That Special Day Chapter 12
That Special Day Chapter 12 monika stories

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The club members have a drunken night at Sayori's house. Sana was really drunk so anything could happen..

That Special Day Chapter 12

I play the game for a bit longer and get a buzz from my phone. Is that Sana? I check to see what it is. “Hey I'm out from work. Mind picking me up?” texted Sana.

I reply with a quick yeah and tell the girls that I was going to pick up Sana. I get into my car and start driving to grocery store. I drive up to the front of the place..

I soon see Sana walk out and get into my car with a few of her things. “Hey Monika!” she says with a smile on her face.

I say,”Hey Sana! How was work?” She sighs and says,”Ugh it was awful, people are so annoying.” I look to her and say,”Aw I'm sorry to hear that Sana.

Anything I could do to make your day better?” Sana gives me a cheeky smile and kisses me. It felt nice having her being so affectionate with me.. I really did like it.

“You already made my day better Monika.” I couldn't help but blush a little.

I start driving to Sayori's and say,”Hey we're going to chill at Sayori's is that cool with you?” Sana smiles and says,”Yeah sounds fun!” I smile too.. her smile was contagious..

gosh I loved it. We finally make it to Sayori's house and I park the car. Sana and I make it inside. “Sana!” says Sayori already hugging Sana tightly….

“Oh hey Sayori” I say trying to breathe as she was squeezing my lungs. I hug her back though, how could I not? “Ehehe you're so warm..” Sayori says that resting her head in my chest a little.

I'm not used to fluff so I say,”S-Sayori! Come on don't say stuff like that..” I notice that Yuri and Natsuki are also there and of course they're all laughing by what I said.

“Ooh you're blushing!” Natsuki points out laughing at the same time. “Ohh geez.. well.. whatever!” I say that laughing as Natsuki caught me red.

“Okay besides all that why are you all here?” Yuri smiles and says,”Y-You see since we had a stressful week..

w-we thought about having a celebration for going through all of that and surviving..” She started to blush a little. “Mostly because we're all dating you now!” Sayori says with excitement.

Yuri nods then looks down in embarrassment. “Yuri you don't have to be embarrassed about it. We're dating so.. we no longer have to be awkward.” I say that hoping it would help Yuri.

She softly laughs and says,”Aha I s-suppose you're right.."

Natsuki is quick to say,”Yuri! What's in the bag? You said we could know what it was when Sana got here!” Yuri is hesitant bit she says,”O-Okay I guess we could open it now..

but we should have it with our d-dinner.” Yuri pulls out 2 bottles of wine. “Th-This is dessert wine so it's fairly sweet.. I hope all of you don't mind.."

We all shake out heads and I say,”Wow I'm shocked you brought alcohol.. ahaha don't make fun of me but I've never had alcohol of any sort before."

Natsuki looked at me and tried to hold back some laughter.

Monika says,”Really? You've went to many parties and you never drank?” I shake my head and say,”No I didn't want to drink around my friends or anyone at the time.

I guess I still kinda feel like that..” Yuri had a bit of a frown on her face. “But I'll definitely do it with you guys!” I try to say that to reassure Yuri.

She gives a small smile and says,”I-I'm pleased that you do.” Sayori says,”Come on! Let's drink!” I was a bit shocked by that to be honest. I never thought Sayori would say something like that.

Monika laughs and says,”Hey we don't even have our dinner yet, we should wait until it gets here.” What? I ask them,”Hey I've heard talk of dinner..

what's that dinner going to be?” Monika smiles and says,”Yuri called a place to get us some good food. I think it's called.. Fanshī."

Wow that place was pretty expensive since it had 5 star meals there. And the place’s name is literally fancy but in Japanese.

Like I'm serious it should just be fancy in translation, try it if you don't believe me. Ahaha anyways I say,” Isn't that place expensive as hell? You know what I'll pay for half."

Monika says with a warm smile,”No no you pay nothing I'm paying for all of it. And I won't let you pay no matter what so don't try."

Damnit I think to myself, I really wanted to help but Monika's mind was already set in stone about the payment. I sigh and say,”Fine.. but next time I'm paying!” I say this laughing a little.

She laughs too. “Hey Sana come and check out this game!” says Sayori beaming at me. I go over to her and say,”Oh wait.

Is this Fallout 4?” She smiles and says,”Yeah it is! You've played this game too?” Yeah I had a PS4 too and loved the Fallout series a lot. “Yeah I love this game! It's really fun and cool."

Sayori seemed to be thrilled by what I said. Natsuki says,”I was playing this earlier it's scary when an enemy a way higher level than you are comes and tries to kill you."

I smile and say,”Yeah but if you upgrade your weapons and focus on that than killing enemies will be easier overtime.” She smiles and nods. “Hey come and show me what you mean."

I go to Natsuki and she hands me the controller…. Natsuki was smooth in a weird way.. kinda funny. But in the end when Sana figures out who she really wants to be with..

that person will be me. I really hope my song will impress her.. I'm not good at piano but.. maybe it'll make her happy. I hear a ring at the door bell, that's the food guy.

I open the door and have Yuri get the food while I paid the guy. He left in a hurry.. probably had more deliveries. “Okay girls food is here!” I say getting everyone's attention.

I see Sana start to laugh.. I laugh too. “Ahahaha Monika! You lied!” Said Sana laughing a lot now. I grin and say,”What pizza isn't a 5 star meal?” We're all laughing now..

I was almost in tears because of how much I was laughing. Sana says,”Ahaha good one Monika.. ahh you really got me there."

Natsuki wipes away some of her tears and says,”Wow for how smart you are you weren't smart enough to know that Fanshī doesn't deliver.” We all laugh even more..

but then after 5 straight minutes of us laughing we settle down and sit at the table. Yuri pours us glasses of wine to drink with our pizza. I could tell it was going to be a good night.

“Sana! Sit next to me!” Sayori says with a big smile on her face. Sana giggles a little and says,”Okay Sayori.” I couldn't help but think that it was cute.

Natsuki says,”Okay girls! Ready for our first drink of the night?” We all raise our glasses in the air and then we all have a drink of our wine.

“Mmmm this is so delicious!’ Sayori says with joy. Yuri says,”I-I figured you'd like it..

what about you Sana?” Sana looks to Yuri and says,”Yeah I like this! Good choice on your end!” Yuri smiles and nods. I look to Sayori and see that her glass is already empty.

“Sayori! You're going to get drunk if you keep chugging that wine!” I say with a bit of a grin on my face.

Sayori says,”I won't get drunk! I swear!” Sana starts to laugh and Sana says,”Yeah now you sound like every alcoholic ever."

Sayori smirks and says,”If I was drunk could I perfectly coordinate a kiss?” Sana blushed a little and said,”I suppose not..” Sayori cut off Sana and places her lips on Sana’s.

Sana squeaked when Sayori did that. I started to blush because the kiss was with plenty of passion. Enough for me to catch it in the air.

“Sayori! Come on not in front of everyone!” Sana says clearing flustered. Sayori laughs and kisses Sana's cheek. Natsuki says,”Geez Sayori you like to kiss Sana a lot.."

Sayori says,”Ehehe I can't help it.. but I love it.” Sana wasn't able to speak, that's so cute how she's so flustered.

We finish our pizza and decide to go on Netflix to try and find a movie to watch.

Natsuki laughs and says,”You know I just realized I have some liquor we can drink I'll go get it from my bag real quick!” I ask,”What movie are we going to watch?"

We all try to think of something to watch. Yuri suggests,”P-Perhaps we could watch a horror movie..” Sana's eyes lit up and she said,”Yeah! Let's watch something scary!” I say,”Yeah I'm down for

some horror!” Sayori didn't seem to like the idea of it but she said,”Sure! I don't mind” Sana asks,”Hey are you sure Cinnamon Bun?” Sayori had a pet name? Wow I wonder what mine would be. Sayori

blushed a little and said,”Ye-Yeah I'm okay with it!” Sana sits next to Sayori on the couch and holds her close. I didn't know how I felt about that to be honest. Like it was cute but.. I don't

know. I sat in the middle and Yuri sat on the other side of me. Natsuki came down the stairs with her liquor and said,”Oh so we're watching horror? Hmm it better be cheesy because those horror

movies are the best!” Natsuki sits between Yuri and I. I see Sayori is now clearly drunk as she seems to be dazed and saying random things. Sana just laughed and kept drinking, half the time though

Sayori was putting alcohol into Sana. I was getting kinda drunk, Natsuki was closer to drunk than I was. It was safe to say that Yuri was the least drunk…. Aww Sayori may be drunk but she's hanging

on to me in fear. But hell I had to go to the bathroom so badly. “Hey Yuri can you help me out? I need to go to the bathroom but standing up is a hassle.” She looks to me and says,”Y-Yes I'll

assist you in your issue with your bladder.” I laugh and I'm a bit slumped onto her. We make it to the bathroom. I tell her it's fine that she is also in the bathroom with me. “H-Hey um I'm sorry

if this is weird..” says Yuri a bit nervous. I smile and say,”Hey it's fine I just need help going back down and I should be fine.. actually can we just sit here for a bit?” Yuri says,”O-Oh yes

it's okay.” She started twirling her hair.. geez that's adorable of her. I must've been really drunk because then I said,”Yuri I love when you do that.. it's really cute.” I don't know why I said

that but I did. She says,”Th-Thank you..” I put my arm around her.. what am I doing? I don't know but it felt right. She was teasing me with her beautiful purple eyes.. I kiss her on her lips..

To be continued..

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