault because of what you did to Monika.. Three you apologize and leave.” The guy rolled his eyes and said,”I'll take three."

But I didn't care about what he wanted. I take the brick and break his nose with it.

“What the fuck!? Fuck you! You broke my fucking nose you cunt!” He said this with blood oozing out of his nose. He deserved it.

The guy's friend says,”Dude she nearly beat Natsuki's dad to death! Of course she was going to do that!” Some people chuckled at that. The rest of the club were astounded by what I did.

Natsuki stepped up and said,”If any of you asshats want to fight. Fucking bring it!” Some guy said,”Fuck off little girl. And besides Sana's weakness is her side.

A stab wound can really fuck up your kidney. Am I right Sana?” That pissed me off badly and Natsuki too. The conflict was broken up by the math teacher.

He said,”Girls all go inside! You're all causing trouble for the other students!” He didn't mention the kid with the bloody nose. We were sent back to the clubroom. I say,”Monika..

everyone I'm sorry I fucked everything up for us..” I felt guilty for messing everything that we planned for. But Monika came to me and.. hugged me. Then shortly after they all did.

Monika says,”Sana don't be sorry. Thank you for taking care of that guy.. I-I love you so much.” Monika said that with a tear down her face.. she was crying.

Yuri faintly says,”S-Sana I love you too..” Natsuki says,”What you did was really cool.. aha I don't even think I would've done that."

Sayori says,”You're amazing for taking care of those meanies..” We all hug for a little while.. then I hear Natsuki say,”Sana what are those marks on your neck..?"

I use my hand to feel around my neck. Those marks were from Sayori biting me. I blush and say,”Oh um those.. ahaha Sayori and I um..” Sayori says,”Sana and I had sex..."

I blush deeply when she said that. I say,”Uh.. yeah we did..” A teacher comes in and says,”Hey you're wanted for questioning by the guidance counselor."

Fuck I bet it was that one guy I hit with a brick. I say,”Okay. Um see you girls later.” I leave hoping I won't be in too much trouble…. Now it's just me, Yuri, Sayori, and Monika.

I ask,”Sayori! Don't tell me you and Sana actually had sex!” Sayori was scared when I said that but she nodded. I feel the tension in the air lingering with anger from the rest of us.

Monika says,”You fucking what?!” Sayori said with a fearful face,”I had sex with Sana...” Right now I feel like burning a daycare when Sayori said that.

Yuri says,”Sayori what the fuck?! Why would you have sex with Sana!?” Sayori says with a faint voice,”I didn't mean to we were alone and… it happened.” Monika was filled with pure rage..

more than Yuri and I.

Monika says,”Sayori! You fucking idiot! You just ruined everything for us! Sana wasn't supposed to have sex with you!” Sayori tried to say something but Monika cut her off immediately.

She chokes Sayori for a little bit and says,”This is what you did to Sana? I bet you did.

I bet you thought I'll just fuck Sana and then fuck everyone else by doing that!” Sayori struggles for a bit and then is put down my Monika.

Monika says,”Don't act like you're innocent you gave Sana hickeys! I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't even want to have sex with you!” Monika then slaps Sayori hard on her cheek.

Monika says,”If you ever do anything like this again or tell Sana about what I did to you. I'll make your life a living hell.

Got it?” Sayori says with tears running down her face,”O-Okay Monika.. I swear I won't..” Monika leaves and says,”The same go for you two.” Her right hand is very red.

Sayori is left in the corner crying and shaking. As much as Yuri and I were mad at her we felt bad, so we went over to Sayori. Yuri says,”S-Sayori.. I'm so sorry..

I-I didn't think Monika would do that!” I say,”Yeah we're so sorry.. Monika overreacted and now we can't even say anything about it.” Sayori wasn't able to speak as she sobbed.

Yuri and I hug her and try to comfort her. Her tears were hot and fast. I ask her,”Hey let me see that slap mark Monika left you."

Sayori takes her hands away from her face and I see a big slap mark on her cheek. I went and got ice while Yuri continued to comfort her. I come back with ice and Sayori is still crying..

this must be worse than I thought. I apply the ice to her cheek and she holds it there. She says,”Guys.. what if Sana notices..

what am I going to say?” I'm stumped by the question and I say,”Just say you fell or something..” Yuri says,”Natsuki who would ever believe that?” Ugh I hate it when Yuri contradicts what I say.

“Okay then Yuri you come up with something!” I say with some anger.

She says,”If we get Sayori to stop crying and clean up the tears then all we would have to do is put some blush on Sayori's other cheek to even out the redness.” Damn that wasn't a bad idea.

We would still not know what to do about Monika though…. After I was lectured about my hitting that guy. I got community service which wasn't too bad.

I remember the disk in my dream and decide to go to this one room where it has only one computer. Yet no one uses it so it's an empty room for me to use. I'll call this Sana’s room.

I put the disk into the computer.. can't read it. Yeah that makes sense since it can switch you into different realities not play movies.

I get another disk to compare the data of the reality disk. The reality disk has data that no one online can translate. I can see why the lady in my dream suggested I hack the disk.

I'm trying to hack this disk but it's damn near impossible since I'm only provided so little information. I've never hacked before so this is like rocket science to me.

I search around online to learn how to hack. I find a website that tells me I need a program to do so. I head to the library real quick to get a book on how to hack with Python.

Hmm seems to be convenient that they have that at the library. I would go see my people of interest but I have to learn how to do this so I can fix anything that happens.

I hope the rest were okay with what Sayori and I did. I spend 2 hours trying to hack the reality disk.. I find information on the disk but I can't comprehend it.

It's a lot of data that I wasn't suspecting.. so much if I sold it I could be rich. But I'm doing this for my girls not myself. With data like this..

it would take me months to read it all and try to arrange it.

The lady in my dream was right about how time consuming this would be, but how is this happening? There is no god so how could I ever explain this? It just seems so unrealistic. I get tired of

looking through countless data about everything. I head back to the clubroom and halfway there I run into Monika. I say,”Oh hi Monika!” She smiles and says,”Hey Sana.. so what was the verdict?”

I laugh and say,”They sentenced me to community service for 2 weeks.” Her smile goes away and she says,”Aw Sana if you need help I'll be more than willing to assist.” I kiss her on her cheek and say,

”Thanks Monika.. hey what were you doing?” Monika faintly smiles and says,”Nothing important.” I hug Monika by her side and say,”Come on! I'm curious tell me!” She hesitantly said,”I was playing

piano..” I kiss her on the lips and say,”Come on we're going to the music room! I want to hear you play!” She was nervous but I took her hand and we went down there. When we arrive the room was

empty of people. I say,”Go ahead and sit at the piano! I'll listen!” She smiles and says,”Sana.. this is a song for you.. I've been trying to make it good so I hope you enjoy.” I was shocked when

Monika said that she made me a song? I smile and gaze at Monika. Monika begins to sing her song.. it's beautiful.. I love it. When Monika was done with the song I almost cry and say,”Monika that..

was an amazing song.. I love it so m-much.” I was choking on my tears. She smiled and I noticed that she was crying too. She says,”Sana I really do l-love you..” I go over to Monika and hug her

tightly.. she does the same. She kisses me on my lips but I don't let go.. we stay like that for a while. Our lips locked because of our love. I pull her closer to me and then she pulls me down.

I'm on top of her and she's below waiting for my next move. I just wanted to kiss so that's what we did.

To be continued..

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