That Special Day Chapter 10
That Special Day Chapter 10 monika stories

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Sana had to be rushed to the hospital for her stab wound. Will she be saved? Or bleed out before the doctors can help her?

That Special Day Chapter 10

“Everyone we're getting into my car!” says Monika trying to rush to her vehicle. We all make it in. Monika starts up the engine and drives to the hospital.

“Monika! You're going fucking 70 kilometers per hour!” Natsuki says clenching the side handles of the car. “Fuck the speed limit.” Monika says with not caring at all about the consequences.

Geez Monika has always been the safety type but this was a different Monika. We arrive at the hospital rather quickly. “Which room is Sana Aikyo in??” I say with my heart racing.

The lady at the desk says,”She just got in 2 minutes ago, she's in room… 315” We all start running to that room. We make it but are immediately pushed back by doctors.

“Look I know you girls are here for your friend but she's in critical condition and we need you all to wait while we help her as fast as possible!"

Someone else says,”All of you need to sit in the waiting room.” We head there with my heart off the rails hoping Sana is okay. “... i-it's all my fault..” says Yuri crying into her hands.

“Hey it's okay, maybe you didn't make the right decision but..” Yuri cuts off Natsuki and says,”N-No.. if I didn't try to s-stab myself.. she would be fine.. she wouldn't be d-dying right now."

Monika was crying too when Yuri said that. She said,”Yuri! Please don't say that! She's going to be okay.."

Natsuki was crying too now,”Monika h-how do we know that?!” We were all falling apart. But when Natsuki said that it pushed me over the edge. “Natsuki!..

guys let's just try to be positive about this!” I say that hoping to calm things down. But I'm crying too.. I can't help it.

“Sayori there's nothing good about this! Sana is dying! How the fuck could there be something positive about this?” Natsuki said that with anger. I start to cry more..

”I just don't want her to die! I l-love her s-so m-much..” I say that hardly being able to talk. Yuri comes and hugs me.. we cry together. Monika was next then Natsuki came too.

We're now all huddled, crying on to one another. We're like that for a long time.

Until a doctor comes to us and says,”Hey! We need blood right now! Is anyone here blood type AB??” Yuri looks up and says,”I-I am..” He says,”Fantastic! Because Sana needs blood very badly.

Are you willing to give up 2 pints of blood to help Sana?” Yuri looks to him with new found determination and says,”L-Lets do it.” We all wave her goodbye. I hope everything goes fine..

I hope Yuri's donation will save Sana…. I'm really about to give Sana my blood right now. I'll be apart of her forever.. I will be in her bloodstream. She will be using my blood to live..

ahahaaha. I didn't want to stab her but.. looking on the bright side of things.. I'm going to give her my blood. The doctor sticks a needle in my arm.. he notices my scars. “Holy shit.

Do you need a doctor?” I look to him and say,”N-No! I'm fine they're old scars!” He believed me.. what an idiot. I look to Sana… wait. Did she have scars on her arm too? I look a bit more..

yeah.. they're on her left arm. 4 scars.. she cut too. The doctor looked a bit nervous..

“H-Hey she will be alive right?” He looked to me with a bit of uncertainty and said,”Yeah she's living right now.. but we did lose her heartbeat for a second.."

I felt like crying even more when I heard that. I loved her more than anything in the world. I would die and kill for her. I would do anything for her.

I'll always hate myself for stabbing her. She does love me right? She did save me.. and.. got herself nearly killed to make sure I was okay.

I'll ask her when she wakes up because she has to love me. “U-Um am I done for blood yet?” The doctor said,”No but you're almost done with it."

I say,”I-Is it okay if I hug her before I go?” He looks up from his clipboard and nods. I just needed to feel her.. I wanted to feel her nice soft skin. The doctor says,”Hey you're done now.

You can hug your friend and leave.” He removes the needle from my arm and puts a band-aid on it. I walk over to Sana and wrap my arms around her body. She's so soft and cute..

I whisper into her ear,”I-I love you S-Sana please live.” I release her, as I'm about to walk out the door I hear,”W-Where am I..?"

I know that soothing voice from anywhere! Sana is alive! “Oh did your little girlfriend wake you up?” Says the doctor jokingly. Sana starts to blush and says,”What?! I-I..

don't know what you're talking about!” She looks so adorable when she blushes. “S-Sana! I'm so happy you're a-alive!” She looks to me smiling with that gorgeous face of hers.

“Ahaha yeah I guess I am..” I go over to her and hug her neck. “W-We all thought you were going to die!” I say with my heart beating fast.

She hugs me back and says,”I'm not going to give up on you that easily.” Ahh her arms are warm.. I just want to kiss her all over and climb inside of her.

The doctor says,”I'm going to get the rest of your friends. I'll be back.” I couldn't help it but I kiss Sana's cheek and lay on her a bit more.

She blushes like insanely and says,”I just woke up and you're already making my heart jump all over?” We laugh..

did she feel the same way? Did she want to kiss me all over? “Sana!” All the three other girls rejoice. “I can't fucking believe you're actually alive!” says Natsuki with joy.

Sayori says,”Sana I love you so much! I'm super happy you're alive!” Monika then states,”Sana.. I love you too and.. you give me butterflies all the time.."

The doctor laughs in the corner and says,”Wow you have more than one girlfriend? You're quite the player!” Sana turns beet red and says,”Hey! It's..

not like that!” Sayori smiles and says,”Ohhh it is.. ehehe you were kissing me a lot earlier."

Sana starts sweating,”Sayori! You can't mention stuff like that!” The doctor laughs even more and says,”Hey I don't care you if you swing that way or not.

You're alive and your girlfriends are here to support you. I think it's all very sweet."

Natsuki was blushing a lot too,”Hey whatever! Geez can you try to keep it more low-key?” He laughs and nods. He then says,”Hey now be careful of your right side for now on.

It may be stitched but your right kidney is very damaged so just don't get stabbed there again. And you'll be fine.” Sana laughs a little. Sana leaves her bed and checks out.

She was suggested to stay for a few days but she was eager to leave. We all head into Monika's car…. Wow I'm alive.. and sitting next to Monika and with the rest in the back.

“Monika was going 70 to get here!” Natsuki says with amazement. “Fucking hell you actually did that Monika?” I ask. “Ahahah yeah.. I had to..” she said this blushing a little.

“Aww I love you too Monika.” Now Monika had a red face. That's cute as hell. Natsuki speaks up and says,”Hold on now. We all.. confessed to you..

so who do you choose?” I say,”Well remember my poem? That was about how I felt about all of you.. which means that I accept all of you. I can't choose one.. so I'll date all of you."

Everyone is stunned by my answer. Sayori says,”If I get to be with you then I don't mind sharing ehehe.” They all agree on that. Natsuki says,”So..

are we all officially dating you?” I smile and say,”Yup I'm now dating all of you because I love you all equally.” Yuri starts twirling her hair and asks,”H-Hey..

um what was those scars on your arm about?” I freeze.. I forgot that I was put into hospital clothes so I didn't have my long sleeve blazer on. “It was a long time ago.. those are old scars..

and I was just curious at first. Then it was like addicting because the pain felt good..” Everyone was speechless. “But I did stop.. when I tried to kill myself.."

Yuri said,”U-Um I know that it's obviously a sensitive topic but.. why?” I start sweating again and say,”I can't believe I'm about to say this but..

you know my ex best friend Hana? Since 7th grade I had a crush on her.. like a huge one… so much that the pain was becoming too much for me to handle when I hit 8th grade.."

Everyone remained silent. “That wasn't the only reason though.. but that was a big one.” Sayori then said,”So that's why you know how I feel?” I say a bit red,”Yeah.. but I got over her..

it took a long time.” Monika said,”So you were in love with her?” I start unevenly breathing and say,”Y-Yeah.. i-it was pretty bad..” Yuri then says something that made me scared,”Were you obsessed

with her?” I hesitate to answer.. but I couldn't lie. I say,”Look I'm going to be honest.. maybe I was…” Sayori then says,”Aww I'm sorry to hear that.. but I'll make sure to be the best

girlfriend ever so you won't get sad over me.” I blush and say,”Sayori that's sweet but I won't get sad over you. I mean I will if something bad happened to you.” She came behind me in the car and kissed

my cheek. Monika laughs and says,”Well I guess it's my turn..” She slows the car down a little and gives me a kiss. Geez I'm just getting showered in kisses today. We finally make it to Sayori's

house. “I'll see you girls later!” said Sayori. We all wave goodbye. Monika and I do the same for Natsuki and Yuri. It's just us now.. “Hey want to go stargazing?” Says Monika. I smile and say,

”Wow smooth move.. I'm in.” We laugh and drive to the lookout point…

To be continued..

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