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shalinfantastic Unapologetic Writing
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An ordinary day inside a not so ordinary mind.

(Insert Life Here)


(Checks phone) (exhale)

Of course ... nothing

Why is the day going so slow?

Maybe I should text her ... check in on him....

No... No ... I'm not lonely... I'm not...

(Ring Ring)

Hello !

(It's never to late to help get with student loans)

(Exhale) (Closes eyes) (Chuckles)

Who else would it be

My head hurts, I'm cold, no...

My chest hurts and I'm hot

I have to move

I have to... live

(Grabs phone) Maybe I'll have luck this time

(Installs Tinder... again)

Do I want a relationship ... an online relationship?

(No one will match with you)

(How can you even expect to hold a conversation)

(She's so clearly out of your league)

Shut up

(Filter or no filter)

(It doesn't matter you ugly clod)

Shut up Shut up

(I'll take a normal picture... and maybe a nice bio will save me)

(You're pitiful) (You disgust me) (Friendzone forever)

(What are you going to get depressed again you baby)

(Alone with me) (Play a game but still alone)

(Watch a series but still alone) (Listen to music but still alone)

(Do nothing ... and still alone with me)

SHUT UP !!!! ... (sigh)

Who am I even talking to?

I don't have an attractive pictures of myself (puts hand over face)

(She seems nice) (She has a cute dog) (She likes art too)

It's already that late?

(I guess no luck today... maybe tomorrow)

(Puts phone down)

(Everything annoys me) (Everyone annoys me)

Why was I born only to suffer?

(The joke is up already) (Please tell me this isn't my only chance)

(This isn't my only life right) (This isn't the only face I get right)


(Rests head on pillow)

I just want to sit... sit for a really long time

Watch as time moves and never interfere with its progression or hindrance

Can i have that life instead of this one?

I'm sure ... no I'm positive someone else could turn it all around

(The answers ... I've never had them)

(This is your reality ... a fate worse than purgatory)

(A pitiful existence where you are a waste of space)

(A burden to others and yourself)

(No idea of what compassion feels like)

(What does love even look like)

(Giving up so soon)

Why bother ....

The insanity that I resent while being the only companion I hold dear


how did i get so lucky?

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