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shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Am I linear or intertwined? Am I a reality or just in your mind?

I was there in yesterday and will be there tomorrow Sometimes people wish me undone when they've been through great sorrow

...but sadness is not all I deal Sometimes I am all that is needed for you to heal

You watch me when you're looking forward to an exciting date to come You wish I could hurry along so you can stop tapping your fingers numb

You sometimes wish to have more of me in a day But, in how much of me there is, you don't have a say

Sometimes you wish you could put me on fast forward Because your current situation has got you tortured

Don't be so quick to wish me away Or you may not get to see another day

When I am over no-one can really say So enjoy me right now, any which way you may

Am I linear or intertwined Am I a reality or just in your mind? None of that matters, I am simply TIME!

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