Letter to the Weak.
Letter to the Weak. stories
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Letter series #6

Letter to the Weak.

by shadowedechoes

Dearest weak,

Don't let the words define you.

Don't give in

To the lies you tell yourself. To the lies the demons whisper in your ears.

You aren't weak.

Weak is just a word used to tear people down and discourage them.

Everyone has moments of weakness.


We all stumble and fall.

But we all get back up.

And getting up

Is showing strength.

Life isn't easy.

It never will be. And that's why no one can ever be truly weak. Because we keep rising from the ashes as that requires strength.

Don't beat yourself up.

Use your strength to fight for what's right instead. Prove all those voices wrong.

You were made for so much more than this.

Pursue your dreams and let them take you where you need to be.

Get back up

When you're broken, lost, bleeding. You're almost at the end.

And don't give up.

You're so much stronger than you believe you are.


Someone who believes in you.

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