The Woman
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shaniahugarte17. v sad sometimes.
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The Woman - a poem.

The Woman

by shaniahugarte

I am a woman So you should stay away

Far, far away Don't come closer, Don't you dare

Don’t lay your brutish hands on my thigh

Don’t call my name like it’s a song Don’t ogle my body like it’s a fucking statue and presume - you have a right to it

I am a Woman

Not a rag for you to dirty and disregard in an alley

I am a Woman

And if you have the audacity to say That I asked for this blade That my doe eyes beckoned and my swaying hips were too tempting to resist Fuck you.

I am a Woman

and you may break me You can bend me over and watch my bones crumble into dust You can destroy me in every way you can imagine

But I will still be-

a woman. I will still be tall I will still be proud I will still walk with my head held high

Because I will always be - a Woman.

But you-

are no longer a man.

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SomewhereintimeBronze CommaI like cookies. Oh yeah and writing too.
a year agoReply
I agree with @shana! More girls need to feel empowered and that nothing, not even a man, can stop them from being themselves. :) it was really beautiful.

shanaCommabassadorCommunity member
a year agoReply
wow what a strong message! great one @shaniahugarte We as girls have to be strong