The boy, the toy, the hen
The boy, the toy, the hen games stories

shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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Boys and toys, women and tests, everything in between and all the rest.

The boy, the toy, the hen

She wanted a man She got a boy

She was a confident, competent woman, She became a toy

She liked being the toy to be played with She eagerly awaited time in the play pen

Blinded she was for such a long time Until she realised she was being a dumb hen

A test she put in place An answer she got, telling her she was deceived

She gathered herself up and began her own game Conflict and guilt inside her had to be relieved

She found herself loving her new toy Look mommy, it's not just a doll, it's a real live boy

She twisted it and turned it and wrung it out dry Day and night she relished in joy

Then came the time to put an end to the ploy.

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