How To Be On Your A Game Even If You're Depressed
How To Be On Your A Game Even If You're Depressed depression stories

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Being depressed really sucks. So much has been trial and error, but this has helped me.

How To Be On Your A Game Even If You're Depressed

by shana

It starts off scary. The battle is never easy.

It was a day by day, hour by hour struggle. And eventually. Surely but slowly, I had my life again.

1) Do Things NOW

Don't procrastinate, otherwise you won't ever do them. STARTING something when depressed is the hardest part. Force yourself to do it and if you try and don't want to finish fine. But start!

2) Exercise

I really hate exercise......but honestly it makes me feel so good. Put an elliptical in front of the TV or a treadmill or a yoga mat. Get some exercise. Again, you have to force yourself.

3) Eat Salads

Ok ok, now I just sound like a health freak. But seriously, eat the greens

4) Don't oversleep

Oversleeping is actually bad for you! And when depressed, it means you'll never get out of bed. I tend to budget 9 to 10 hours for sleep. No more, no less.

5) Force yourself to do things you hate

I did the laundry. I did the dishes. By taking control of the situations I started to get control of my life as well

6) Keep a list of dreams. Not a to-do list.

Nobody ever finishes their to-do list. Just seeing it makes me sad. Make a long term dream list. Have big dreams. Hope is what keeps you excited for tomorrow!

Be patient. It takes time.

Give yourself space and time and follow these steps to get back on your feet.

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