That Special Day Chapter 13
That Special Day Chapter 13 monika stories

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Sana and Yuri go a bit further than expected and leads to something more serious..

That Special Day Chapter 13

Yuri gasped when I kissed her. But then when I release my lips from hers she looks at me with a smile. It wasn't a normal smile of hers though.. it was kinda of a kinky smirk..

my heart began racing wondering what would happen next. She leans up against me and kisses me back.. I felt the the intensity of the kiss. We part after a minute or so..

she looks at me blushing and says,”C-Can I have more..?” I was shocked but I wanted more too so I said,”I'm not going to stop you.."

When I said that she kisses me again but this time slowly pushing me to the ground. She was on top of me with her legs in between mine.. geez this was intense.

She kept making out with me for a bit but then she started kissing my neck.. oh fuck yeah that felt nice. “Mmmm.. Yuri..” I say unintentionally.

She continues to kiss my neck and I let out my occasional 'mmm’. She says,”I-I hope you like this..” She then starts kissing me a little lower than my neck.. the teasing was too much.

“Ah… Yuri.. I want you keep going..” I say this almost pleading her. She smiles up to me and kisses me again. Her lips on mine drives me crazy.

Is the alcohol doing this to me? I don't know what it is but the pleasure was amazing I don't want it to stop. Yuri starts to take off her gray turtleneck exposing her bra..

is this actually happening? I see scars on her arms.. she doesn't realize I can see them, but this was a moment that I shouldn't ruin. She sits on me and put her hands up through my shirt..

this was too much for me to handle but it felt so good. She tugs at my bra with the tips of her nails… did she want me that bad? I'm sweating and noticeable red, but Yuri was too.

She starts to take off my shirt.. I had my impulse to keep going.. so I went with it and took my shirt off. Now we both have our bras exposed.. she pulls me up to her and we make out again.

“S-Sana.. this feels like h-heaven..” Yuri says parting our lips for only a second. She starts to play with my bra string.. ohh gosh.. this is actually happening.. she wants me badly..

and I want her too… Suddenly the bathroom door swings open. “Wha-Yuri! What are you and Sana doing?!” Natsuki says this with a bright red face.

Yuri looks back at Natsuki quickly and tried to say something but she was freaking out too badly to say anything. I grab Yuri's turtleneck and wrap it around her arms and.. chest.

Yuri holds it close to her and starts shaking. “Natsuki! It's.. uh.. ah..” I try speaking too but I failed.

“You two were totally making out! Oh my god!” Natsuki says loudly enough for the rest to hear. Yuri has tears in her eyes and runs out of the door.

I look to Natsuki definitely embarrassed and say,”We only kissed.. we didn't go that far..” Natsuki seemed to be slightly relieved when I said that.

I hear Monika say downstairs,”Natsuki and Sana come down here we all need to talk.” I look to Natsuki nervously. She tilts her head down, gesturing me to go down with her.

“Can someone please tell me what's going on?” Says Monika worried. Natsuki says,”I caught them.. uh.. making out in the bathroom.

” Sayori says,”Yuri don't cry it's fine I'm sure any of us would've did the same if we were alone with Sana.” Oh geez..

do they all want me like that? I'm not mad that they do I'm just flustered with all of it. Sayori goes and hugs Yuri.. but then jumps back to see her scars. “Yuri.. why..?"

Says Sayori with a sad tone in her voice. Yuri looks away with still a red face. She says,”I-I'm addicted to it.. I l-like cutting myself..” Hearing that brought the mood down a lot.

We don't know what to say.. but I say,”Yuri.. I'll help you out the best I can with this.. we all will.” I go over and hug her.. the rest join me in hugging her.

Everyone seems to have their secrets. But for right now Yuri needed love and support and that's what I'll provide for her everyday of her life. We hug Yuri for a while and then release.

I wipe away her tears and kiss her. She seemed to like that as she grew a warm smile. Monika says,”I know this isn't the best time to mention this but..

Natsuki what type of manga is this?” Natsuki seemed to be confused at first and then she ripped the manga out of Monika's hands. “Th-That's nothing!” Natsuki said with some blush on her cheeks.

Sayori smiled and said,”Natsuki, Monika and I looked through it a little bit.. this Citrus manga is a bit.."

Natsuki was flustered and said,”No! I swear I only read it for plot!” I laugh a bit and say,”Yeah I've heard of Citrus isn't that a manga with some hentai in it?"

Natsuki was mad when I said that,”Yeah! But.. The plot is good! I don't read it for that stuff!” Monika smirked and said,”You have some bookmarks in here..

but they're all on the explicit pages.” Natsuki was speechless and she crossed her arms without saying anything. I smile and give her a kiss on her cheek.

“Sana! Ca-can you not?” Natsuki says this with red flushed across her face. Now I know how Sayori felt when she did that to me. I laugh and say,”Hey I know some stuff just happened but..

let's still have fun! This night is about us after all!” The girls smile to me and agree to continue to watch the movie. I get my shirt back on and sit in the couch with the girls.

Sayori hanging onto me as she did before.. I don't mind it. After the movie was over we were all pretty tired so we head up to Sayori's room to sleep.

“Hey Cinnamon Bun is it cool if I use your pajamas?” I ask Sayori. She says,”Yeah it's no problem! Pick whatever you want!” She's always so positive but I'll no longer let that fool me.

“Hey Sana there's not a whole lot of space in my room.. you don't mind sleeping in my bed with me right?” Sayori asks me. I say,”Yeah I don't mind.” She beams and moves to one side of the bed.

Yuri was already asleep in her sleeping bag.. she was so cute it killed me. Natsuki was in her sleeping bag close to slumber. Sayori was snuggling up with me.

And Monika was undoing her hair still. She walks back in with her hair down.. she's really beautiful like that.

“Do you just like staring at me? Or do you need something?” Monika says this with a grin. I hesitantly say,”Wha-No.. well maybe I kinda was..” Monika, Sayori, and Natsuki laugh.

I was blushing now but at this point I'm used to my face being red. Monika and Natsuki sleep soon after that. Sayori and I are still awake.. her hugging me so firmly.

I loved it so much being so close to Sayori. “Hey Sana.. I love you.” Sayori whispers into my ear. My heart filled with warmth when she said that it was so fluff but damn it I couldn't resist.

I whisper back,”I love you too Cinnamon Bun.” Sayori gives me a kiss on my lips and the buries her head into my chest. Hopefully she won't feel my heart thumping hard.

I close my eyes and begin to sleep as well. I drift into my dreams… “Hey this is one of the many realities you live in.” I'm at a park sitting on a bench. I heard that voice come from behind me.

But I can't move.. I'm paralyzed in one position. I say,”Who are you?” The woman says,”I'm the lady who knows everything."

What the hell? Why does that sound familiar? I say,”Why are you here?” She says,”There's a lot of things you should know about your reality..” I'm confused by what she means.

I say,”What are you talking about?” She says,”There is more than one reality but moving between them hasn't been done before.. but I'm here to guide you to do that."

Switching realities? That sounds trippy as hell. I say,”Why would I even want to do that?” She laughs and says,”It will come in handy in the future.. you have to know how to make it."

I ask,”Make what?” The woman gets closer to me to whisper,”A portal to other realities all the same place but with different context. A reality where you don't date these girls.

A reality where you only date one. A reality where you marry on of them. The possibilities are endless Sana.. but with great power comes great responsibility."

Wait was that a Spiderman quote? Now I know it's a dream. I say,”I like the reality that I'm in but.. if I made this possible I could fix anything I mess up.."

The woman says,”Yes this will require much time and this..” The woman hands me something from my back..

a disk? I say,”How the hell would this help me?” The woman says,”That disk can warp you to whatever reality you want.. but of course with a computer and hacking skills."

What the fuck type of dream is this? I say,”This is just a dream I know that you and the disk aren't real.” The woman says,”You'll see when you wake up.” She then hits me with something hard and

knocks me out cold. I wake up.. Sayori is still sleeping in my arms. I move my left arm a little to get my phone.. it's 8:37 am. That was a weird dream.. yet I remember it all so vividly. I look

over to where the girls should be. But Yuri and Natsuki were gone.. I hear some talking downstairs. It's obvious that they're up already. In the corner of my eye I see Monika with her eyes half

open looking at me. When I catch her she smiles at me. “Hey Sana..” Monika says in a whisper waving at me. I whisper,”Hey Monika. Have a good night?” She smiles and says,”Yeah my head still hurts

a bit.. the hangover is killer.” I don't know why but as soon as she says that I feel a massive headache overcoming me like a tsunami in Japan. But I know this is just what a hangover is but..

I feel sharp pain when I touch the back of my head. It was just a dream right? That lady didn't really hit me right? Sayori wakes up and says,”Hey Sana and Monika.. oww..” Monika gives a little

laugh and says,”Sayori must have the worst hangover right now.” Sayori weakly smiles and nods. This morning would be physically painful. If the back of my head hurts.. where's the disk?

To be continued..

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