Attached with a glance ||WooSan|| Love is truly real {2}
Attached with a glance 

||WooSan|| Love is truly real {2} woosan stories

shakey_hobi TOMORROW X TOGETHER & Seventeen
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While Wendy tries to reach the granola San teases her about her height; Wendy gets her feelings rejected.

Attached with a glance ||WooSan|| Love is truly real {2}

{S:1 E:2}

Seungwan was downstairs in the kitchen, preparing her and Sans breakfast. They still had plenty of time to eat and get ready.

After Seungwan finished, she walked to the stairs but San was already making his way down, fully dressed.

His skin looked clear and shiny, hair was nice and straight with his thick black bangs always overlapping his forehead.

He literally wore all white. A button down shirt, white ripped jeans and white low top Vans.

"Well look at you."

"Bout time you got ready. You look handsome by the way." She said sassily, not sounding too nice before San flattered himself.

"You look quite... white today." she giggled to herself.

San rolled his eyes, and walked to the fridge, and pulled out a yoplait. Seungwan stood up on her tippy-toes and reached into the tall cabinet.

She shifted her hand around and finally pulled out the grounded dried fruit granola.

San pushed her aside and stretched his long arm inside the cabinet, grading the bag.

"Why are you so long? You can touch a giraffes nose with those long ass arms." she teased. San furrowed his eyes and abducted the bag out of her hand.

Wendy rolled her eyes.

"And you're too short to reach the damn milk which is below your height."

San pesterly pushes his palm down on the top of Seungwans head, like an arm rest.

He poured the granola into the yogurt and urgently dug into it, as he watched his sister stare at him softly.

Seungwan’s rude sassy face formed into an insulted glower. She sighed, crossing her arms.

She's always been 5'4, her whole life and usually she gets soft when she's teased about it. Especially from her brother since he’s so much younger than she is.

Sometimes, Wendy feels like she’s the pray and San’s the predator. In this situation rather.

“You happy now?” She says softly. Her voice shrank as she grew red.

Sans expression gloomily clouds up. He began to feel bad about harassing his big sister.

"Breakfast is over there on the plate." she says, wiping a fat tear that bulged from her eye.

San placed his spoon in the yogurt cup, stareing at Wendy in awe. "Wend, I'm sorry." He says as positive as he could get it out.

Seungwan scoffs under her breath and shakes her head as she ascends up the stairs.

"What the hell am I gonna do now? When she's pissed she's pissed."

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