That Special Day Chapter 11
That Special Day Chapter 11 monika stories

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Sana has a bit more fun with Monika than she suspected..

That Special Day Chapter 11

“Hey Monika before we head off to look at the stars.. can I go to my house to change my clothes?” I ask. Monika says,”Oh I'll let you borrow my clothes we're closer to my house anyways."

I smile and say,”Okay that's fine!” We drive to her house and she says,”Pick what you want to wear, it doesn't matter.” I nod and just pick a blue shirt with some jean shorts I find.

I make it back to her car and give back the keys she gave me to enter her house with. She says,”Good choices.. you look really nice.” Aha that gave me a warm feeling inside.

I say,”Yeah but you always look nice.” I wink at her when I say that. She lightly blushes with a smile and continues to drive to the lookout point.

We finally make it there and we get out of the car. She sits on the hood of the car and gestures me to do so too. I get on there and we point up at the stars and try to find the constellations.

“This is nice.. this is what I need after a day like this.” I say smiling at Monika. She says,”Aha yeah today has been chaotic. But we're all alive and now dating.."

I frown and say,”With everything that has happened today.. everyone at school is going to know about it. Everyone is going to be disgusted with me."

Monika looks to me and says,”Hey we had a bad day if people are being assholes about it then we should just ignore them. They're all asshats anyways."

I laugh and say,”Monika how are you not like them?” She smiles and says,”Because I don't hide how I feel.. I don't lie about what's right and wrong. I go with what I know is good."

She holds my hand and lays down on the car hood. “Aren't you going to lay down with me?” She says smiling at me. I smile back and lay down with her.

My heart was throbbing hard and it felt like I couldn't breathe. Monika then says,”I love that shirt you have on. It's one of my favorites.. and you look great with it."

I get a bit flustered by that and say,”T-Thanks Monika..” She has a grin on her face and says,”You know lookout point has more than one name..” I blush like crazy when she said that.

I think I know what she's referring to. She grabs the back of my head/neck and kisses me. I do the same and kiss her back. She wraps her leg around me and continues to kiss me..

mmm this felt nice. Her gentle lips locking with mine made my adrenaline rush through me. We kept going for a bit and she was now on top of me.. making out with me.

She started moving her hand lower.. down my neck.. down my back.. she was moving fast. She was getting touchy with me. I wasn't ready for this yet.. I say,”Monika.."

She locks her eyes on to mine and says,”I'm sorry.. I just had an urge to do that..” I smile and say,”Hey it's fine you were doing great but I'm not ready to go that far.."

She gets up from me and says,”Geez I didn't really realize that I was on top of you like that.. my apologies.” I say,”Like I said it's okay.. you made a good move.."

I say that with a red face. She holds her hand out to help me off the hood, we get in the car. “Hey is it cool if I stay at your place for tonight?” I ask hoping she would say yes.

She says,”Yeah I don't mind.. but I don't know where you could sleep.” I smile and say,”Your bed sounds nice..” She winks and says,”Perfect.” Ahh all of this flirtatious talk is overwhelming me.

We laugh and make our way to Monika's house. We go to her room and she takes her clothes off to put on her pajamas. I didn't look of course because I'm not perverted like that.

She laughs and says,”Hey we're both girls you know.” I say,”Yeah but we're dating and I don't want to infringe on your privacy.” She laughs again and says,”Ahaha I don't care if you do.

Come on to the bed with me.” I get in bed with her.. she cuddles me. “Ahh you're so warm.. let's stay like this for a while.” I agree and give her a kiss on her forehead. She's so sweet..

gosh I love her so much. We sleep with us being intertwined with each other…. I wake up before Sana.. she's still sleeping.. that's so cute.

Maybe soon we can try again with the kissing and stuff.. she said she wasn't ready yet. I get on my phone.. it's 9:43.. I wanted to sleep longer but I'm not sure if Sana had work or not.

I get up and stretch, I have to get Sana up. “Hey Sana..” I say gently. She moves a little bit but doesn't wake up. “Sana do you have work today?” I ask. She moves around..

ahaha is she trying to find me? Yeah she is her hand is moving where I was laying at. “Hey Sana I'm right here.” She opens her eyes and looks in my direction. “Oh ehehe there you are..

didn't you say something before?” She asks.

I say,”Yeah do you have work today?” Her eyes widen and she says,”Oh crap I do! What time is it?” I say,”9:52 am” She gets up and says,”I need to get ready by 11..

can you drop me off by my house?” I smile and say,”Yeah let me get my car keys and we can go.’ She nods and I go get the keys and get in the car with her.

“Thanks for getting me up Monika!” She says to me. I smile at her. I drop her off at her place and says,”I’ll be out by 5 later today."

I say,”Okay I'll pick you up!” She smiles and waves me goodbye, I do the same. We should all hang out at Sayori's since we always play games there. I'll arrange something for all of us.

I call Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki for a group call to see if we can all hang out. “Hey Sana's at work and I was wondering if any of you would like to hang out at Sayori's."

Yuri says,”Y-Yes that sounds fun.” Natsuki says,”Hell yeah!” Sayori says,”Yeah! We should celebrate all of us dating Sana!” I laugh and say,”Yeah it's quite the victory."

Natsuki laughs and says,”Ahaha that's gay.” We all laugh at the irony of that statement.

I say,”Okay what time should we hang out?” Sayori says,”Anytime! It doesn't matter to me! Heck you can come now if you all wanted to."

Natsuki says,”Yeah! I'll be there in 10 minutes!” Yuri then says,”I-I’ll come in 15.. I h-have some things to get for the occasion."

I say,”I'll be there in 10 too!” We all hang up and get ready to go to Sayori's house.

Since this was kinda of a celebration and we were probably going to sleepover at Sayori's I had to get sleep clothes and clothes to that'll please Sana. I wanted to look good for her..

I know I don't have to but if I don't look good I mind as well not go at all. Hmm.. Doesn't Sana like that one boy band..?

That's right! 5 Seconds of Summer! I know I have their shirt somewhere.. ah found it! She loves this band I'll wear this shirt for sure. And some shorts with it will do greatly.

I grab the rest of the things I need and get in my car to go to Sayori's. Natsuki was the first one there so her and Sayori were already playing games.

I greet them and put my stuff in Sayori's room as Natsuki has already done. I watch them play the game for a little bit. “Ooh what level are you?” I ask Sayori.

She says,”I'm level 63 and I'm trying to get the best weapons in the game so I can destroy any enemy easily!” Natsuki says,”Yeah but you're spoiling the game for me!"

Sayori laughs and says,”You already know about what happens with your son.” Natsuki huffs and continues to watch Sayori.

I ask,”Hey after you're done can I have a try?” Sayori smiles and says,”Yeah! I can't wait to see you play this game for yourself! It really is fun!” Natsuki agrees.

Yuri comes in with her stuff and a cloth bag full of.. hmm I don't know. “Hey what's in the bag Yuri?” Asks Natsuki. Yuri shakes her head and says,”W-Well that's the surprise Natsuki.

W-We can check it out when Sana gets here.” I walk over to Yuri because it sounded like glass in the cloth bag. I whisper,”Hey what's in the bag? I know it's something that's glass."

Yuri gives a small smile and whispers,”I-I shouldn't tell you but.. it's just some wine.” I grin at Yuri and whisper,”Trying to loosen everyone up?” I say that almost laughing out loud.

She gives a little laugh and whipers,”Y-Yeah it's been stressful lately s-so this can help us out. D-Don't tell the others.. I s-still want it to be a surprise, but I t-trust you."

I nod and head over back to Sayori and she gives me the controller. I start to play the game and within 2 minutes of me playing my place of paradise gets nuked. And I have to go into a vault.

Then I make it out and fight a bunch of bugs. One came out of nowhere and scared me bad, we laugh at me jumping from it. We're having a good time hanging out. I can't wait until Sana gets here..

it's going to be a chance for me to get closer to her.

To be continued..

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