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A love poem I wrote about an old love of mine.


Without my glasses my world is bleak

I see colour but no details

I see green but no leaves

I see brown but no trees

I see pink but no flowers

I see colours moving but I don't see people

Lights look like bright shining orbs in the sky

If I didn't know what the object was by guessing

I was lost

Before I got glasses I had never truly known that my world was not that bleak

That my life was not all gloomy dull colours

So when I say that meeting you was like seeing for the first time

It truly was

Because before I knew you,

I knew dull colored,




When I saw you for the first time

I saw bright colours

And no not just because of your flaming red hair

Or your bright blue eyes

When I met you I fell into an ocean of colour

It was a rainbow I'd never seen before

Colours I didn't even know existed

You are a solid ray of sunshine

On the gloomy dark day that is me

You are the yellow paint I swallow to be happy

You are the orange, red and purple sunsets I can't seem to get enough of

You are the colour in my black and white paintings

You are the light pink that makes me feel balanced In my closet full of black

Your laughter is painted on my walls

If it was a colour I would imagine it be light blue

Your smile is a painting I can never complete because

I can never get it quite right

You are the brightest thing to walk into my life

And I know we are young

And things might happen

We may not always stay together but I hope we do

Without you

my life will go back to dull

Maybe not forever but at least for awhile

So right now I'm going to put on my glasses and enjoy

The colours

The detail

The light

The dark

The nothingness

And the dull

I'm going to enjoy it all because as of now I can see everything

I can see you

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