i don't know
i don't know life stories
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shanky pushing my feelings on a paper
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if you are worried,confused or you just don't know what is happening with your life this is something for you.

i don't know

I am worried or i am confused, i don't know whether my past and future are fused, i don, t know

why i am changing, it feels so different it kinda seemed necessary but fear is the afferent

"fear of gaining them or loosing them again"....i don't know

someone has gained my trust again maybe i am bad at protecting it or good at loosing it in vain

i have everything i want but still there is something which says i can't

i can't let them close to me i can't let them become we

i don't know anything else i just know one thing life has been different lately better or worse time will tell with the forthcoming situations ultimately

so what are u so afraid of!!!

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