A real friend
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shante1000 A trapped soul looking for an outlet
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A real friend

From where I was caged I had to flee Or I would inevitably have lost my sanity

You never hesitated and your doors you opened to me And welcomed me in with a cup of steaming coffee

I explained to you my plight And the only end I could see in sight

You understood exactly why I came to you Because of those who understand me you are one of the few

Your home you shared with me completely for free Because you needed someone to talk to and who better than me

You were also not doing so well From everything you said to me I could very well tell

You said the Universe works wonders and brought us together Because it knew so well that we were birds of a feather

Out of your depression I helped you And in finding me a job, to your word you stayed true

My kids came for a visit and your dogs drove us insane I said in future I would meet them elsewhere but you saw this brought me pain

I gave you the courage to chase after your true love and from doubt I told you you had to refrain Because on my advice you won her over , you devised a better plan so in your house free I can remain

You packed up your bags with all your dogs in tow Your future you drove to, your seeds ready to sow

Thank you for your kind gesture and all that you have done From all of those who understand me, you are the best one!

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