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ShanCross Library: Island Of Darkness CH5:
Island Of Darkness
summary is about: A class which crash-landed on an Island. Day after Day people from that class died one by one. While Our main character figuring out the mystery behind this Island.

ShanCross Library: Island Of Darkness CH5


It's an emergency, everyone is at your seat, we are going to force land to the nearest runway.

Right after he announced what the assistant captain said.

Assistant captain

Captain, I think it is too late.

The right engine has malfunctioned, We have no other option than to land on water.

While they were talking, the plane started to lose its attitude. Everyone in the plane was panicking. Everyone was in aviation safety.

Milad noticed at that moment, some people were praying and others were hoping to survive and even minority people that he saw were actually trying to figure out which side was safer.

The plane went into a blackout. There were people crying and some people were screaming. Milad tried his best to be close to his friends.

The person who is most scared right now between them was Joshua. He mumbled to himself that "I did not have to come to this trip, to begin with.

I Am already scared of planes and now we are all going to die." Jasper heard that and said, "Joshua don't be a b*tch, we are going to survive this together, have some faith.

" Suddenly Milad saw a man with a mask that brightened up. He asked Jasper if he could see the man, Jasper answered no.

Milad said that the man's eyes were glowing bright Yellow, Milad could not stand up to check because of the seatbelt and he couldn't see clearly because of the blackout. Milad asked again


Are you guys kidding me? How could you not see him? His eyes are bright yellow.


Stop scaring me.


Dude, can you cut this with "man with the mask"? I can clearly see that the man you are talking about is not there.

Suddenly everyone heard the captain's voice.


Because of some malfunctioning in the engine. We are forced to land the plane on the ocean.

Everyone was more worried because of that. Suddenly the plane lost its attitude very fast. Some people started to throw up.

While the plane was heading down, Milad saw the man standing a couple of seats ahead and stared coldly at him. He could still see the glow in his eyes.

Quickly Milad saw the masked man slowly walking towards him with the same cold look on his face.

All of a sudden the plane was falling faster than before. Everyone closed their eyes and was hoping to survive.

The lights were flashing on and off, and in that second Milad saw a person with black and black standing right in front of him. The person's eyes were glowing bright yellow.

Within a blink, the masked man vanished to thin air. Right after that, the plane CRASHED.

Thanks for Reading New Chapters will be available soon.

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