Dang, Being 20+ Kind of Sucks
Dang, Being 20+ Kind of Sucks stories

shanaCommunity member
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Everybody celebrates being older. Doing adult things.....but actually....kinda blows

Dang, Being 20+ Kind of Sucks

There are no more breaks.

You can't just skip class or get a lower grade because you were tired or sick. You need to take care of yourself.

Entry level jobs suck and they don't pay much.

YAY graduated!!!! Into a job that barely pays the bills and doesn't give me any freedom to buy stuff. Oh and I'm actually lucky that I got a job.

Making friends as an adult is harder

At school I was surrounded by friends. I could knock on a friend's door. But yea.....not anymore

I can't pull all nighters anymore.

I just physically can't. I don't know why. My body for some reason decided it couldn't when I turned 20.

Self control......

The urge to eat McDonalds or order out every day....the urge to not do laundry or brush your teeth.....

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