That Special Day Chapter 15
That Special Day Chapter 15 monika stories

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Today is the festival would everything go as planned? Or would the day be filled with nothing but bad?

That Special Day Chapter 15

Sayori and I were still sweating from us going into the deep end of the pool as you can say. It felt so damn good but that was too good.

My legs were numb and there were little hickey and bite marks on my neck. “Sana.. I know I've already said this but that was amazing. It really was.. did you like it?” Sayori asks me.

I say,”Yeah I did it was just so much for me to handle..” Sayori smiles at me and says,”If I have the chance I'll do it again..” I look to Sayori quickly and then she kisses me to stay quiet.

She says,”Sana you have a really nice body.. ehehe I know that's weird but it's true it's so fucking hot.” I gasp and say,”Sayori! Come on."

She laughs and says,”What? It's true! I really enjoyed your boobs!” I start to get red again. I shake my head and say,”Sayori I love you."

She blushes and says,”Aw Sana I love you too!” I say,”Hey Sayori what are we gonna do for the rest of the day?"

Sayori says,”Well we were supposed to have sex at night so we would wake up on the day of the festival.

Well that's what the writer wanted to do originally but they were stupid enough to make it early leaving the two characters still a good hmm 7 hours until 12 to do some things that

could possibly contribute to the story in some way.” Sayori winks at me after she said that. I say,”Ahaha good one Sayori.

That sounds like a 4th wall break but I won't mind it because I have to be at least slightly dense.

Anyways want to just continue writing the poem?” Sayori smiles and says,”Yeah lets get our clothes back on before we do ehehe I never thought I'd say that."

We get up from the bed and I kiss Sayori on her nose. She blushes and kisses me back. I didn't want to get into what we had just done so I get my clothes on.

She does the same and we head downstairs to work on the poem. I check my phone.. it's 5:24 pm. Sayori sits back on the couch and tries to come up with more for the poem.

I sit next to her and try to help her. We work on the poem for another hour or so.

Sayori says,”This poem looks to be done! Now we're free Sana!” I laugh and say,”Yeah that was kinda grueling I won't lie. But it's worth it for it to be finally done for the festival."

I hear a buzz from my phone.. it's a text from Natsuki. It says,”Hey the festival is tomorrow..

and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me? I know that we'll have to work but we don't have to the whole time."

Aww Natsuki isn't the type to ask someone out but she did so I said,”Yeah I'd love to go with you. Sounds fun.” She replies with,”Ok cool.” I knew that wasn't how she really felt..

I'm not saying she's bouncing off the walls but I know she's happy. Sayori says,”Hey who was that from?” I say,”That was from Natsuki.

It's cool if I go to the festival with her tomorrow right?” Sayori smiles and says,”Yeah that's fine!” I smile and thank her. I say,”Hey we should get some dinner..

how does sushi sound?” Sayori beams and says,”That sounds great! I love sushi!” I call the local sushi place and order my sushi. They arrive in 10 minutes and Sayori and I get started on eating.

“Mmm this tastes great Sana!” Sayori says with some sushi in her mouth. I laugh and agree. We eat the rest of our sushi.

I say,”Hey can I stay here tonight?” Sayori smiles and says,”Yeah that would be awesome!” Her enthusiasm is adorable. She then says,”Wanna watch a movie? It can be horror if you want.."

I smile and say,”No Sayori I know you don't like horror I found that out yesterday. We can watch whatever you want Cinnamon Bun.” She smiles brightly and picks a kid movie from Netflix.

I don't mind something pure after our act of what others can consider to be sinful. Sayori looked to be tired after the movie it was 10:17 pm. So I was surprised that I was tired too.

I say,”Hey Sayori I can tell we're both tired.. let's go up to your room.” Sayori was half asleep on my chest so she only nodded. I get up and she slumped over on the couch.

I decide to just carry her to her bed. I pick her up and head up to her room. Sayori wakes up a little and says,”Sana… are you carrying me?” I kiss her on the nose and nod.

She says,”Eheheeh Sana you're so sweet! This is why I love you so much.” Sayori twiddles her fingers when she says that. Oh my gosh she's so cute.

I can't believe that only earlier today she was dominating me it's just so hard to believe. I make it to Sayori's bed and place her on there. Then I shut off the lights and join her.

She wraps her body around me and says,”I want to stay like this forever.. I love you so much Sana it's hard to handle.” That made me blush a lot. I say,”Aww I love you too Cinnamon Bun."

Sayori smiles and then kisses me. She says,”Mmm you're so warm Sana..” I laugh and then hear small snoring.. she's already asleep. I close my eyes too and my mind starts to wonder.

“You're going to ruin everything. You shouldn't be with Sayori. You don't deserve any of this. You've been an asshole for years now you don't deserve a happy ending.

All of this mind as well be fake. I was real. And you left me for them. I was better and always will be better. Come back to me Sana. We can have fun again we can laugh and share moments.

Fuck those hoes and come back.” As I was hearing this that voice sounded too familiar.. that was Hana’s voice. I say,”No Hana I'm over you. I love what I have now."

Hana says,”I'll make your life a living hell. I will destroy your value and your life. Until you have nothing but regret left. Maybe you should've killed yourself that one day.

Maybe you should've kept trying until you died. Fucking worthless you are.” I say in anger,”Fuck off! I'm done playing your fucking games!” Hana says,”Whatever."

Fuck playing these games I have 4 women that I love. And who love me back… I wake up from my dream hearing my alarm. It's 6 and the day of the festival. Sayori wakes up too and smiles at me.

“Good Morning Sana.” Sayori says. I say,”Good Morning Sayori have a good night?” She smiled and said,”Yeah I did. But you didn't."

I look at her confused and ask,”What makes you say that?” Sayori frowns and says,”You swearing a lot and whispering gibberish.

Are you okay Sana?” I kiss Sayori and say,”Yeah I'm fine Cinnamon Bun. Thanks for looking out for me.” She smiles and nods. We get up to get ready for school.

I head to my house for half an hour to do my usual routine. Then I head back to Sayori's to make her breakfast. She was actually ready when I got back.

She says,”Sana! This is the earliest I've ever been ready for school ehehe. But I didn't brush my hair.. I was kinda hoping that you would do that.."

I smile and grab the brush and sit in front of Sayori. I start to brush her hair and she was looking at me making me blush. This time I could kiss Sayori.

But as I was brushing her hair, she kissed me and I kiss her back. It was like my lips needed hers again.. it felt like a drug and I was addicted.

I continue to brush her hair to make it perfect or it would just drive me crazy. When I was done Sayori said,”Eheheeh thanks Sana.” I nod and make her the usual breakfast sandwich.

As we walk out the door ready to go to school Sayori holds my hand and starts to eat her sandwich. I really enjoyed this, I love being able to do this with her.

We make it to school and we're all told to meet up with our clubs for the festival. All of us head to the clubroom with everything we need to set up for the festival.

“Okay everyone! It looks we have everything we need for the festival! We now need to head outside to set up and we should be good!” Monika says this with confidence.

We all get our things and go outside. I go with Natsuki and she says,”Hey is that poem good?” I look to her with uncertainty and say,”I don't know but I hope it's good enough.

As Monika says we need more members in the club.” Natsuki smiles and says,”It's not like we need anymore. We have what we need..” I kiss Natsuki on the cheek.

She says,”Sana! Th-That’s not what I meant!” She so cute when she's mad. But then she starts to hold my hand. She says,”My hand is cold..

I'm not doing it because I want to or anything!” I wink at Natsuki and then she huffs. Monika says to me,”Hey are you going to the festival with anyone?” Natsuki says,”Yeah she's going with me.

It's going to be tons of fun!” I smile but Monika gives off a somewhat jealous vibe and says,”Oh that's cool.” I didn't want her to feel excluded so I kiss her on her cheek. She blushed and kissed

me back. Natsuki says,”Can you two stop? Geez at least give me a warning about you two about to make out!” Monika was clearly annoyed. I said,”Natsuki it's okay because I'll be spending most of

the day with you.” Natsuki smiled and nodded. We all make it outside and Natsuki and I start handing out cupcakes telling everyone about the literature club. Of course we were laughed at and made

fun of because of everything that happened. And the fact that I'm dating Natsuki and the rest of girls. Some were very jealous of me because I was dating Monika. Which made things worse. Only some

people actually ate the cupcakes.. others smashed them or threw it at others. I could see Natsuki getting mad. I say,”Natsuki it's fine in a day they'll all forget about it.” Natsuki says,”It's

not fair! It's not right for them to be assholes!” After we practically gave up on providing cupcakes we head to were the others were. I hug Natsuki and tell her just to ignore everyone. Yuri says,

”M-Monika people have been harassing us the whole t-time.” Monika frowns and says,”Yeah let's just ignore them and wait until we are called up for our presentation of our club.” There were games

at the festival so I take Natsuki to some of them. The others followed since when we were apart the harassment was worse. Some guy says,”Look it's the Literature Queers!” Someone laughs and

then says,”More like the Literature Dykes!” More people laughed. This would end badly..

To be continued..

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