I (Finally) Came For You
I (Finally) Came For You stranger stories

shalinfantastic Unapologetic Writing
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Ah you... yes you reading this. Read my story and come with me ... please

I (Finally) Came For You

Come now

This isn’t the time to act shy

I watched you so closely

I saw your triumphs and your fails

Oh those fails that made you cry so

It hurt so to see tears stream down your face

You called out for me back then

I never answered back

You begged for me to take you but I refused

You were in a dark place ... a place so dark that there were no rays of hope

You wanted affection of any kind to calm your demons

You wanted love didn’t you

I wonder what ever happened to that


No answer huh

If I told you I could make it quick would you be ….

Don’t drag your feet now

We’re to far out for those screams now

Don’t sulk stand up … Now is our special time and you’re going to ruin it

No one cared like I did

No one noticed the pain that made your heart ache like I did

You were only met with delirium

We’re here now … Do you have anything to say since we're here


I guess you never did talk much even back then huh

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