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shania16 Community member
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I'm sorry if you've entertained this piece


I'm embarrassed of my existence

Ashamed of who I once was

Uncomfortable with who I now am

And humiliated by who I aspire to be

I've always wanted to write

To share my perceptions

But that's all I've got in my hopeless attempt of expression

I have my drawings too, portraits of children, happy, cover my walls

My inner child screams, my mother is the one who she calls

Unanswered calls to a voice ringing is the reason why I am here hating myself and everything I have become

For I am nothing other than a person longing to find that someone

Someone who loves me but not because I have sex but because they long to care for someone,

they need to pour empathy just to heal my endless cycle of oozing apathy

I have everything but I have nothing

I feel pain but my wounds are never deep enough

I cannot bleed enough, not in blood or tears

For I'm afraid that I will not stop and I will mourn my life for the rest of my years

If I stop to dwell on this life then I will always dwell on my life

I am so far gone that coming back now will leave scars on my face that I cannot hide

And they will see me and my pain no longer will I have any pride, in this lie.

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