Letter to the Ones Who Care.
Letter to the Ones Who Care.  stories

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Letter series #5

Letter to the Ones Who Care.

by shadowedechoes

Dear Ones Who Care,

Thank you.

Caring is hard.

There are moments when you feel like you're carrying the world on you shoulders. There are moments when it seems like there's nothing you can do.

And maybe sometimes,

You feel like giving up.


The world needs people who care.

There will always be someone,

Who needs a break from their burdens. Who needs someone else to help them stand.

And that's where you come in.

Thank you.

Thank for saving us. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the grace you give us. Thank you for trying to understand.

I know what it's like.

Sometimes loving someone and listening to them just doesn't seem like enough.

But sometimes,

That's all we really need.

You guys are heroes.


Someone who's grateful.

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