That Special Day but it’s Christmas
That Special Day but it’s Christmas monika stories

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I wanted to pub something for Christmas so this is the Christmas that was vaguely talked about in the story. Some interesting things happen so I suggest you read.

That Special Day but it’s Christmas

I’m sleeping when I hear Sayori say,”Sanaaa!” And she shook me awake.”Honey what is it?” I say in a groggy voice as I just open my eyes.

Sayori yells,”It’s Christmas!!” She then pulls me out of bed and I look at the time.. it’s 6 am in the morning.

“Sayori it’s so early! Can we please go back to sleep?”

She giggles and says,”We can’t! I have to get ready for Christmas today!” She runs downstairs and turns on the Christmas tree we got 2 weeks prior to today.

I see the gifts under tree and remember that everyone is coming here today. I say,”We should wait for the others before we open gifts.”

Sayori says,”Well duh! But I have to cook and clean so everything is perfect!”

I love her enthusiasm, I hug her and say,”I’m glad you’re trying to make things good but it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

She looks at me with confusion and says,”Yes it does! I want it to be perfect for you!” I say,”For me? I thought we were doing it.”

Sayori smiles and shakes her head,”Nope! I’m doing it and you’re going to go back to sleep. You deserve a break honey.”

I try to say something but Sayori shakes her head and pushes me back into bed. I say,”Are you sure about this?” She nods and says,”I’ll wake you up when everything is done.”

She kisses me and leaves the bedroom, back to work. She has been living with me for a while now but I still try to do everything for her so she won’t have to worry about anything.

She has been begging me for her to get a job. I refuse because I love her too much for her to work a day in her life. I always try to provide for her.. she was my responsibility..

not in a bad way of course. I start to fall asleep and I begin to dream. “Hey get back to work or you’re fired!” I hear that voice and I’m confused.

“What? Who was that?” I say this demanding an answer. I open my eyes and I’m back at the park. I’m sitting on the bench again. I know where I am..

so where is she? I say,”The Lady who knows everything? Where are you?” She whispers into my ear like last time and says,”Work on the disc.. she’s smart like you..

go back to your room in the school.” I know what she’s talking about but who is “she”? I ask,”Who are you talking about?” The Lady gives no answer. I’m upset. I say,”Please tell me.

I need to know.” Still no answer. I blink and I see this black shadow in front of me and it screams,”Just Monika!” And I wake up in sweat and my heart is racing.

Just Monika? What does that mean? Why would a shadow scream that? I’m confused but I know that I have to go to school and go to my room.

I start to get dressed in winter clothing and head downstairs. Sayori says,”Where are you going Sana?” I say,”I’ll be back.. send me a text when you’re ready if I’m not already back.”

She nods but with a concerned face. I run out and jog to school. I try to get in at the entrance.. no luck. I go through the back and turn on the flashlight from my phone.

I go up to the level my room is on and run to my room. When I walk in something catches my eye.. it’s a white ribbon.

I don’t wear ribbons so who’s is this? I look at it more and see that it has some creases. It was wrapped as a bow or something. Not in a gift sort of way either so..

a white bow that someone wears.. but they took it off. They had their hair up so.. maybe they took it off because of stress.

Why have stress on the computer I’m using to switch realities? Do they know about the capabilities? They must be someone I know.. and if that shadow was saying,”Just Monika” then..

this person must know Monika! I put the pieces together but I need to organize everything and try to come up with some to have me switch realities at free will.

I work on the computer and I get a text from Sayori telling me that I was late. I yell,”Shit!” And I run out of the room and I run into Monika by accident.

We fall and she’s on top of me blushing.. I was too.

She asks,”Why are you here??” I ask,”That’s what I want to know!” She looks down for a moment and says,”Ok we won’t talk about this to the others.. okay?” I nod and see that her hair is down..

I grew suspicious. I say,”Why is your hair down?” She says,”I lost my bow.. why do you have it?” I look down to my hand and realize I was holding it. I say,”I found it..

uhm do you want it back? I mean you look beautiful with your hair up or down..” She cuts me off with a kiss to my lips. I blush and she says,”You look adorable Sana..”

She kisses me more and we begin to make out but I break away panting a bit. I say,”We have to go to my house for Christmas.. Sayori is waiting for me..”

Monika nods and gets up then lends a hand for me to get up too. She says,”I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself..” I laugh and say,”It’s fine. I just didn’t think you’d pursue me like that.”

Monika winks at me and we walk out of the school from the back end. It was snowing so I tried to look for her footprints.. but they weren’t there. I saw mine but not her’s.

What the hell? I’ll think about it later. We arrive at my house and I see that Natsuki and Yuri are already there. I know that me going in with Monika and being late would look suspicious.

We go in anyways and I see the house is fully decorated. I say,”Wow Sayori you did a great job! I’m proud of you!” Natsuki says,”Yeah it’s amazing..

so why the hell were you late??” I tried to explain myself but Monika speaks up for me and says,”We ran into each other and I fell on her by accident. I’m sorry I should’ve been more careful.”

Natsuki wasn’t pleased she said,”Why leave anyways Sana?” I hesitated to even answer by Yuri steps in and says,”Natsuki! It’s C-Christmas that d-doesn’t matter.”

Natsuki huffs and says,”I apologize.” Sayori asks in an annoyed tone,”Are you guys done now?” I felt bad so I went over and hugged her. I say,”I’m sorry I know this meant a lot to you.

I didn’t mean to be late..” Sayori has a smile on her face and kisses me. She says,”It’s okay Sana I’m just glad you’re here.”

I ask everyone,”Are we ready to celebrate?” Everyone rejoiced,”Yes!” We all sit down at the table where all of the various foods are.

I ask Sayori,”You made all of this??” She nods with a smile. I really was proud of her, I didn’t think she could pull off something so big. I sit next to Yuri and Sayori.

Monika and Natsuki sit across from us. We begin to eat the food and Monika starts to gaze at me. I notice this and I blush and become bashful.

Finally after a little bit I say,”Hey Monika I know that look in your eyes. Last time I saw it I got fucked.”

She immediately starts blushing like crazy and she tries to say something but she couldn’t muster up any words. The other three girls start to laugh a lot and I couldn’t help but giggle a bit.

Monika just sits there bashful as hell. She looked so cute and I just wanted to kiss her again.

We finished eating our food and Yuri asks,”Hey S-Sana want to r-read with me?” I smile and say,”Yeah let’s do it.” We sit on the couch and we begin to read.

We have the same setup where I have to pass the page and she has to place it down. We do this for a while and she gets closer to me. I wrap my arm around her waist and she says,”I love you.”

I look at her and her eyes are so beautiful.. I kiss her and she puts the book down. We kiss more as she puts her arms around me. Sayori says,”Geez you two..

wanna get a room?” Natsuki dies of laughter and Yuri gets up from me with blush. But she says,”S-Sayori is right. L-Let’s get a r-room.” I was shocked by her answer.

She takes my hand and leads me upstairs. She sits on the bed and gestures me there. I say,”We aren’t going to do a lot okay?” She nods and we start to kiss again.

She was more touchy but I knew we wouldn’t go all the way…. I couldn’t tell them that Sana was on her computer at school. Or that we had a make out session.

I know why she was there though she’s the other person who knows about switching realities.. but does she know that I know? Does she know that she can manipulate this reality? I can’t ask Sana

about this or my plan will be ruined. I won’t allow that. We will get married. I can’t change how she feels but I can influence it. Her and Yuri are up there right now.. hopefully not having sex.

This gives me a good time to talk to the girls. Sayori says,”Monika want to tell us why Sana and you were actually late?” What? Did she know something? I say,”I already told you we ran into each

other and fell. That’s it.” Natsuki says,”How did you run into each other if you were going the same direction?” She caught my lie.. fuck. Natsuki continues to say,”Yeah I thought so. I wouldn’t

be surprised if you guys had sex.” I say with anger,”We didn’t fuck! We only had a make out session!” Natsuki nods in amusement,”Of course. You just couldn’t help yourself could you? If you’re just

going to be selfish..” I cut her off and say,”Don’t! Don’t tell Sana that I said that! And stop being a nuisance!” I’m sick of Natsuki trying to make me look bad. Sayori says,”You’re abusive to

your friends! If you lay a hand on Sana..” I cut Sayori off quickly and say,”I would never harm her! I love her more than all of you!” Sayori says,”I think you’re underestimating my love.. I love

Sana more than life!” Natsuki says,”I love Sana more than cupcakes!” I say,”I love Sana more than my parents!”.... I walk down the stairs and hear the girls yelling.. how much they love me?

I hear what Monika says and I say,”Guys! Why are you yelling about this?” Monika says,”Darling we just love you a lot..” I smile and say,”Aww I love you guys a lot too!” Natsuki rolls her eyes and

walks past me. Sayori says,”Natsuki! Mistletoe!” She turns around and starts blushing.. I blush too. Monika smiles and says,”Come on Natsuki show how much you love her!” Natsuki walks to me under

the mistletoe and she pulls me in for a kiss. It was longer than her usual kisses.. I didn’t mind. She finally released me and I see Yuri the left of us giggling. The other girls start to laugh too.

I say,”Uhh let’s just open gifts!” They all agree and we have a good Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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