That Special Day Chapter 1
That Special Day Chapter 1 monika stories

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This ddlc fanfic is if the MC was a female and the dokis were still girls too! Her name is Sana Aikyo she wants to do something different this year for clubs. Will this club be as suspected? Or will she fall for something more than just literature?

That Special Day Chapter 1

I’m walking down the halls with my friends, we’re all laughing and goofing around making our way to lunch. “You’re such a weeb and an otaku.

” Says Amy one of my friends, I reply with “And you’re thotty as hell so we’re even.

” We all laugh as both of the statements we made were true, yet I still find it annoying that my friends make fun of me for stuff like that.

They’re allowed to be total thots but I can’t like playing video games and anime? Sometimes I really wonder if they’re my friends or if they keep me around because I entertain them.

“Hey are you going to stay in the debate club with us this year?” Asks my best friend who I’ve known for 7 years now, her name is Hana, she’s quite an amazing person.

She’s attractive, smart, funny, and has a laugh that will make your heart fill with happiness. Ehehe sorry I sounded a bit weird there.. Anyways.

I say, ”Well actually I think I want to do something different this year, I’m in 11th grade I want to change things up and try different things.

” I can tell she wasn’t happy by my answer and she says, ”What?

Come on I bet you’re just going to go to that stupid Anime club! You’re not going to know anyone there!

” She can be a really good friend at times or she could only want you to follow her orders and be okay with it.

So I say, ”I’m not even thinking about the Anime club! Just maybe something different.” She isn’t pleased with my answer so she snaps back with “whatever”.

Great I think to myself, now she’s mad at me. I roll my eyes and make my way to our lunch table.

We have our lunch and talk about how dumb people are in our grade dating people for a day and then breaking up with them for ridiculous reasons.

And then people being thots and hoes for the attention that they crave so much. After lunch is over we all split up and make our way to our classes, I had English next.

I found the class to be relatively easy which is why I’m in the advanced ELA and Social Studies classes. Considered to be for smart people but I’m above average is how I like to think of it.

I don’t have what people would call a good self esteem. I’ve always been that way because I generally don’t believe in good things about myself or good things happening to me.

After I was done with all of my classes for the day, I went to the club board to see what clubs I would want to join for this year. I look around for a bit and come across nothing so far.

My English teacher walks up to me and says, ”Hey there’s a new club and it’s for literature, I think you should join.

” First I was startled by my teacher coming out of nowhere then I wonder about it but i was a bit nervous since I probably wasn’t going to know anyone there.

“I don’t know I mean I’m not a fan of reading to be honest and I won’t know anyone there.” My teacher was a little disappointed with me, I can tell by the oh come on look she gave me.

She says, ”What do you mean? What about Monika? She’s in the same English class as you are.

” I didn’t know Monika all that much we only have talked a little in the past, but I do know that’s she’s nice and popular among us.

I don’t want to brag or anything but I’m pretty popular too, so of course I think oh yeah she started a new club from quitting the Debate club.

She was Vice President of that club, which is a really high ranking for that club. At least I would know one person in the Literature Club. So I say, ”Okay I’ll give it a shot.

” My teacher smiles gleefully and says, ”I’m glad you’re at least trying.. Good Luck!” She waves me goodbye and tells me it’s in room 213.

I start to walk to room 213, I’m anxious about joining because even though Monika is a nice person she must have high standards for being ex Vice President of the Debate club,

she’s also in Student Council, and the Honors Society. You’d have to be super smart for those sort of things.

I finally make it to the room at first glance I don’t see anyone, then I wonder if I was somehow at the wrong room. I walk back out to the hall and look through the classroom briefly.

Then I’m greeted by some girl with blue sparkly eyes filled with undeniable joy.

She’s quick to say, ”Hi! I’m Sayori! You’re here to join the Literature Club right!?” She looks familiar perhaps I’ve had a class with her before or have seen her in the halls.

I say, “Uh yeah I am, I’m guessing this is the right room?” I didn’t mean to sound dense but I had to make sure before I walked into the wrong classroom.

She smiled and said, “YEAH IT IS!” She was quick to gave me a hug, she’s got quite a squeeze I think to myself.

Suddenly a voice comes from behind me and says, “Sayori let that girl go not everyone can handle your hugs!” Sayori giggles and says “Sorry”.

I turn around and it’s Monika, which is good to see since I kinda knew her.

Monika starts with, “Hi I’m pretty sure by Sayori’s excitement you’re joining the Literature Club right?” She smiles warmly at me.

I start trying to tell Monika yes, but then Sayori cuts me off before a word can come out of my mouth and says,”Yeah! Now we have 5 members!!

” Wait I think to myself two more other people are in this club too? I wonder when I’ll meet them. “You’ll meet the other two soon enough, Sayori and I are usually early.

” She gives another smile to me, giving Sayori one too. “Well let’s go inside the clubroom to set up for today.” Monika walks into the clubroom, Sayori and I follow her.

Sayori and Monika start to set up by putting chairs down and getting everything organized.

I ask, “Is there anything I could do to help you guys?

” Sayori smiles at me and says, “No you don’t have to, I’m Vice President and Monika is President so it’s our responsibility to get everything ready for today.

” Shortly after the two were done setting up. A girl with pink hair and a short height walked into the door with cat decorated cupcakes on a tray.

She stops and stares at me for a split second then asks, “Hey Monika who’s this?” Monika replied with, “This is a new club member her name is Sana Aikyo she’s half Japanese and half American.

” The girl with pink hair tilts her head at me and asks, “Hey aren’t you one of Amy’s friends?” I say, “Yeah you know her? Wait...

you’re Natsuki right?” I don’t know why I didn’t remember that right away.

Natsuki looks disappointed with me, she says, “Wow you like to hang out with people who like spiders?” Natsuki said this in a rather snarky tone.

Another girl walks into the clubroom and says, “N-Natsuki you can’t be mad at her for hanging out with someone who likes spiders.” This girl has purple long hair, and she’s taller than I am.

Natsuki looks to this girl and says, “Whatever Yuri! I just don’t get how she can bare hanging out with her knowing that sort of information.

Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if she liked spiders too!” Wow Natsuki does not play around, but she makes up for it by being cute.

Wait why did I just think that? What am I saying? Geez now I’m getting distracted thinking too much about this.

I say, “I actually hate spiders they’re disgusting and scary, I hate even thinking about it to be honest.” Natsuki seemed to settle down when I said that.

“Well I guess there’s still hope for you.” She said that in a way that the hope was the same as her height. “I-I’m sorry I forgot to properly introduce myself to you, I’m Y-Yuri.” She says this with a small smile on her face, I can tell she’s the shy type right away. “Hi I’m Sana, I’m a new member of the Literature Club.” Her smile became a little bigger as soon as I said that. I feel like this could be an interesting with such different people. “Okay everyone! Lets officially start the club meeting!” Monika says this with confidence.

To be continued...

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