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If Christianity offends you feel free to leave but you don’t have to


You know I could go in and I could begin An epic story about the pain of sin And try to win your opinion (Ō-pin-e-in) But instead I'm gunna step to the side and let God defend The title that he's undefeated 1 and 0 Cuz he surrendered and sent down his son as our hero

The only good, holy, & perfect one Who in love for me, and in love for you Laid his life out on a bloody cross, yeah it's true So I want you to know, I ain't here for the show I'm here to spread his name till home I go

See, you can't understand my life wrapped up in pain and hurt Wrapped up -in-his-bloody-shirt covered by his grace Looking for his scarred up face As he hangs on his coffin But see there he didn't stay in Waited three days and defeated sin Along with death hell and the grave With His resurrection eternal life he gave

See you gotta realize That when looking through the world's eyes This is what you gain money, sex, power, fame But God's gift comes at no cost to you it's free There is no fee Just accept and believe

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