That Special Day Chapter 14
That Special Day Chapter 14 monika stories

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Now in this Chapter there is lewd so this is just a warning for you all who read this. I hope you enjoy regardless.

That Special Day Chapter 14

I give Sayori a kiss on her nose, she giggles a little bit. “Hey Sayori I have to go to the bathroom is it cool if I get up?” I ask Sayori.

She kisses me back on my lips and says,”Yeah go ahead!” I get from Sayori's warmth.. wow now I'm cold. But I didn't need to go to the bathroom.. I was trying to look for the disk in my dream.

I tried looking in my backpack for it. No luck so I tried looking on my body.. what the hell the disk was in my bra. It left a mark signaling that it has been there for a while.

So I just put it in my backpack and head back to Sayori's room. Sayori was gone but Monika was still there. “Sayori went down for breakfast.. do you want to come with me..?"

I smile and say,”Yeah I'd love to Monika.” She gets up with a smile and holds my hand.

She says,”I'm sorry um are you okay with this?” I kiss her on the lips and say,”Hun I don't mind it at all.” Monika blushes and we proceed downstairs.

Wait a minute did I just call Monika 'hun’ wow I really didn't even mean to call her that. We make it to the kitchen where everyone else was. “H-Hey Sana and Monika."

Says Yuri cooking with eggs. Natsuki says,”Hey you two take a sit because Yuri and I are making breakfast.” Sayori is already sitting at the table. So Monika and I join her.

Sayori says,”Aw you two are so kawaii!” Monika says,”Oh come on Sayori..” She says that with a smile. Monika then says,”You two were pretty adorable when you guys were sleeping."

Sayori giggles and says,”Sana was holding on to me pretty tight ehehe.” I start to blush a bit.. but I smile because it was true. Yuri and Natsuki get done with our breakfast.

Yuri says,”I-I hope you guys like eggs and toast.” Natsuki says,”Oh they'll love it!” She says that with a confident smile. I get handed my food and I take a bite.

“Mmm this tastes great!” I say to Yuri and Natsuki. Yuri smiles and says,”T-Thank you.” Natsuki says,”I knew you'd like them."

We eat our breakfast then Monika brings up something that I totally forgot about. “So.. how are we going to do the festival?” Says Monika in a tone that tells me she's nervous about it.

I say,”Well Natsuki and I already finished the cupcakes.. so what else is there to do?” Yuri speaks up and says,”I'm nearly done with the atmosphere.. I just need time today to do it."

Sayori says,”Wait what was my role in this?” Monika freezes for a second realizing that Sayori didn't get one so she said,”You had to write a poem to present to the people of the festival."

Sayori does a nervous laugh and says,”Uh.. I didn't do that.. maybe some help?” Yuri says,”I'd love to help but I have things to do.” She left after she said that.

Natsuki says,”I have some work to do figuring out my living situation.” She packs up and leaves too. Monika said,”I have to organize everything for the festival..” She leaves too.

Leaving Sayori and I. Sayori says,”You have to go too right?” She says in a sad tone. But I'm willing to help her so I said,”No I'm staying here to help you Cinnamon Bun."

Sayori beams and runs upstairs. She comes back down with a pen and paper. She says,”Okay now we have to come up with a poem to wow everyone."

I laugh and say,”Wow that sounds so easy, right?” Sayori giggles and says,”Yeah ehehe.” She then says,”How about we make a poem about love?” I smirk and say,”Yeah that sounds good.

Now we just have to describe it.” She says,”Amazing, exciting, scary, breathtaking, and heart pounding.” I 'aww’ at that because it was so sweet of her to say.

Sayori says,”Sana I really do love you.. like a lot.. so much I'd do anything for you.” I lean over to Sayori and kiss her. I say,”I love you too Sayori.” She blushes when I say that.

She gets up with the pen and paper and moves to the couch. She gestures me to come with her. She says,”It's more comfortable over here."

I sit down next to her and then she sits on my lap with her arms wrapped around my neck. “This is also more comfortable ehehe..” Says Sayori. I couldn't help but blush when she did that.

I say,”Okay time for a poem..” We work on the poem for an hour trying to make it as good as possible for tomorrow.

Sayori says,”Let's take a break the poem stuff can wait a little can't it?” I kiss Sayori on her cheek and say,”Yeah it can wait Cinnamon Bun.” She smiles and turns to me.

She kisses me on the lips but it wasn't a short one it felt long. I kiss her back and now we're both red. She wraps her legs around me and continues to kiss me.

I pull her a little closer to me and we make out for a bit. “Sana how far did you and Yuri go last night?” Asked Sayori. I was shocked by the sudden question.

I said,”Well I won't lie we both had our bras off and she was teasing me a lot.. it got pretty intense."

Sayori gives me a curious look and says,”Would you have went that far with anyone else?” I get pretty red and say,”Under those circumstances.. yeah."

Sayori says,”Hey let's head up to my room!” Before I can say anything she's going upstairs. I don't know why she suddenly wanted to go upstairs but I followed anyways.

She's sitting on the bed and she pats her hand on her bed next to her. I sit next to her and ask,”Hey why did you want to come up here?” Sayori grins and says,”Well..

we're alone and I'm curious..” She then pushes me onto the bed and gets on top of me. “S-Sayori.. I'm not sure about this..” I say that nervously. Sayori smiles and presses her lips to mine.

It felt good but I didn't know how far Sayori wanted to go. “I guess you can say I'm still a bit hungry.. ehehe” Sayori said that with some intention of doing something with me.

I'm scared but kinda willing. She starts to kiss me again this time with her tongue. Dammit I liked it a lot.. her being so dominant kinda made my blood rush through me in a weird way.

Like my heart starts going faster and my desires grow. I don't know what that's called but it's powerful. Sayori takes her shirt and pajama pants off.. exposing her bra and panties..

ugh I hate that word. Sayori says,”Hey you too Sana ehehe.” I hesitate but Sayori is pulling my pants down now.. so I reluctantly take my shirt off. Now we are both very exposed.

“S-Sayori slow d-down..” I say weakly. She giggles and starts to suck on my neck.. she was trying to give me a hickey. “S-Sayori!” I say as she kept going.

She then says something that makes my face completely red. “Sana I want you say my name.. I want you to scream my name.. and even if you won't eventually you will."

I say,”W-Wait what are you g-going to do to me?” Sayori bites my ear softly.. oh gosh that felt really nice. She whispers,”The door is closed and we are alone..

I'm going to show you a fun time.” She then slowly puts her hand up my leg.. she was teasing me a lot. She slowly starting biting my neck, this was driving me insane.

“P-Please just be gentle with me..” I say this pleading her. Sayori tries to get herself between my legs.. she made sure my legs were slightly pushed up. She was biting and licking my neck..

“S-Sayori.. ahh..” Sayori stops and gives me a kiss. She was really going through with this because she took her bra off and I could see her boobs as clear as day.

Sayori says,”Sana I love you so much. And this feels really good.. can I take your clothes off?” I have my mouth open trying to say something, but I was speechless, so I just nod a little.

Sayori takes my bra off. “Oooh ehehe Sana I didn't realize how good they were..” I blush deeply because I'm pretty sensitive about my body so her just doing this to me is like a compliment.

Sayori doesn't hesitate to take her panties off. “Gah! Sayori I'm not sure if I'm ready for this.. it all feels and looks good but I don't think I can do it."

Sayori says,”Aww Sana I'll make it good I swear we just have to get to our bases then..

homerun?” I tried saying something then Sayori puts her finger on my lips telling me to not say anything. She takes my panties off making me feel vulnerable.

Her face was a deep red now maybe she was nervous too. But she had a smile not a face of worry. She locks her lips with mine again.. she then puts her hands on my boobs. She was squeezing them..

“Ahh! Sayori! Not so hard!” I say with my voice higher than usual. She instead did it harder and bites my neck. “Sayori!” She says,”I knew you would say my name but.. you might scream it soon."

I was flustered by that. My breathing gets faster and I get more sweaty. Sayori takes my hand and puts it on her boob. Fuck it felt nice but I don't know what to do next.

She takes my hand to squeeze her boob when I did that she makes a 'mmm’ sound. “You know what the tension is too much I'm going to break it..” Sayori gets something that would be helpful for uh

yeah.. you get what I'm trying to say. “Sayori! P-Please just be gentle!” I say feeling like fainting. Sayori smiles but I know that smile meant otherwise. She straps it on and slowly put it in at

first. “..Sayori..” I say very weakly. She then picks up the pace and it's harder each time. “Sayori!!” I scream. She was right because now I was screaming her name with each thrust. “Sayori!!

This isn't gentle!” Sayori was running out of breath, but she kept going.. fuck this felt amazing. It wasn't gentle but fuck it's so good. “Okay Sana I'm done with that part now.” She says that

panting. But what did she mean by part? What else would she do? “I've always wanted to try this.. ehehe” Sayori says with an exhausted smile. She gets lower on my body down below my stomach.. I don't

think I have to spell it out. “Ahh!! Sayori!! Please slow d-down!” I say this yelling. She was doing it for a while and it felt too good. Finally after it felt like forever. She was done.. and

she hit the homerun. She crawls up to me and says,”That was amazing Sana.. gosh I love you so much.” I never thought I would do something like this. Sayori did an amazing job i've never felt so

good in my life. “Sayori you were fantastic.. I didn't know you wanted to do something like that.” Sayori smiles and we cuddle because we were both tired.

To be continued..

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