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...so my best friend, who I so believe has the super power to read my mind, gave me a character study of myself a few days ago and it shocked the shit out of me... He's not a poet, but he tried and thumbs up to him because he did a really good job... These were his insightful words...

She has the good girl image down I must say And from that there's nothing I can or will take away Because she is sweet, kind, caring, generous, respectful and respected and sometimes shy To preserve that image in front of the right people she does try

However, and this I do not mean in a bad way at all, How she sees it, will remain her call Behind the layers of her being so prim and proper Is a woman I call a show stopper

There is no doubt she has learned the art Of one thing I am certain, she is very smart The player I am I have been through many but could never find One like her who is genuinely one of a kind

She is not one who just takes a bite... Oh no! No! No! She will chew you up and spit you out without you even putting up a fight She makes no excuses for who she is Societies masses she will never please

I've never met a woman so certain of herself She is more than a trophy to be put on a shelf No sir! A shelf will never be enough You need something bigger, sturdy and tough

Her beauty is so classic But not the kind that will stop traffic No, she doesn't work it like bimbos do She saves it for a one on one if worthy she finds you

Once you're in her circle To get out of it takes nothing less than a miracle Not because she won't let you go but because a life without her you don't want to know

She is dangerous with the deepest darkest mind Inside it you will find Valleys, ridges, walls, streams, closets, trunks, chests, mirrors, a maze,skeletons, angels, demons, ghosts, Inferior minds who try to trespass in there she roasts

She is a riddle personified She will always take you on a roller coaster ride To hurt you is not the game she plays She is not black and white, she is very many grays

Her absolute truth she keeps hidden, its a delicate flower inside You will never know it if by her rules you don't abide Alas, I am taken as I was when we met Getting to know her all started with a bet

What makes her irresistible, I can't find the words to define But she belongs up on a holy shrine She has never been guilty of a sin But she is often thought to be guilty by the wrong kin

I once accused her of playing hard to get She replied by saying, "But you won the bet" I remember losing so I didn't fully understand So by explanation she gave me a helping hand

You see I am a religious man of note But I hide behind a holy coat We were made to have free will, but my religion forces us to conform She showed me it was never my religion that had me suppressed, I had the power to transform

She led me on a dark path to show me how easy it is to stray from the norm But before I wracked myself with guilt, she also helped me reform She taught me about the gifts we should give ourselves that no-one else can give us If we have those, then in ourselves we will always trust

First and foremost, we must know who we are If we know this, we can never stray far Then we have to give ourselves will power So we may never have to cower

When we are weak, anyone can do us wrong The answer is to always be strong We've come a very long way in our friendship today She's shown me her will power all the way

To understand her you have to think For her friendship and her heart, your brain is the most important link She can make your day with just one word But you have to know her or you will think that's absurd

She is not demanding Even though she can sound commanding What she wants is a thought beyond Once you have that, away with her heart you can abscond

Her body she doesn't share To ask for that, to her is unfair Be completely honest and she will never judge you Deceive her by concealing, in Hell you will be condemned to

The dark you may think she is confined to Is only there to conceal her light within that's so bright it will blind you. She is my best friend and I named her Darkangel, she added the 999.

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