Letter to the hopeless.
Letter to the hopeless.  stories
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shadowedechoesWriter, introvert, music lover,
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Letter series #4

Letter to the hopeless.

by shadowedechoes

Dear hopeless,

There are many things to bring us down in this world, so many things to discourage us.

But you're still here, aren't you?

Some days it's hard.

You turn to anything to distract you. A drink, a drug, a blade.

There are moments,

When you feel so alone. The world is against you and you aren't strong enough to fight it.

But you are.

You are so much stronger than you feel or believe.

Your mind can turn against you in an instant.

Thoughts repeat themselves, causing you to doubt yourself and your capabilities.

There are people who can help you,

People who can and do love you. Even though you're broken. Even though it's complicated.

Don't give up.

There is so much more than the oblivion you're lost in. There is hope.


Someone who believes you'll make it.

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